Cable Modem Troubleshooting: High Speed Surfing SM100

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the High Speed Surfing SM100 cable modem –

Manufacturer: High Speed Surfing Model: SM100
Modem Light Indicators

Solid – Modem is receiving power.
Flashing – Modem self diagnostics in progress.
Off – Modem is not receiving power.


Off – Downstream RF carrier is not present or power is off.
Flashing Slowly – Downstream RF carrier is present and ranging in progress.
Flashing Rapidly – Registration in progress
Solid – Modem is acquired.


Off – No ethernet carrier present or power is off.
Solid – Ethernet carrier is present.


Flashes in sync with data transmission through the cable modem.


Off – Initial self test is OK or power is off.
Flashing – Initial self test in progress or modem image downloading.
Solid – Failure of self test.

Notes and Useful Information:

Installation and User Manual

Manufacturer Product Website

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