How Outbyte PC Repair Can Optimize Windows 10 Performance

Between the various operating systems available on the market, Windows 10 is a go-to choice for a lot of people. But the question is: does it always perform as well as it should? The fact is, when it comes to Windows 10, many users might appreciate some extra help with optimization and maintenance tasks.

By using an optimization program, you can noticeably improve your computer’s performance and automate some of the system maintenance tasks. Tools like this are easy to operate and they do most of the heavy lifting for their users. One of such programs is Outbyte PC Repair. Below, we will take a closer look at it and the ways it can be used in order to boost Windows 10 performance.

Outbyte PC Repair: What is it?

Outbyte offers its users a comprehensive suite of tools for enhancing PC performance. The program has features that can be used for diagnosing your system, decluttering the drive, securing your computer from privacy threats, and improving speed and battery life.

These features can help you with resolving issues that may affect the proper functioning of your Windows 10 system and interfere with smooth user experience. In addition, Outbyte can help automate some of the related maintenance activities.

Versatile Scan and Repair Function

The first feature we will focus on is Outbyte’s ability to scan your system for potential issues. Along with detecting those, it can take the next step of repairing them. From speed-related problems to finding unnecessary files and applications, the scan can help you discover aspects that may affect your computer’s performance.

outbyte application crashes

Also, the tool can identify the causes of app crashes and vulnerable aspects in your security setup, such as potential privacy issues. The program can repair most of the issues when you click ‘Repair’ but others will need your personal attention. In this case, the software will notify you about such items.

an example notification in outbyte

5 Power Tools at Your Service

Some users may realize that their computer needs maintenance in a specific area. In order to facilitate this Outbyte software offers the five Power Tools which give you quick access to dealing with particular aspects of your Windows 10 device.


The Uninstaller shows you exactly what apps your device currently has and allows you to remove those. Some of them you may not need but they could have been installed along with other programs that come along with Windows 10 or downloaded accidentally.

At times when there is an extreme shortage of free space, it can affect Windows 10’s performance even though it’s a rather rare issue. The Uninstaller feature allows you to go through the list of programs and remove the items you don’t need.

fully uninstall applicatoins

It is worth mentioning that while you can perform this task by using the Windows 10 Uninstaller Outbyte PC Repair ensures that absolutely no files are left over after uninstalling an app. It also can happen that the default Windows Uninstaller might not be able to detect some of the applications installed on your PC that you might want to get rid of.

Stop Popups

Most users don’t appreciate regular popup messages from websites or programs, especially if they are trying to concentrate on an important task—or even when just playing a game. While some of the popups can be useful for work or other activities others can be activated unwillingly when you simply miss a certain tick box during a program’s installation or visit an unfamiliar website.

Instead of being bothered by yet another popup, you can choose what popups you give permission to by using the “Stop Popups” tool. The feature allows users to audit and disable their popups from one screen so they are not distracted by unnecessary messages again.

stop popups option

You can also see if the popup comes from a trustworthy source so it is easier to decide if it poses any privacy or security threats.


It is important to maximize your system performance for the tasks that rank high on your priority list. Whether you want your Office Word documents, your browser, or a game to perform optimally, Outbyte has an option for this as well.

The ‘Speed’ feature makes it possible by making sure that your PC resources aren’t being diverted to apps you don’t use while boosting the performance of essential programs by giving them higher CPU and task manager priority.

Users set their preferences within the Speed Power Tool and choose among 3 available options: boosting your web browser, apps, or games so that the setup suits their specific needs better.

real time boost pc


Most Windows 10 devices are used for online tasks as well, so it is crucial that personal details stay safe. You need protection from hackers, but also from apps and websites that collect users’ information without their knowledge.

With the Privacy tool activated you can prevent your details from being shared or stolen via apps or untrustworthy websites, and make your web browsing experience safe. Also, you can make sure that your deleted confidential files won’t be recoverable and clean up your browser history and tracking cookies on a daily basis. By automating this task you can always stay protected, even if you forget to maintain your computer’s privacy yourself.

real time privacy


Windows 10 delivers an impressive functionality but it still can quickly drain your battery if you’re working on a laptop and using power-hungry programs or services. The Outbyte ‘Battery’ tool extends your battery’s run time whenever you’re not connected to an energy source.

Small changes, such as dimming the screen, not running unnecessary services, or stopping animations can give you more work time than you’re used to. The feature comes along with 3 customization modes shown on the screenshot below.

save pc energy


The Outbyte PC Repair will be appreciated by users who want to save their time and get results in a safe and hustle-free way. The program’s features can be used individually for specific purposes as well as combined in order to improve Windows 10 performance. The software has a user-friendly interface that allows fixing most of the issues with a few clicks right within the program.

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