A neat trick to navigate with Finder

It’s an old tip originally published back in 2006, but it’s still relevant today in 2020 with macOS 10.15.

One of my former co-workers taught me this neat trick – while using Finder, move your mouse cursor over the “title” of the current folder you’re viewing

OS X Finder tip

Hold down the Apple Key and click the title – the whole path is revealed and you can jump to a folder by selecting it.

OS X Finder tip

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0 thoughts on “A neat trick to navigate with Finder”

  1. MacUser – I agree 100%

    I posted it after someone showed me, and my exact reaction was “pretty cool, but I’ll never use it”. And in truth I don’t. But I really like finding ‘little things’ like this in OS X. In fact one of the reasons I like OS X so much is that you can use it for ages and STILL find little things like this all the time.

  2. It’s neat to know that (I didn’t) but I doubt I would ever use it. I might use if, if I had a finder window which the destination wasn’t known to me. That rarely happens so I just push ? + ^

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