Cable Modem Troubleshooting: SMC 8013WG

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Manufacturer: SMC Model: 8013WG
smc 8013wg
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Modem Light Indicators

Off – Power is not supplied to the Gateway.
On – Power is supplied to the Gateway.


Off – Normal operation.
On – System Failure. Reboot Gateway


Flashing – Attempting to connect to network.
On – Successfully connected to cable network.


Flashing – Attempting to register with CMTS.
On – Cable Modem has finished CMTS registration.


Flashing – Data Transmitting.
On – Good Wireless Link.
Off – No Wireless Link.

LAN1-4Amber – Connected at 10 Mbps.
Green – Connected at 100 Mbps.
Off – No Ethernet link detected.


On – Usb port connected.
Off – No USB link detected.

Notes and Useful Information:

Use the Reset button to restore factory default settings
Installation Guide / Manual

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