How to play .flac files in Windows

It’s pretty straight forward – just download and install Winamp and the Flac with library support plug-in for Winamp. Neither program is difficult to install; you’ll mostly just click Next a bunch of times. After they’re installed, just double-click any of your .flac files and Winamp will open and start playing them.

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  • tadz

    Thank u, nice one

  • char

    sweet! :D

  • johnny

    what if you have itunes for windows and you know that winamp sucks? i dont want to download winamp to play these files

  • Lennart

    If you don´t want to download winamp then don´t.

  • yoblet

    cheers for that …….nice one

  • Matt

    I think what yoblet was trying to say is that itunes for windows doesn’t play .flac files by default and we’d like to know how to get it to do so

  • sam

    Well thats the real question , how could we play .flac files at windows’s Itunes!?

  • bill

    i guess Media Player Classic can play FLAC in WindowsXP straightaway. No Problem

  • robis

    thank you wery much

  • hstaino

    media monkey plays FLAC. and its great!

  • Deep Water