Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Toshiba PCX1000 / DAZ8801F

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Toshiba PCX1000 / DAZ8801F cable modem –

Manufacturer: Toshiba Model: PCX1000/DAZ8801F
Modem Light Indicators

Off – Unit is not receiving power.
Solid – Unit is receiving power.


Off – No downstream signal or power off.
Flashing slowly – Downstream signal present, ranging in progress.
Flashing fast – Registration in progress.
Solid – Modem acquired and ready to transfer data.


Off – No carrier to/from PC is present or power is off.
Solid – Carrier to/from PC is present.

Off – No data is being transmitted or power is off.
Flashing – Data is being transmitted.


Off – Initial self-test OK or power is off.
Flashing – Self-test or software download in progress.
Solid – Self-test failure.

Notes and Useful Information:

*The modem illustrated above is the PCX 1100. The PCX1000 is visually identical to the PCX1100.

Installation and User Manual

Manufacturer Product Website

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