How to disable the system sounds in Windows XP

This brief tutorial will show you how to disable (turn off) the system sounds in Windows XP. Because they’re annoying.

  1. Start by clicking Start and selecting the Control Panel
  2. disable xp sounds

  3. If you’re using the Category view, you’ll be presented with a very similar screen as the one below. If you’re using the Classic view, please jump down to Step 4.

    Select the Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices icon.

  4. disable xp sounds
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  5. Select Change the sound scheme and then skip down to Step 5
  6. disable xp sounds
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  7. If you’re using the Classic view of the Control Panel, double-click the Sounds and Audio Devices item
  8. disable xp sounds
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  9. Select the Sounds tab from the top (if it isn’t selected already) and then from the Sound scheme: drop down list, choose No Sounds
  10. disable xp sounds
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  11. If you’re prompted to save your previous sound scheme, click Yes
  12. disable xp sounds
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  13. Give it a name – it really doesn’t matter what. When you’re done, click OK, and then OK again. Ta-da! No more annoying Windows XP sounds!
  14. disable xp sounds

37 thoughts on “How to disable the system sounds in Windows XP”

  1. I tried turning the sounds off with the above message, but now I get an annoying loud beep if I adjust the volume (rather than the “Windows XP Ding” that I was getting.) Is there a way to make that go away?

  2. If you go into the registry …

    1.) Go to “Start–>Run” and type “Regedit” in the command prompt. Then hit OK.
    2.) Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound”
    3.) Right click on “Beep” on the right side of the screen and select “Modify”
    4.) Change the value in the box to “No”
    5.) Exit and reboot the computer.

    This should fix that problem. email me at “” and let me know if it works please.

  3. Nice tut..
    Worked for me..
    Thanks a lot Eric.
    Also, Eric, the registry tweak was sweet..
    Now Only mp3 sounds emanate from my comp.. :)
    No more irritating windows critical stop and other damn noises..
    Thanks again!!

  4. Great tip! Noticed how the PC boots up, shuts down and generally does tasks faster without sounds.

    By the way, does anyone know how to terminate unresponsive apps faster?

  5. Thx for the tut on “No Sounds”. Eliminated irritating beep that you get even though you’ve saved “no sounds” as a custom.

  6. hi….there is not voice recording in my windows xp pc…
    someone plz tell me how to enable it.
    i hav check all the settings are allright

  7. Thanks Eric Belec

    That has worked perfectly for me, and stopped the annoyance of beeping computers all around us at work.

    Thanks for solving our problem, and taking away the headache.

  8. After some updates system sounds are enabled
    again. I am sick! How to disable system sounds definitely? Remove speaker?

  9. Try this…
    Device manager –> View, check “show hidden devices”—> non-plug and play Drivers; right click “beep” and disable.. i think this may be little safer the messing with registry and is more permanent….hopefully.

    Some other annoying Windows stuff in there to disable also…enjoy..and hope this works for ya.

  10. I did the “no sound”; applied; and saved twice; however, the sound continues. Perhaps I have to restart the computer and will do that. Thanks…PatC

  11. Originally, the “regedit” method didn’t work after simply changing the “beep” setting to “no”. I actually have no sound drivers on my comp, so that might have been the problem. That being said, I just went back and changed the other two settings under Sound to “no” as well. That solved the problem for me! Thanks to Eric for pointing me in the right direction!

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  13. heya!

    I keep getting this very annoying CLICKING sound when I am refreshing, reloading webpages in IE8, Windows Vista 32-bit and would like to know if any would know how to turn that off without having to turning off new email, new contact notification?

  14. Even if you follow the above directions and you are still experiencing the “CLICK” noise when navigating through Windows Explorer then you may have to disable that sound manually by doing the following:

    Start menu –> Control Panel –> Sounds and Audio Devices –> (Click on the “Sounds” tab) –> and manually scroll down the list box at the bottom and turn off all the sounds by setting them to “none” OR click the |> (play button( for each sound until you disable the one that was annoying you to begin with.

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  17. I’ve done this multiple times (have several “no sounds” schemes with varying names) which works *until* I reboot, then the sounds come back. I’ve saved the “no sounds” schemes probably ten times, but the machine resets itself after every reboot. Suggestions please?

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  19. Since you were so kind as to provide me with the answer to end my Windows audio torment, I thought I should take the time to say, very sincerely, Thank You..

    No more beeps, clicks, pops, cords, hums, etc. Just silent computing.

  20. Thanks Thai-At work computer notice almost everyone had no beep–tried the sound tips and nothing–other coworkers–so called experts said most likely administrative–etc,..they chose not to help–end result help desk came and further research the device manager was answer for my XP at work..will check again on Monday

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