How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion-detecting and recording security camera

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through setting up your PC and Webcam to act as a motion-detecting and recording security camera system. And the software required to do this is open source (free).

Advanced includes: Multiple Webcams, Sending pictures to a remote location (FTP), How to duct-tape the light off your webcam (super-stealth)
Coming soon: How to do the same thing, with a Mac.


6 Reasons to set up a motion activated web-cam

  1. Maybe you live in a questionable (at best) part of East Vancouver and you’ve already been broken into (while you were doing the dishes). It would be helpful next time to have pictures of the intruder.
  2. Maybe you’re trying to prove to your landlord that some of the more questionable members of the general East Vancouver public are using the pathway between your building and the one next door as a shortcut between streets. Often with very large bags of cans (it’s a Vancouver thing). Loudly. At all hours of the day and night.
  3. Perhaps you want to catch someone using your PC after you’ve asked them repeatedly not to use it (because they seem to go out of their way to install spyware, toolbars you don’t want, and leave behind Britney Spears mp3s on your desktop)
  4. You’re bored?
  5. You want to get pictures of the pretty birdies eating from your new bird feeder.
  6. Yeah I know what you were expecting here, that’s lewd. Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a family site.


For this tutorial you’ll need:

  1. a PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP (the software is untested on Windows 95 and NT, but should work)
  2. a webcam (or two, see advanced)
  3. Dorgem – an open source (free) webcam utility. Update: Though Dorgem has been discontinued, the download links still work, as does the software. The author will not be updating it anymore, and won’t be answering email support questions.

To upload images ‘off-site’ (in case someone steals your computer) you’ll need an FTP account. See the Advanced section when you’re done the initial setup.


  1. Install (if it isn’t already) your webcam. If you’re pulling one out of the closet and have long since lost the install CD, here are links to download the drivers for some of the most common webcam vendors:

    Creative Labs

  2. Download and install Dorgem. The installation is very straight forward, you’ll mostly click Next a bunch of times.
  3. Launch Dorgem and select your Webcam from the Camera selection drop-down list.
  4. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  5. Click the Preview button to display the view your webcam has. Physically adjust the camera to face the area you want to monitor.
  6. security web cam dorgem

    security web cam dorgem

  7. Click the Source button and make any adjustments to the Brightness, Contrast and/or other settings. Click OK when you’re happy with the results.
  8. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  9. Click the Options button
  10. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  11. Place a check in the box labeled Use motion detection. Certain Webcams (most often Labtec) can require Dorgem to “reconnect” after a certain period of no motion being detected. For now leave this box unchecked. If you notice that your Webcam isn’t capturing any images even though it should have, revisit this section and place a check in the box. It should be noted that if you do need to use this setting, your cam will likely take a picture every time Dorgem “reconnects” to it, so try using 5 minute (or higher) intervals. Otherwise you’ll end out with a LOT of pictures, most of which won’t have captured actual “motion”.
  12. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  13. Click OK after you have enabled motion detection to return to the main Dorgem window. Now you’ll need to create a ‘profile’ – which Dorgem refers to as Storage events. Click the Store settings button to create an event.
  14. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  15. Choose File and click OK (adding an FTP event is covered in the Advanced section, set a local file first to make sure everything works)
  16. security web cam dorgem

  17. Enter a Name: for this event, make sure Enable is checked, and then set an interval. Since you’ll be using motion detection, you probably want to capture images fairly “closely together” – so try 1 or 2 seconds. If you know for certain that this camera will detect a lot of motion (your camera faces an area with a lot of movement) you may want to set this somewhat higher. This setting can always be changed later, so experiment a bit. Click the button next to Filename:
  18. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  19. Here you’ll be setting the folder to save images to, and the actual filename for each image. Dorgem allows special characters in file names so that each name is unique (otherwise each time your camera detected motion it would take a picture and over-write the previous one). Somewhere in the file name, enter the characters %g – which will give your file name a time-stamp. If you use %G in the file name, it will also add the current year.

    Because my camera is taking pictures of movement on my patio, I named the file patio-camera%G%g. This results with images being saved as patio-camera20060926165001.jpg. Broken down that’s patio-camera – the current year – the current month, day, hour, minute and second. Click Save after you’ve selected a folder and file name.

  20. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  21. Click OK
  22. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  23. Click Close to return to the main Dorgem widow
  24. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  25. Wave your hand in front of the camera. Or throw something within its view. Jump around in front of it like an idiot. If everything was set correctly, you should now have some images in the folder you specified. Go take a look..
  26. moron

  27. If it didn’t work, start again at step 3 and double-check everything. The built-in Help file included with Dorgem is actually pretty helpful – use it for troubleshooting. Feel free to leave a comment below and include as much info as possible and I’ll try to help as well.


Multiple Webcams

If you can get more than one Webcam to work in Windows (not always an easy task, esp. if they’re Labtec), Dorgem can support them all. You don’t need to install another copy of Dorgem, but you do need to start each instance differently. To do so, follow the steps below..

  1. Right-click on your current Dorgem desktop icon and select Create Shortcut
  2. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  3. You should see a new Dorgem (2) icon on your desktop – right-click on it this time, and choose Properties
  4. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  5. Make sure the Shortcut tab is selected, and change the Target: to:

    “C:\Program Files\Dorgem\Dorgem.exe” /c:cam2

    If you installed Dorgem to somewhere other than the default location, make the appropriate changes.

  6. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  7. Click Apply and then to return to your desktop. Double-click the Dorgem (2) icon. When it launches, notice that it’s titled Dorgem (cam2). Repeat the same steps you did for the first camera (though choose a different file name to save the image as).
  8. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

Sending pictures to a remote location (FTP)

If you’re using this as a personal security system for your residence, you may want to store the files off-site, in case someone steals your computer (rendering your security totally useless). To do so, follow these steps.. (note: you’ll need an FTP account – check to see if your ISP provides one for you, eg. Personal Web Space/storage).

  1. Click the Store settings button and then click Add.
  2. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  3. This time select FTP and then click OK
  4. security web cam dorgem

  5. Enter in the required information. The file name can use special characters (see step 11 in the first How part of this tutorial). You may have to experiment with some of these settings. For example, I have to use Passive mode because of the way my home network is set up. You may not. Click OKwhen all of the required info has been entered.
  6. security web cam dorgem
    click to enlarge

  7. Wave your hand in front of the webcam (or throw something through its field of view). Check your FTP site and you should see a new file (or files) there. Note: when I have both save to my local hard drive and save to FTP enabled, only one works. You may need to disable the local copy if you want FTP to work. If you figure out a way for both to work, by all means let me know.

How to duct tape the light off your webcam (super-stealth)

  1. Does your webcam have an annoying light that gives away its location when you try to hide it?
  2. fine i will never be a pro photographer

  3. Find some duct tape that matches the colour of your camera. Or, masking tape and a marker.
  4. fine i will never be a pro photographer

  5. Place tape over the light.
  6. fine i will never be a pro photographer

  7. Your camera will now blend in like a ninja. Extra bonus: use the duct tape to hold your hidden camera in place.

Examples (from the first day I set this up)

Yes, birds will trigger the motion sensing webcam.

life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver

Seriously, this isn’t a shortcut for you to use.

life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver
How patio furniture gets stolen.

life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver

I don’t care if you’re practicing your tight-rope walking, stop using this area as a shortcut.

life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver

You too.

life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver
life in east vancouver

My webcam lets me know when not to open my blinds. AKA get an unrequested view of some carpenters crotch.

life in east vancouver

554 thoughts on “How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion-detecting and recording security camera”

  1. Xitanto – you’re right. I’ll update this in a bit, a couple of webcam vendors do include software similar to this. I *think* Creative Labs does too.

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  3. hi great stuff, is a very good start for a very low cost security camera system. Maybe just a suggestion, can keep adding others recording software in for alternative and those can record mpeg or mpeg4.


  4. Lam – for sure. As Xitanto mentioned, Logitech Imagestudio has similar features. I’m pretty sure that some of the d-link webcams come packaged w/ another app that does the same. Mine was OEM and didn’t come w/ any software (other than a windows driver).

  5. Can this capture video clips instead of snapshots until it doesn’t detect motion? is there a way to set the sensitivity?

    I know Creative has some software that does that. I set it up pointed at my bed one night, it started recording once there was enough light in the room. Woke up with about 60 short video clips that I then stitched together, man, I toss and turn a lot!

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  7. “is there a way to set the sensitivity?”

    Would be very sweet if this was implemented!!!

    Anyways I was wondering if this will work as a service (I know there is some way to make any software run as a service but I forget how to :( )

    If not, that would be one nice feature, that way I can log off the current user and the application still will work (at least the app I have been using for security requires the user to stay logged on)

    Anyways keep up the good work, oh, and adding uploading would (not sure, maybe you have this) be the best… imagine someone steals your PC, at least u can go to an FTP or email and get some evidence!!!

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  9. Here’s a handy linux equivalent – even shows you the pixels that trigger it. Found it while dealing with a nutjob that was stuffing mail boxes with incindiary flyers in our neighborhood. You’ve gotta love America Suburbia. Ugh.

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  14. A nicely integrated product similar to this is the TrackerCam ( They have a motorized pan/tilt base for USB webcams that is controlled via USB. It can be set to follow a moving object and record video. Other software will let you record multiple video streams, and includes motion detection control.

    They also have a product that controls pan/tilt and zoom for certain digital video cameras with a firewire interface.

    I have used TrackerCam’s USB product, and it works pretty much as advertised. (no affiliation with the company, just a customer)

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  16. Nice, but I have a question. Does the camera detect movement as the sun sets and it gets darker outside? Or is it too gradual to pick up?

  17. TJ –

    Yes, it does.

    Derek –

    I think those are ‘partial’ uploads – as the image is being uploaded it might have a .temp extension until the entire file is done uploading. Do the .temp files stay around?

    yourmom –

    Yes, I’m pretty sure. There is an .avi output, but I haven’t played with it (yet). I’ll be updating this document before the end of the weekend and I’ll see if I can get the .avi thing to work and then outline it as well.



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  26. Ross – thanks for your reply.
    Yes the file stays. If I chop off the .temp, it seems to be a fully formed JPG.

    The .temp extension seems to be coming from the Dorgem. I’ll try it with a different FTP server though.

  27. to send it to gmail, download GMaildrive, and then store your security images in that drive.

    Great software – better results than on3 I nearly paid twenty dollars for!

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  29. Fantastic tutorial! Slight problem getting it to save pics in gmail….anyone fancy helping with a tutorial on that lol. thanks x

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  32. I have a labtec camera which comes with a motion detection routine…
    I like the fact that you can set the sensitivity on it to stop leaves or whatever from triggering it.
    Only supports the one cam though…
    So Dorgem wins on that one, just wish it had sensitivity control

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  34. Hank,

    I look forward to the day when OS X and Linux are installed on more home computers than Windows.


    Ahh now that makes sense. I’ll include a note about that when I update this again (re: permissions).


    It’s not out of the question re: sensitivity. There might be a command line option to set it. When I’m back in front of a PC w/ Windows I’ll check. It might be in the Dorgem help file…

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  44. This is a great tutorial. But does it only work well with Windows, and not with other programs? It would be more helpful if it’s not limited to Windows only.

  45. Dryl,

    I’m a firm believer in the “no such thing as stupid questions” phrase – yes, your computer has to be left on (if you want to capture images 24/7. The monitor can be turned off.

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  48. I’ve emailed Daniel but I thought I’d post the info here too in case someone else has a similar problem –

    1. Are you turning lights on and off? I’ve tried this w/ 3 different webcams so far, and the Creative Labs N10225 is REALLY sensitive to light. Even a window in the background can cause the camera to capture images when a cloud passes by.

    2. What did you set the “File store settings” interval to? Try 5 or 6 seconds.

    3. Does it start taking pictures when there’s motion, and then not stop? Or does it just immediately start taking pictures? If it doesn’t stop AFTER it detects motion, try placing a check in the “Reconnect if no motion is detected for x minutes” (step 7 way above). That’s not REALLY the purpose of that check box, as it seems the ‘reverse’ might be happening to you.

    4. Is the Webcam being moved somehow? (vibrations? is it sitting on a sub-woofer? :) )

    Hope this helps –


  49. a really great software package i’ve been using for a couple years is Supervisioncam. very flexible code, and FREE.

    of course it motion senses, and it also will post captured jpg’s to a website along with an html file to let you view them conveniently.

    great stuff

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  51. Esta solução resolveu o meu problema de saber quem “retirava” lol as mais lindas plantas do meu jardim na casa de férias…
    Um “velho” PC de secretaria, uma cam ja com 6 anos e…
    aí esta um magnifico sistema de segurança!!!
    Óptimas instruções…

  52. is there a wireless webcam which u can connect to your pc. and can u use multiple wireless webcams if thereare any

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  55. intel – yes there are a few. I’d suggest checking, just search for wireless webcam. While I don’t have one (and can’t confirm for sure), I’d expect you could use multiple wireless webcams the same way you would multiple ‘wired’ webcams. That’s a lot of w’s.

    boing – you’re more than welcome!

  56. hi, wicked idea, but it doesnt seem to work with my (rather poor) Web camera!!! ive ypinked my sisters My_cam Usb web camera and it refuses to use the motion detection setting!!!! Ive even added the 5 minutes auto re-connect, and i still get a new pic every 2 seconds regardless of motion!!

    Any ideas or help would be most appreciated!!


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  58. Hi If you remove the Infra-Red blocking filter from the webcam, in my case the Toucam, it can be used in complete darkness with the area you are surveiling illuminated with an IR lamp.

  59. Does anyone know how to use this on a Mac desktop and a Windows webcam? Is that even possible? Thanks in advance, fellas.

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  63. I got many pics in my documents when the puppy just walked by but I can’t see anything. It’s dark. The camera is in the window. Also in the dropdown box my camera isn’t listed.

  64. I’ve emailed this to Cheryl but I’ll post it here in case anyone else is having the same problem –

    Have you tried adjusting the color settings in step 5 of the “how” part of the tutorial? That should help brighten up the pictures. Are they totally “black”? Was it at all light out when the puppy walked by? When you click the ‘preview’ button in Dorgem, does the video show up correctly?

    I’m not sure about the camera not appearing in the dorgem list – is it in use by another program by any chance? A lot of webcams come w/ software that the webcam is “supposed” to use, and may be ‘using’ the webcam even without you directly knowing..

  65. It was not totally black. I could see the street light in the back ground. Let’s just say I only knoew my puppy was there because he barked and then the camera started taking pictures. When I click the preview button it is also very dark. The camera is not being used by another program Ross. It says Microsoft WDM Image Capture (win32). My camera is a Logitech.

  66. Hi! Your article is very helpful and detail, thanks a lot!

    I am planning to make a device which can use the motion detection to trigger external program, such as sending a ASCII code like “esc” key to system. Could anybody give me some hints?

    I would like PC to run a slide show (powerpoint or flash), when there is an object moving in front of the webcam, the slide show changes to other page and play sound or movie. Is this difficult to do?

  67. I tried this and it worked perfectly! This is an excellent tutorial with clear and illustrated examples.

  68. Last night it worked fine. Today I open it and the preview is pitch (how doe’s that sound) white. I closed it and restarted. I also tried to take a capture piture and it worked. I went to the folder and there were pictures. Unfortunately they were also solid white.

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  71. Thanks for the great site. Next time I’ll figure out security monitoring BEFORE my car is broken into!
    Great info, easy to follow.

  72. Great Program!!

    Can I play a sound file when motion is detected? For example, I could create an alarm or say something like “you’ve just been photographed” when motion is detected.

    Thanks, John

  73. I really like the Gmail Drive suggestion, but I can’t find a way to make it work. GDrive is a system folder and can’t be found by browsing from within Dorgem. Creating a shortcut to the Gmail Drive is easy enough, but even when I copy the shortcut properties for the target to Dorgem and it will not work.

    Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll use GMailDrive for other things. Thanks!

  74. Anyone know how to upload the capture pictures/video to mobilephone. That’ mean we can remote viewing by mobilephone ( GPRS / 3G based mobilephone ) ??

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  77. can we use even a mobile phone with built in camera in this fashion

    I will be waiting for your answer


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  79. Has anyone figured out how to output all captured images to AVI? I tried it but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  80. I think the USB connected web cams have a wire length limitation of about 15 feet at the longest and probably shorter in many cases.

    As far as I know the process of extending the wire length can be one of the following:
    1. Use active extender modules that are good for 15 feet each (up to 5). They run about $25 and don’t always work well for every knid of application.
    2. Use a fiber optic extender (150 feet, $200). Problem there is that (far as I know) they only run USB 1.x (slow)
    3. For each web cam use a server box ($80) with a USB port and connect over WiFi. Might be a little hairy.
    4. Use the new wireless USB standard. Limited distance (a few meters at full USB 2.x speed, 10 meters at USB 1.x speeds.
    5. Use Bluetooth (slow, need the special longer range flavor of Bluetooth – compatibility?).

    I’m listing all this because I like the idea and with the hope someone comes back with a long connectivity solution.

    You can do similar things with regular digital cameras USB connected, but only with certain models.

    For Canons:
    (here’s their pitch)

    Why Use PSRemote?

    PSRemote enables Canon PowerShot camera users to:

    Control the camera from a Windows PC
    Operate the camera from a distance and in inaccessible locations
    See live viewfinder display on PC screen
    See large high resolution previews of shots on the PC within seconds
    Take better product shots for eBay and other online auctions/stores
    Improve exposure control in tricky lighting conditions
    Gain unrivalled control of camera settings in tethered operation
    Create time lapse sequences over short or extended periods
    Use motion detection to automatically take pictures for wildlife photography and security applications (requires Webcam Zone Trigger which must be purchased separately).
    Use the large preview image to display:

    Flashing highlights to indicate over-exposed areas
    Grid overlay to assist accurate alignment

    For CanonG1, G2, G3, G5, G6, G7, S30, S40, S45, S50, S60, S70, S80, S1 IS, S2 IS, S3 IS, SD100, SD110, S230, S400, S410, S500, A30, A40, A60, A70, A75, A80, A85, A95, A300, A310, A400, A510, A520, A620, A640

  81. Someone (first post) mentioned Logitech Imagestudio as having motion triggering which is true. Unfortunately (reading the Logitech forum) only some older models can run it. Imagestudio got incorporated into QuickCam after version 8.0

    So after version QuickCam v7.6 (current version is QuickCam v10.5 ) they disabled the motion feature.

    Cameras like the QuickCam Fusion, QuickCam Ultra Vision, QuickCam Orbit etc. can’t run it. If anyone knows a workaround for this please let me know.

  82. Pingback:

  83. great tutorial,but why not instead of taping the light on your webcam,take advantage of it…like this:
    replace the led-usually green- with an ir led (cant remember what they are called exactly but they luminate in the invisible to human eye ir spectrum),camera lenses should be sensitive to this light…haven’t tried it yet,the thoought just hit me…

  84. Hi, thanks for your how-to. I have two questions though: 1. Can one lenthen the USB cable to say 25m and 2. is there a simple and cheap way of hooking up your PC via GPRS modem and being able to view the triggered pics on your WAP cel phone?


  85. I just have one question. My computer has audio and video ports just like a TV. Would my computer be able to use this software for a infared security camera that uses these ports?

  86. Hi i like your software its exactly what ive been looking for but can u tell me how to stop it everytime it takes a pic it overwrites the last one this is really annoying.

  87. Can a wireless modem work with this scheme? Would it be more expensive that a standard phone line? Is a computer required if wireless modem is used? Advantages and disadvantages…your thoughts please. I appreciate your efforts, thanks.

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  89. Ben Lynch needs to review instruction step #11. Settings need to give digital images different file names for each capture – for this program or any other!

    My question – can this be made to run in stealth mode??

  90. Now that I have my webcam ftp’g images to my server, is there a tutorial on how to create a webpage that will:
    1) take my .jpg images (all of which have unique filenames) and allow me to view them in the browser, and maybe pan back and forth between the newest and oldest images
    2) is there a way to set my ftp site to delete images older than 10 days old? Otherwise I’d have to constantly be in there deleting old images that I no longer need.
    3) how do I set the ftp so that it ftp’s into a specific directory on my webspace? There doesnt appear to be a “Host Directory” setting in Dorgem. Otherwise, it will drop all these .jpg files onto the root of my site.

  91. When I try to use this its says “couldnt capture to temporary BMP File. But I chose the jpeg file format

  92. can i use my web cam as home secruity and also as a web cam to chat online to friends do i need to change settings every time or buy 2 web cams ? how would this work?
    thank 4 ur help

  93. Kayla Dahn Mitton

    Great advice and instructions they helped my mom out alot i did it by myself but she wanted to know how to do it and I couldn’t show her, so I showed her your site and now she is happier then a pig in shit. Now she caught someone stealing her smokes…. and her car. Thank you and keep up the supendes work.

  94. Excellent tutorial – must have taken a while to write and compile all the screenshots :)

    This will be helpful since my office has been broken into twice this week. Today I spent 7 hours repairing the skylight instead of finishing orders and making money. The outdated camera system we have is crap so as a temporary internal measure, a webcam & website should make life a bit easier :)

    Thanks again, Paul Wilson, Uk

  95. I just got a Creative Live Cam notebook pro after reading this (cheap on craigslist). The included software will do all this stuff and you can adjust sensitivity with an easy slider.

    It will upload to FTP and/or send you an email (with a snapshot if you like) when motion is detected. It can also stream the video through your Yahoo Messenger account (not sure how that works but you can do it).

  96. hi
    thanks for the help it helped me catch a bergular geting in to my house and i got loads of l
    pics thanks to you once again thank you


  97. I want to have one webcam installed in our park that will allow me to look at the park anytime over the winter months when we are in Florida? I currently have wireless X10 cameras installed in the park but these are not connected to the internet. Do I need a dedicated computer connected to the internet at all times for streaming video? What program is required for this. Your help would be appreciated.

  98. Hi, thanks for the Dorgem solution! It works great! With dorgem I could improve security using the oem camera of my laptop. I found the solution of sending e-mails with snapshot attached using Blat (free command line smtp client) and Dorgem command line. At the top of my (dorgem related) wish list there is the possibility to set a formatted pattern (like “patio…” in the tutorial) for the %s argument used in the command line: that is I’d like the attached file to have a “myname%G%g.jpg” pattern filename. Thank you again!

  99. i am having problumes with this every time it takes a pic it just replaces the one that it has already taken so i would never know if someone has been here or not so can you please help

  100. I am having the same problem as wesley. I only get one jpg. The video also replays in fast motion. I have fps set to 30. Shouldn’t it play back at normal speed? Also, is there a way to stop capture without having to exit the program? Thanks…

  101. 1. What wireless webcam camera do you reccomend, if I put the camera near an inside window and some approaches the outside part of the window would moat cameras get triggered ?
    2. If I use Blat to auot send an email after the camera has been triggered what are the coomands I need to add ?

  102. Lemonhead,
    I don’t know for question n.1, for n.2 i used for command:
    “mybatchfile %s”

    mybatchfile.bat contains:
    c:\blat -install mysmtp mysender 3 mySMTPport – usr pwd
    c:\blat mybodyfiletext -to myrecipient mysubj %1

    hope this helps

  103. hello guys,

    can anyone of you tell me or give me direction on how to view live using this software. I do not want to store images, but instead I want to view what my webcam captures in live, real time.


  104. [quote]hello guys,

    can anyone of you tell me or give me direction on how to view live using this software. I do not want to store images, but instead I want to view what my webcam captures in live, real time.


    Just open up the utility and click preview.

  105. ****I am having the same problem as wesley. I only get one jpg. The video also replays in fast motion. I have fps set to 30. Shouldn’t it play back at normal speed? Also, is there a way to stop capture without having to exit the program? Thanks…****

    I’m having the same problem.
    If there is someone lurking outside my house that shouldn’t be the cam picks their face up. I have the picture but if a bird flys by there goes the intruders picture only to be replaced by a bird.

    Why doesn’t this utility take individual pictures instead of replacing the same one each time?

    Is this the way it is suppose to work or is there something I’m not doing correctly.


  106. can u tell how to use a mobile cam as a webcam?is it possible to use a mobile cam like that

  107. Nice tutorial!
    This is how you can play a beep sound with Dorgem if moves:
    Storage type “External program” and command:
    sndrec32 /play /close “C:\Windows\Media\ding.wav” -%s

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  109. Is there any way of setting the sensitivity on my webcam through this software? Any help would be appreciated.

  110. Hello , i have install correctly , i think dorgem . But there is a problem. I can’t see an series of images but only one , the last , and the others are cancelled automatically . Can you help me ? thank

  111. what it the power was shut off or the PC re-start. how does it work again. or how will the software return again to its surveilance?

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  113. Pingback:   Have only just got a webcam, what else apart from chatting online can i do with it?

  114. How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion-detecting and recording security camera

    WOW this works perfectly, thanks sooo much. Now I can find out who’s entering our factory late at night.

    Thanks again…

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  117. finally I will be able to find out how my basement mysteriously gets rearranged; is it the landlord or Sam Fisher?

  118. Anon (who asked “What if i just want to take a picture from my webacm remotely trough my pc? can this program work?”)

    No, I don’t think so.

  119. The first thing that comes to mind is to install the realvnc server on your home computer (the one with the webcam) and then use a vnc client to connect to your home PC. That will allow you to remotely control your home computer, including taking pictures through its webcam. RealVNC can be found at

    Hope this helps.

  120. gate monhollen

    thanks i set this up as soon as i saw it works great the women a cross the street broke in my house so next time i got her fat crack @$$ thanks to my lil toy poodle save the nite she dont bite but she is a hell of a barker

  121. This tutorial was excellent. I work for a small shipping company and we rent out a space from another company and we have been worrying about the flow of people from the other company’s walking by our set up. This helped out a lot to help keep an eye out when we are gone for the day and weekend. thanks

  122. i want a moving detecting software to record videos capturing through a capture card. only the movements must be recorded.

  123. sanders –

    Can you provide some more info on that service? It seems a little suspicious – there’s no terms of service, no assurances that it’s not just an email harvesting spam “service” etc.

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  125. For all the folks getting ‘just one pic’, see near the top of the page, ‘How?’, and instruction #11. Personally I use filename-%G-%g to make the date/time easier to read.

  126. For all the folks getting ‘continuous streams of pics,’ you probably have set filename%G%g, -and- have turned on the Auto Capture checkbox. At least that’s the effect I got.

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  128. Here’s a interesting program that will help you out.

    Go to (Great place to find archived sites)

    Search for a program called Catspy.

    The only free version available is in the archive and best of all the program run’s stealth mode and takes practically any codec.

    But hey you don’t have to take my word for it.. and yes it accepts frame rates and is not a memory hog like most programs.

  129. question 118 above, asked about a window popup message that said “couln’t capture Temporary BMP FILE!”. I am getting the same message every time.

    I setup the file store and I copied exactly like your instructions; C:\patio\patio-capture%G%g.jpg

    When I check mark auto capture it happens repeatedly. What are we doing wrong??? please help us…aggh…


  130. Thanks for the tutorial. I had downloaded Dorgem before reading this, and gave up on it as it didn’t seem to come with enough info to be set up properly.
    Need something to control several wireless cameras
    that will trigger on motion, producing jpeg only files.
    Perhaps this program will meet the need after all, but if anyone knows of other free programs that have great memory mgmt, and better UI It would be very nteresting to hear about them.
    It’s time to make one those bad guys a movie star.

  131. Hi, I love this program! I live in a townhouse complex and we have another townhouse complex behind us, but because the other townhouse complex is a little bit harder to get to, they take our parking spots and walk down a hill to get to their house. We’ve put notes on some cars but a lot still park here, so I’ve set up my web cam with this program. What I’d like to know is what is the best way to go about capturing images during the night time. Our parking lot has few lights, so I’m wondering how I could make it easier to see people coming up from the hill in front of out parking lot. If you think you can help me, email me at, and I can send you some pics so I can make it a little bit more clear for you.

  132. I am designing a simple household light that would be able to sense the motion of a human hand over the lightbulb hood and turn it either on or off. Please what kind of sensor do i use.

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  134. Thanks for this great download and super tutorial. This was exactly what I’ve been looking for to set up as a security camera as well. I bought a really, really inexpensive webcam some time for that purpose and never could get the software that came with it to work right. This is so easy and very doable. I want to check my yard when I’m away…wish I had this a couple of years ago.

    Ok a couple of question: I finally was able toset this to capture to my ftp site. However, does it just give you one pic when you downloadd the file? Or am I missing something. I’d like to be able to get a “video” of what goes on when I capture this. Is this not a video capture or rather a still capture? And, by that, I think I may have just answered my other question.

    But if you or anyone else gets to change to respond by sending an email, I would appreciate it. Thanks for this and for your great tutorial!

  135. I just set this system up and mounted the camera above the group workspace. Wow. No I can pinpoint the slackers from my bedroom!

    Next step: installing a mic so I can tell if they’re talkin’ about me.

  136. Awesome Article. Will implement it this weekend. We have a dog and would love to see what he does during the day (he is only allowed to watch G rated shows on TV…lol)

    Jokes apart, two interesting projects similar to this:

    1) How nice would it be if we can remote into our computer (using a very secure method like only when macid = my office computer) and be able to change directions/zoom etc

    2) Get a motion sensitive camera (the one that follows the object in focus) and somehow be able to steam this to a free hosting site like myspace etc etc.

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  139. hi.i want to do a project in my computer plannin 2 use webcam instead of regular ‘mouse’ for detecting motion or ‘mouse clicks’ as we call…can anybody help me with it?

  140. Thanks for you very detailed tutorial.

    Watch YouTube for the upcoming video “This is what your housekeeper steals from you while you’re at the office”.

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  142. To Brian,

    For Night Mode, you can use an IR camera, with IR leds.
    It would only work in black and white however, but you can get a good image this way!


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  144. Pingback: » Blog Archive

  145. Have 2 cameras installed on my laptop and can get them both to operate as motion detecting devices but can’t get the Dorem program to capture and display their respective pictures at the same time on my desktop screen. The program will only let me capture and display one camera at a time. Please advise.


  146. Is there any way to set this up to a portable hard drive without incorperating a bulky visible computer?

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  148. I have 2 webcams(made by different companies and using different drivers) installed and want to install a 3rd, 4th and possibly more. Do I use the same procedure for multiple cameras but change the target address for the 3rd webcam from c:cam2 to c:cam3 and increments of 1 for each additional camera? Tried using c:cam3 for the 3rd camera and having problems capturing it. Are there any webcams you suggest to use that are easier to setup using this program than others? If I want to install multiple cameras on my laptop is there anyway that I can install several cameras of the same make/model that have the same driver configuration and be able to have them all display at the same time on my laptop screen?


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  150. We are trying to set up a mulit camera feed without using FTP. We followed your instructions to set up the fisrt camera but we are having problems setting up the other three. We are also trying to set up a laptop with a camera to feed into our system.

    We’d appreciate your help.

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  152. This is great, I am setting the webcam for the first time and its wonderful. Now I can check who is stealing my cookies :) .

  153. Hello,

    It’s a very nice and useful tutorial everything ok except one thing: my camera keep capturing photos! is there any way to reduce the motion capture sensibility?

    Thank you.

  154. hello sir,
    i am existing user of nokia mobile i have nokia 6233 but i heard like dat cell can be work with webcam but i searhed all the site in google still not getting any software related to webcam so please help me how can i usee my handset as webcam …

    thanks $ regards

  155. Just installed this and it works really well…BUT, the camera just starts capturing images before there is any motion and just carries on. It’s as if the motion detection bit is not checked, but it is!
    Can you help?
    David (UK)

  156. Sweet I just got it working. If anyone is having the problem where it seems like your camera is just taking timed pictures constantly, You really can’t just sit where you are and try and be still..It doesn’t work haha. I hooked everything up and I put the timer on 1 second, and counted the time in my head as I left the room and closed my door. If you wait 30 seconds outside your room and when you come back in and you have 30+ pictures, you have either some motion in your room or something is messed up. But everything worked for me! Great post!

  157. I’m sure outside lighting must play a big part in the efficiency of the camera, but it’s still a great idea to say the least.

  158. Dear all,
    Thax a lot for these informations but i need your help couse i wanna to build a “Dorgem” an application that can monitoring control for the IP camera via internet
    please anybody have any idea or resources to help me contact me on my email :
    please i need your help and waiting you

  159. Thanks for a usefull tutorial. I have a need to
    develop this to detect if my daughter has an epelectic fit during the night. Her Neuorologist is also very interested to know if this is possible as it seems a common problem with working out medication when fits are suspected at night.

    I noticed one option for the output here is a
    program. As my main TV has a RS232 control capability could I then use it with a simple
    program to send the code via RS232 to switch over my TV to the PC monitor in if she moves
    incase its a fit.


  160. This software is just what I need, and it worked perfectly first time, with none of the problems experienced by others. However when I point the webcam through the window the brightness of the daylight is too much for the camera and the image is bleached out totally to white. No details are visible at all. No-one else who has commented on your site seems to have mentioned this problem, so is it something I am doing wrong, and how do I fix it?

  161. Note to self and others: Don’t have a clock in the picture if you’re using motion detection. It actually picked up that the seconds kept changing. :)

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  163. I know this may be callous to some people who really can’t afford it, but still… a lot of the questions and problems people have presented here could be answered by going out and spending $80 – $100 on an old P3 system. Put in a reasonably sized disc and network it. Any thief would look at it and laugh and then go onto something of value. All the while…

    This can also help with another problem: are you doing your backups?

  164. hey Ross,
    can u send me some info about the source code in C language or C++ to compare two images? i’m doin something about motion detection same like yours article.thanks.

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  166. usage for this camera system is slightly different.. I want to (while I am at home) watch my cat’s movements on the kitchen (he as the nasty habit of stealing food)

    How can i place the camera in the kitchen and be on another part of the house?

    thanks and great work

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  168. Thanks so much! I really needed to know how to do this, believe it or not, to see some birds for a biology course I’m doing.

  169. I am using my camera to view who is coming in and out of my home. For some reason, even on motion detection, it takes pictures at the intervals I set it at.

    Also, I would like to upload these pictures to my website, but when I type in the URL with a directory behind it, it tells me it can’t but when I put just the URL, it works fine, but I can’t access it from online.

    1. How do I stop it from being so sensitive, as it just takes pictures at the interval I set it at.

    2. How can I have it save the images to a directory on my website?

  170. Thanks,but i have questions: First, if i want to connect multiple webcam from one location and view it through computer at another location is it possible?(long distance monitoring.example when im at home monitor the factory activities?)
    If yes explan to me how.
    Second:Which is the best camera for factory use regarding the above practise?

  171. hi, im having a project titled as “computer laboratory surveillance scheme” to monitor every student who uses the lab and it needs multiple cameras. but i only use Microsoft WDM Image Capture(Win32) since it is the only one available in my camera selection drop-down happy with the result using one cam.for it works right.then i tried to connect another cam and i followed the instructions to copy the dorgem on the desktop to make the dorgem(2) its properties..but when i change the target on dorgem(2) it displays: The name ‘”C:\Program FilesDorgemDorgem.exe”/c:cam2’ specified in the target box is not valid. Make sure the path and filename are correct.
    i used the default location during the installation.and tried it many times…still got the same prob. please help me… email me in this add.

  172. ive set it up like u have shown but wen i go to c wat pictures it has saved it just over writeing the same pik not savin all of them just 1

  173. hi craig, just double check the filename. u should put %G%g at the end of it.ok? hope this could help.

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  175. Hello, Ross,

    Thanks for your great tutorial. I tried it on my Logitech webcam (Quickcam Communicate Deluxe), but, apparently, its motion sensor is disabled, because it starts immediately taking pictures, even if there is no motion, and then never stops doing so. I presume, I will have to buy another webcam instead. Can you tell me which one(s) has(ve) the best motion sensor ? Thank you.


  176. Not sure if you’ll get to read this bout found your guide extrmely helpful and very easy to follow. It now works fine and i now have an amazing security camera from a cheap web-cam so thank you. And thank you again!!! Your brilliant for posting this!!! From Justin

  177. Hi,

    Great software! Very impressive :)

    Is it possible to create a new file for each capture? Rather than replacing the existing file, it would be excellent if it could make a new file with each capture.


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  179. You guys need to read the directions. Adding the variables %G%g to the filename puts a date/timestamp to each new file – that way they won’t overwrite eachother.

  180. Thanks for this software.
    Have problem with the second cam.
    The Dorgem kept saving images even with no activity. I covered the lens, so that the image is always black. THat way I can verify whether the software is saving even if the image has not changed. But Dorgem kept saving images every second, the interval used.

    Hope you can fix this.

  181. Hello, have the same problem as someone else but don’t see an answer. I have it set on motion detection but it just keeps taking pics at whatever interval I set it at. Did everything including reinstall. and read everything I could find five times over.
    Thank You Danno

  182. Check the contents of the image.
    Does the webcam see a clock ?
    Is the second hand moving on the clock ?
    My webcam faces a neighbor’s front door
    and a flag.
    When the wind moves the flag, the webcam
    takes a picture.

  183. for some reason in dorgem i cant adjust automatic gain control. I uncheck it and it rechecks itself. Any help?

  184. I would like to use this to catch my filthy sneaky roommate. Does my computer need to be on or can it be in hibernation/sleep mode?

  185. one can remove the lens that came with the webcam, revealing the sensor, (there will be a reddish glass thingey in there its the infrared filter — if you remove this the cam will be IR – nightvision-ish)

    then you just need to make a new enclosure, and use a zoom lens from a normal(SLR)film camera (like a 28-55 mm zoom) and position the back part of the lens the same distance from the sensor as it would have been from the film in a camera (you need to measure this distance on the camera who’s lens you use)

    and you’ve got a manual zoom on your webcam..

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  187. John C – Use the variable %g in the file name to change the name of the picture with each new image. Maybe if you were a little more intelligent or knew how to read you’d stop being such a douche bag and be able to use a simple piece of open-source software, and you’d appreciate the time and effort that went into it and this guide. Next time you want to bitch over nothing; don’t. Also, you shouldn’t use “gay” to label something as bad. Thank you :-).

  188. This tutorial is appreciatable.

    Thanks to Dorgem.

    But what i need is a program in which you can use masks.
    That is, Detect motion in a selected area only..

    If anybody got any ideas, post it…
    Thanks to Ross.

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  190. How do i know if my computer can use a web cam for chat,? its not a new Windows computer.

  191. Saneem – this may sound crude, but you could try blocking the actual camera hardware in the parts you don’t want to view? I’m not exactly sure what you mean, though.

    Ashley – Dorgem has a system requirements list right on their homepage, and cameras will usually have a list on the back of their packaging.

  192. Hello,

    First of all, this is a great tutorial. Thanks a lot.
    Secondly, does anyone know how the photos can be numbered?
    With some other tag like the %G ones, so that every picture gets a number + the date.

  193. Se – I don’t think it is possible, but you might want to take a harder look at SourceForge. It sounds like a relatively easy code customization to do manually, just change a few lines around, but I don’t know that language… so maybe I shouldn’t talk ;-)

  194. Dorgem does a great job of producing jpeg’s. But with 1 fps capture you get 3600 pictures per hour. And with no motion sensing available, this is just no good. Can’t make an AVI either. This is not ready for prime time. Although I will give it a credit, it never crashed once.
    Still looking for surveillance software….

  195. it only stored to a signle file that gets replaced or changes everytime it saves another picture. its not very sensitive. can you help me?

  196. Nathan, reread the steps.

    It tells you to add “%G %g” to the file storing menu. This adds the date and time to your filename.

    No further suggestions on how to number the pictures?

  197. I’m a newbie (if you couldn’t tell!). Loved this article; it gives me a do-able security feature to catch whoever’s coming into my apartment when I’m not home.
    I have a silly question, however, important to me – Can I log off as user (Win XP) and still have this work? Or do I have to leave my computer vulnerable? Since my computer settings were changed once, I’m afraid someone could come in and delete their pics. That’d be a kick, right?
    Hoping for an answer,

  198. Look on your keyboard, on the bottom between the Control and ALT, button is a window button. Hit that and “L” together. That requires you to enter password to enter the system, while the computer is still processing its work.

  199. Thank you so much, H! Now, thanks to all of you and this site, I’m in business. Hope you all feel good!

  200. I have had a problem with people setting things alight and leaving them on my front porch when I am not at home. If my motion sensor has been triggered, is there a way that I can be alerted, ie via SMS or fax or any other suitable means. It’s not so much that I want to catch them red handed, though that would be nice. I just don’t want to come home to a pile of ashes. Email is no good, as I do not have access to the web at work. Can I link it to a fax program, telnet, or some such program which will trigger my fax modem to dial my mobile number, so that when I’m not at home and I get a call from my home phone number, I at least have the choice to go home and investigate or locate the nearest computer and remotely log in. Any help would be great.

  201. cannot get web cam to stop taking pixs in motion detector due to light changes in view ? Help!

  202. Hi, I got the program working fine, but

    1. I don’t get the pictures to save on the GMail Drive, what location do I give? I presume that like the other drives being called C: or D: this one needs to be called GMail Drive: since it doesn’t have a single letter, however, it doesn’t seem to work.

    2. It refuses to send to my FTP (but still working on that)

    3. Under OPTIONS I tried the AVI setup but it’s not giving any film, nor pictures when there is movement, how does this work or what’s it for?

    Besides that, great software but I need to get the pictures being sent to my GMail since I don’t trust them being on my PC only. I’ve been coming home recently and the doors have been locked different than how I locked them in the morning (double lock, single lock, you know). I’m thinking it might be my landlord but she’s saying it’s not her. I want to make sure that, who ever comes in, and spots the camera, doesn’t just take the PC or deletes the pictures and I still don’t know who or what.

    Thanks, hope someone can help with at least getting this GMail Drive thing working.

  203. great stuff. works fine. almost to good. great write-up also. thanks for everything.

  204. Thank you very much for this tutorial and for the tip on downloading Dorgem — it is now the security solution I’m using for my pool. Every time my family goes on vacation, we suspect the neighbors are using our pool (one of them actually bragged about it to another more loyal neighbor who ratted him out). Anyway, this is going to be great for catching them in the act. I will send copies of the images to them via email with a warning to stop. The next time it happens after the initial warning, the images will be provided to the police, trespassing charges will be filed, and the neighborhood relations will get rather ugly. It’s unfortunate that I have such rude neighbors that I have to do this, and I actually live in a community with $750k(+) homes. It’s amazing what trash can afford these days.

    FYI, I’m using a cheapie GE EasyCam camera ($9) that I bought at a closeout store and then never really used it much. It’s getting used now!

    Also, you may want to upload your screen shots with the latest Dorgem version, as some of them are different from what the app looks like now. Maybe the FTP/Local file combination is fixed?

    Thanks again!

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  206. hi. thanks for creating this its awesome. I have a question, is there any way for me to extend the USB connected to my computer from my webcam. please answer. Anyways THANK YOU

  207. Does this mean I can’t download it any longer? Or if I have downloaded, it won’t work? Or there is no more support for it?
    You’ve been such a help to everyone, hope you’re OK!

  208. Hi Ross,
    Thanks for an amusing and useful stuff with webcams.
    I just have small question…is it possible that while using multiple webcams (with multiple instances of dorgem), we fix a particular instance with a particular cam??..i mean…lets say dorgem-1 always use webcam-topview and dorgem-2 always use webcam-sideview by default, without asking user to select a source at the beginning??
    I’ll highly appreciate your comments on it..thnx buddy

  209. I downloaded some software that lets me use my sond Sony Eyetoy as a web cam. Can I use it with the software you have mentioned?

  210. Enjoyed your article. Went to your suggested side “Dorgen” but found it was discontinued.

  211. For some reason the picture-taking stops after an hour or two. I have a Logitech and set it to reconnect but that doesn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

  212. Dominic Shugart

    This looks like a great system – and really well explained. I’m intending to direct the webcam into my driveway (last night someone put a brick through the rear window of my car) and would mainly be using it at night. If I install a motion activated light outside the window next to the camera, would the light going on trigger the camera? And do you think that would provide enough illumination to capture usable images, or would I still be better off with an IR camera, with IR leds? Thank you so much, in advance, for your help.

  213. I LOVE THIS WEB SITE!!!! Thanks, Ross!! I’m having a problem with vandals in the neighborhood….slashing tires and breaking windshield wipers. I set up the webcam and have the perfect vantage point to record the action, but I’m going to need an IR camera. My question is….how far away will an IR cam illuminate? Can anyone out there recommend an IR camera with a good illumination range? I wanna bust these dirt bags!!!!!!

  214. my microsoft lifecam 7000 is giving me an “initialization error” message when i try to run it with dorgem.

    The camera works if dorgem is not running.

    i have adjusted most of the settings on both the camera and also in dorgem to see what might work without success. any suggestions?

  215. very informitive, thanks alot.
    one questian please can this system work if the comuter is is turn off or does it need to sty on all time? excuse my ignorance. thanks again

  216. Im currently trying to find the motion sensing feature for my labtec webcam. I downloaded the most recent software and still cannot find it, Any ideas?

  217. Hi,

    Great site, The above link shows how to make a wbcam see in the dark without buying a specialty camera. It might be of further assistance. Another thing you might want to try (depening on how pissed you are) is printing copies of the images of the people and put them all over town with a caption like, “Have you seen me? I like to ………………”

    Gooed luck and thanks for the ideas!

    P.S. I hope that this information hasn’t been presented to you yet>

  218. How do you get the program to start automatically when your computer starts? I want to keep an eye on my kids while I am gone but my computer is turned off and on all the time and I can’t get the program to run unless I start it.

  219. hello.. so i am in love with the fact this works and its free. But i do have one question… When the pictures are captured and it saves to a folder and you open it and all that good stuff.. there are a TON of files / pictures taken .. do you have to scroll through them all in order to watch it like an actual video? and when i wan to delete them.. is there a way of doing it without having to delete them one by one ?? i hope this question was clear enough.. please reply as soon as you can.. i am having problems with my girlfriends family coming and using my stuff and coming over when we are not home and i want to catch them.. and also, i want to see what my girl is up to when i am at work but i dont really want to have to scroll through a million files because that is almost how many there will be when i get home from work if i leave it running the whole time.. please help!

  220. Hey barb if you go to the instructions you can set the frequency of the pics taken so you don’t end up with as many. Far as I know you have to open each pic individually . I”m sure there’s a better way, just not sure what it is. To delete multiple files left click on the first and then hold down shift while you scroll to the last file you want to delete and then left click on that. This will highlight all the files and then you can release shift. Now without clicking on the screen anywhere as this will deselect the files go to the top of the page and under file click on delete. I guess the ideal thing would be if the motion detector worked but I can’t seem to get it to no how.

  221. This is sweet! I set it up and it’s soooo cool. I’m going to use it on my roommate as a prank!

  222. Thank You for creating this program. It helps tremendously with my home security, I have a bunch of stuff in the backyard and the garage, and things have gotten stolen before.

    Can we use this to record when the motion is detected? … or does it only take pictures?

  223. This is HOT!!!! I had to laugh at the folks who didn’t read the setup directions correctly to figure out how to get it to NOT overwrite the files generated..

    This SOOOOO solves my issue… I have three cats, and I needed to catch and confirm my suspicions about which one of my cats is engaging in some very nasty and destructive behavior (urinating on the dining room table). I had my suspicions about which cat it is, but before I make a rash decision to send the cat I thought was the offending cat to a cat rescue, I wanted to be darn sure I was targeting the right cat..

    I bought a Logitech wireless camera with motion detection capabilities to handle the job.. Spent an entire evening screwing with this thing only to discover that that stupid camera only worked plugged into the router.. (an issue tech support was confounded by — they suggested that I drop my wireless routers security as a solution..) Short story, no woreless and this camera was of no use to me in the diningroom where I needed it.. So pissed off I remembered that a client had given me the webcam that came with his computer.. I wondered if I could get this thing to do what I needed to do.. So a quick Google search later and here I am..

    This is such an unbelievably simple yet effective solution.. Now while I haven’t yet caught the suspect in the offending act, I did catch the suspect on the dining room table tonight TWENTY minutes after I left to go to a party.. I am going to do some more monitoring to be sure I have the right cat, but I have no doubt that I will catch it all on tape as it were!!! **LOL**

    BTW, for the lady who wanted to know the best way to view the pics captured without having to open them one by one, try using a slideshow viewer. There are a number of decent ones out there, but there is also a simple one that comes with Windows..

  224. Thanks! I used your idea and created a Powershell script that reads a random quote when a person enters my office. Fun fun fun!

  225. Hi I like the software and wanted to take it a step frther and make it activate a sound when motion is activated. Kind of like an alarm system. Any ideas on how to make it play a mp3 file as soon as it detects motion?

  226. How to use the AVI function

    Open the “Options” menu and click the AVI Archive tab. Check the “Use AVI Archive” box. Again you will have to choose where to save the file, but the %G and/or %g are not necessary. Next, set the “Frames per Second” – initially I suggest 1 frame per second, purely for testing purposes. Save those settings by clicking the “OK” button.

    Now Stop!
    Dorgem does not have the ability to create AVI files. You need to create one. Navigate to the folder where you told Dorgem to store the AVI file, right click and make a new file… I simply make a new text file with the name I told Dorgem to use for the AVI and change the extension from TXT to AVI.

    Return to the “Store Settings” menu. Change the entry you made earlier and un-check the “Enable” box. Close that Store Setting and create a new one like you did before… But this time you do not want to put any %G_%g in the filename. This causes Dorgem to save only 1 JPG image, but it gets updated each time Dorgem captures a new image.

    This is useless (for our purposes) without “AVI Archive” turned on, so go turn it on in the OPTIONS button on the main screen.

    Set the interval where you wish and close.

    Be sure you have that profile enabled and return to the main Dorgem screen.

    Click Auto-Capture and test the camera. After letting it run for a moment, unclick Auto-Capture and test your AVI. Note that it will be necessary to close Dorgem to view the AVI, it’s ok, the settings will be saved.

    TIP: Use any of the following in the CAPTIONS button to create a timestamped caption in your images or AVI videos. Don’t use it in filenames because it might cause an error. I recommend the following for filenames:


    and in the captions write whatever with any of the following:

    %a Abbreviated day (Thu)
    %A Day (Thursday)
    %d Day of the month
    %f Date (9/25/2008)
    %F Date (Thursday, September 25. 2008)
    %g Unformatted military time
    %G Date (yearmonthday)
    %h Hour
    %H Hour Military
    %o Abbreviated month (Sep)
    %O Month (September)
    %p AM/PM
    %P “Dorgem”
    %S Seconds
    %t Time (7:52 PM)
    %T Time (7:52:30 PM)
    %V Dorgem Version number
    %Y Year (200)

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  228. Thank you for the help to use the Dorgem software. I am able to take pictures and save them. Is it possible to do the same but make a movie?


  229. Can anyone supplement the “How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion-detecting and recording security camera”
    directions with using a wireless motion detecting camera ? (including parts
    and pieces) I have heard there is a receiver card with an antena, eliminating
    the need for a router ?

  230. Do not go Wireless on motion detection on any software based motion
    The Static from the wireless will cause the software to trigger the motion detection ability, and the static happens every often.
    You didn’t look into wireless problems.

  231. The other day I “sumbled” across dorgem and installed in on the primary laptop here. Got everything to work, save for the saving of the motion display frames; waving a hand in front of the camera should have given me several saved JPGs but it didn’t but using that capture now, I did get single, recognizable JPG saves.

    Any idea of what a “VFW” driver is?

    Tried to install the same little camera on one of the backup laptops – with zero success. The Dell Latitude CPi (an oldie, slow but still offers rock solid performance for basics in both Linux and Win98) just won’t recognize the camera. Keeps telling me it can’t fine the “VFW driver.”

    Does any of the above sound familiar to you?

    I ask this as we have a lot of vacation homes here in NE Pennsylvania and it’d be nice to make such information (Dorgem) available to these home owners who were nice enough to buy from me over the decades. It doesn’t happen too often but yes, every so often some jackass from out of the area does break into one or two of the homes and it’d be nice to “capture” the idiot while he’s at it and publish his face on the web as well as supply it to the local PD folks.

    Questions? Let me know.


  232. Thanks for the info.
    I put a trap for the raccon and want to see if it catches remotely so it would not be in the trap for a long time. How can I use my webcam and check it remotely?
    Thanks for help.

  233. wecam security man

    Very nicely done works perfect im hookin up #3 cam right now, Very detailed and organized…..excellent presentation

  234. Great program, great totorial! But I am having a problem. Does anyone know why the program shuts itself off while I’m gone? It works great when I start it up. But I will minimize it to my system tray, then leave for work. When I get home I can run my cursor over the icon in the system tray and it will dissapear. And then I see that it did not capture anything when I know there was activity there while I was gone. I thought maybe my cam is shutting itself off after so long without activity but I wouldn’t think it would shut Dorgem down. And I can unplug my cam while Dorgem is running and the program keeps running so I don’t think its because of my cam. If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  236. Odd issue with the FTP settings. I run my own server and I know FTP works with the domain, directory and user I am using. Dorgem “says” it stored successfully to FTP in the status bar but upon checking the site via a browser as well as FileZilla (FTP app) I don’t see anything in toe root or the directory I told it to post to. It’s as if it’s storing, sending and then….nothing.

    Thoughts anyone?

  237. Amazing tutorial. I’m a janitor and one of the offices i clean has very recently been robbed twice, and knowing that the office has a very small budget, this tutorial may be a life saver to them.
    Thank you very much for sharing it with everyone.

  238. @clutch man: sounds like dorgem crashed while you were at work. probably ran out of memory. maybe your capturing is occuring too often?

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  241. I had the same problem with the ‘Couldn’t capture to temporary BMP file’
    as in comments 73 and 120.

    But I found that by selecting FORMAT, then change the Pixel Depth to RGB 24 it now works for me.

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  243. Fantastic….. I have no tech skills but have done what you say and can get motion dectected files in a folder. Want to be able to share this with grandparents for new baby as they live far away. How can I do this? Can I somehow have these files in a shared place or exported as they come in to a share place? I have played a bit and can see I can publish a movie a attach this to an e-mail – but this is labour intensive so is there an auto way of sending files to place that can be accessed by others remothely?
    Sorry if it is a question with obvious answer, but I am stuck.

  244. Great program, great tutorial. Got it set up (on Vista) in my room to check who was knicking my food.


  245. Perfect. Well written and explained. Will this work out if we put an old computer near the parking lot of our residence and setup a cam there? We have a power outlet very close to the door in our lobby.

    It is because we have…. unwanted mischievous people to deal with.

  246. This information is great. I was also wondering whether or not, using Dorgem, is it possible to detect the motion but instead of say, taking a picture, maybe through my computer in some way have several outputs that enable, say, a light to come on. Even if you are not sure how to do this yourself, it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in the right direction?

    Thank you

  247. Great application guys. I installed it today, and already caught my roomate looking into my stuff when I wasn’t here. Awesome program!

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  251. Theres Been theese little punks running around the neighborhood vandalizing and ding dong ditching people. NOW IM GONNA CATCH THEM! Thanks!

  252. heyy!! thank u very much, but I don’t know what’s the problem: it take just one pic every one minute and at the 2nd minute. the 1st pic changed with the 2nd :(:(
    can u help me in that??
    thanks again

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  256. fati:

    This is from step 11 on the How? section:

    “Because my camera is taking pictures of movement on my patio, I named the file patio-camera%G%g. This results with images being saved as patio-camera20060926165001.jpg.”

    When you provide a file name, make sure you end the file name with a time stamp by entering %G or %g so that your picture files won’t write the file as the same name after each second/minute/hour.

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  258. Billy wrote:
    > “I was wondering if this will work as a service”

    I don’t know how to make Dorgem run as a service. But what I did do is put the program into the startup folder in my start menu, set it to start as just a tray icon, and have the tray icon hidden by default. Which isn’t quite the same thing, but I’m happy with it and it means that Dorgem is basically always running in the background.

    How I did that: I put this batch file in the startup folder of the start menu (i.e. created a text file called ‘dorgem.bat’ with the following contents):
    > rem @echo off
    > start C:\Progra~1\Dorgem\Dorgem.exe /m
    > exit
    (where the path on the second line is the path to Dorgem using 8.3 file names)

  259. after i launched dorgem but the drop down only had one option. when i enter it, a box came up saying failed to connect. how do i get it to provide the option of the webcam I have? thanks.
    i’m not a computer person.

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  263. Someone earlier asked what camera would be best to use and I didn’t see a response.

    Also, is motion detection a standard feature of the suggested webcam.



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  267. Thank you, I just tested this software and it works great! We will be using this every time we leave the house!

    We just had our house broken into 2 days ago. We only went to Wal-mart for 15 minutes and came right back to find our Xbox 360, all of our video games and xbox accessories, digital camera, and mp3 player were missing! They even took my electric razor that was charging in the bathroom! It all happened in the middle of the afternoon too! It all came our to around $1,000 worth of electronics. Luckily they didn’t take our huge flatscreen hdtv or my gaming computer that I just built which are worth far more than what they stole.

    We’ll definitely be ready for them next time as I have it set for motion sensor and to upload them via ftp to my website’s server. We’re leaving for Las Vegas next week for 6 days and we’ll be able to download the pictures from the hotel.

    My only gripe with this software is that there is no way to adjust the motion sensor sensitivity and this software is REALLY sensitive, so it takes hundreds of pictures of the light moving through the windows.

  268. very nice tutorial, no hassle getting setup, all very easy and dummy-proof. only wish i wasnt running a webcam made back in 1998 :P

  269. Josh Prowse wrote
    How I did that: I put this batch file in the startup folder of the start menu (i.e. created a text file called ‘dorgem.bat’ with the following contents):
    > rem @echo off
    > start C:\Progra~1\Dorgem\Dorgem.exe /m
    > exit
    (where the path on the second line is the path to Dorgem using 8.3 file names)

    Hi, what is 8.3 file names?

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  271. Bernardo Alina

    Hi will this work using a laptop? I intend to use this inside my car and a laptop
    will be more compact than a computer plus will not drain the battery. Can it be hooked up to a switch so that when ignition the key is taken off the laptop turns on and starts motion sensing? I’m not too good w computers but hope
    I can use this for my car? Thanks for the help


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  277. When I do this it says “Couldn’t capture to temporary BMP file.” And I can’t even click the source button! =(. Please help! I’m using a Webcam VX 3000. I really need this. ._.”

  278. So here goes.
    I need to set up a camera to take a pic of which cat of mine (I have 4) enters a section of the house (Dining room- a particular section about 2’x 19’long). I guess it need to be motion activated to take a pic/ short movie of the area…day and night. I must find out which cat has been using a part of my house as a litter box. I already had to remove that section of oak flooring (there since 1927) due to soiling. Now, it has returned on the new subfloor I installed. I want to identify the culprit.
    Where would I start my search for such an item…
    I don’t need to spend a lot…this is a one-shot deal, just to find the ‘pissy cat’.
    Alan Seglin
    Sea Cliff, New York

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  280. Thnx for this tutorial!
    It works but now I only have to get a better webcam, my webcam is only 2 megapixels. XD

    Greetings from Holland.

  281. I found your site and am very much interested. I found a system that uses a mini-camera and like the system.

    Question I have dial up, but an adjacent neighbor has a Yi-Fi and allows me to use it. Will the system you describe send me videos that I can download while I am away?

    When I am away, the maintenance people come in with a passkey and I found some videos missing, I’d like to catch them in the act.

    Your information is great, but tell me what system I need to make it work, i.e. my own Yi-Fi or can I use my neighbors Yi-Fi using a USB N-series Wireless PC in the recording DVR unit [I personally have dial up but like I said, I have access to my adjacent neighbor’s Yi-Fi]?

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  283. Thank you so much for the tutorial! My building manager is stalking me and I need proof that he’s been coming into my apartment when I’m not here.

  284. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

    I’ve been looking for something like this for almost a year and now just devided to really Google it and here I am. I forgot to say it works!


  285. Thanks, i got some thieving T**T with a master key robbing me all the time, now i can finally catch him in the act and beat the living p*ss out of him.
    Works great.
    Thanks again.

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  287. Excellent software, and great instructions – thanks! I set this up on an old IBM Thinkpad 600E with no problem at all, including getting it to use the AVI function. Dorgem does create the AVI file, but doesn’t give it the .avi file extension, so before you can view it you need to edit the filename and add the extension yourself. Note, before you can edit the filename, you need to disable the AVI function in Dorgem (or maybe just close Dorgem, I didn’t try that).

    I wanted to monitor my son’s new Leopard Gecko pet, which is mainly nocturnal – we wanted to make sure it was feeding OK, so I left this running for most of the night – brilliant, it worked an absolute treat. All I need to do now is fit a wide angle lens to the Philips Toucam I am using, so I can see more of the vivarium. I uploaded the video to YouTube if you are interested in seeing it – the first 20 seconds are not motion, they are caused by light fluctuations outside the viv triggering the camera.

    Thanks again.

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  290. What are some good, free ftp sites? I keep coming home to my apartment to find it messed with. Nothing has been stolen YET but i think they might be looking at what all I have and trying to decide what to take. I have a laptop so i need some sort of off-site storage.

  291. Nice one. Works like a dream, Thanks. I need it to spy on myself. I have been sleepwalking but I only know I have been doing it if I hurt myself or wake up somewhere other than my bed. This will let me know how often I really do it and how big of a problem I have. So thanks. This might just save me from falling down the stairs and breaking my neck in the future….

  292. Mine takes photo’s even with no real motion! Everything is good, but the can=mera is just a tad grainy… what should I do? Is there a sensitivity slider?

  293. I Know this might sound weird..But we just got robbed by our own farm helps here in Kenya…I setup up everything with a total of 7 web cams handled wirelessly around the farm house…today after lunch in town we came back and clothes were missing!!! From the drying line got pictures of the farm help picking clothes from the line…that settled his story and now my dad wants me to link up the system with his hone and computer at work!!! Thanks Guyz

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  295. @Killian – try clicking the ‘Source’ button, that should take you to a set of camera controls (but I think what you get will be dependent upon what camera you are using).

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  297. genius now i can give my friend the security that he needs in his room… halloween night someone stole 160 dollars from his room now we will catch the guy Thanks! :)

  298. Thanks I love the tutorial, I live in a house with 8 guys in college and when I got on vacation sometime the get a lil drunk. Its a great way to keep an eye on my room. I only have one question, I have 2 cams but I cannot get Dorgem to work with them. When i try step 3 in the advanced section I keep getting the error “The name ‘C:\Program’ specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct”. I followed all the steps to a T but i keep getting this error, I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it a few times but sill the same error. Sorry if this is lengthy but I looked all over to try and fix this.

    Thank you for any help!!

  299. When I enable it it take a pic every 2 seconds even if there is no motion? I know I have set something wrong but I can figure it

  300. it works 100% but there is no way to adjust the motion sensor sensitivity and this software is REALLY sensitive, so it takes hundreds of pictures of the trees moving?

  301. me and my housemates have been a victim of burglary these couple of weeks. He (since we saw him peeping through our apt window 2 times already) stole shoes, slippers, and maybe other items we still don’t know about. And just a couple of minutes ago, we think he broke in again because I got money stolen from my wallet. This really sucks. :(
    next time, if I catch him, I will rip out his guts and make him drink muriatic acid. I will be monitoring our apt tonight, hoping to catch him and give a peice of my mind.

    and thanks for your post, i’ll try to do that :)

  302. I have 2 questions.Hope somebody can answer.I use gmail drive to store my dorgem files.The problem is eveytime a new file is added,gmail will try to connect to internet.A pop up will flash with “gmail query, connecting to gmail and sending files’My questions are:
    1. How can I program my gmail drive to run in hide mode? So that, the pop up won’t be visible.
    2.Is there any way to make the gmail to auto detect the present of internet connection before it tries to connect to internet?

  303. Dorgem on my computer does sometimes work,but most of the times when i have to connect the webcam to dorgem,it just always says :,,fail to connect to device”! What do i do!?
    o,i have a windows 7 by the way,just to let you know! e-mail me back as soon as you can! Thanks!

  304. “Scott wrote: My only gripe with this software is that there is no way to adjust the motion sensor sensitivity and this software is REALLY sensitive, so it takes hundreds of pictures of the light moving through the windows.”

    Yes, but if you choose something like “use outdoor” in the options (also if you using inside) of the cam (click “source”), it´s not so sensitive. Worked with a cheap logilink pretty well.

  305. Thanks to this, i was able to figure out which dog would grab food off the counter. I was sure which one it was, but the wife thought it was the other dog. now I have proof :)

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  307. haha this is awesome, thankyou for posting this, very helpful. Little tricky at first, especially using micro$ofts life cams, software pain in ass to install,

  308. Hey All
    Great tutorial , though I am having an issue trying to get the program to recognize my in built web cam ( acer Crystal eye )
    Any tips on how I can get the DORGEM program to recognize my web cam ??
    Also maybe a stupid question but do you need to have the internet connected for this to continue to take shots ?? I live in Australia and have a very crappy expensive dial up so I cant keep it running all the time

    thanks again guys

  309. Hi Ross,
    I discovered Dorgem and your tutorial over 2 years ago. I have found a freeware which has FTP, Email and has adjustable motion-detecting: appears to be a good successor to Dorgem which has served me well.


  310. Hi, Thanks for the Tutorial, This worked great on my little Acer, I’ve had problems with people coming into my office and stealing things or leaving trash on my desk and now I can see who’s doing it and report it to the supervisor.

    “Craig says Hey All
    Great tutorial , though I am having an issue trying to get the program to recognize my in built web cam ( acer Crystal eye )
    Any tips on how I can get the DORGEM program to recognize my web cam ??
    Also maybe a stupid question but do you need to have the internet connected for this to continue to take shots ?? I live in Australia and have a very crappy expensive dial up so I cant keep it running all the time ”

    Craig, I clicked on source and then click on the acer cyrstal eye and went from there, it worked fine, and I dont have internet on my computer so it saves to a folder that you pick via the instructions on here. I set mine on 1 second so I had like 400 pictures when I got back in my office but I just delete the ones I dont need.

  311. I think in order for this to work, we need to leave our computer on all the while. Am I right?
    Is there a better option, without having to leave the comp on all the while?

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  313. after following the tutorial it automatically takes a picture every second regardless of motion. When i uncheck the autocapture box it stops taking them but also doesn’t take pics when there is motion either.

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  317. Exasperated girlfriend

    Thank you – after discovering my boyfriend’s mother in our bedroom when I came home unexpectedly at lunch, I now have a way to check whether she is a repeat offender.

  318. # Thumbs up

    Indeed, that is a great tool. For me I combine its usage with DropBox (2Go free) which automatically synchronize a files between different laptop/network. So when, I am at work, I can be notified instantly if there is any move at home. Please use (more…)
    Indeed, that is a great tool. For me I combine its usage with DropBox (2Go free) which automatically synchronize a files between different laptop/network. So when, I am at work, I can be notified instantly if there is any move at home. Please use this link to register: Each subscription will give me additional 250Mo to my free plan. Thanks a lot.

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  320. THANK YOU!!!! If I only read your post a couple of weeks ago the Police would have had proofs of the Fu..kers that stole my PC. Do you know if it can store both in an external drive and in an FTP root? It would be great to have a backup in the case the internet is down or they also steal my external drive.

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  323. Can someone please help and give me advice please, as to whether it is illegal to record someone on webcam without their knowledge/consent?

  324. This is great!

    Just to let you know I am the developer of a piece of software called TeboCam which does the same thing as Dorgem plus you can set the sensitivity by training the program to recognise movement (and avaoid birds triggering the webcam).

    TeboCam is fairly feature rich (even now includes a web publishing tool for all you webcam publishers) and is free although it is not open source as I want to keep the rights to the software.

    TeboCam is still in development, there have been some 18,000 dowloads in the four months since I released it.
    My user community drives the development of TeboCam so please give it a go and let me know how you find it :)

    Download it from here:

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  326. the web cam i have connects to my computer’s USB drive. Is there a something that I could bye that would make the web cam portable so that i wouldnt have to attach it to the computer? Like some device that i can plug the USB thing into an it would power and store the video/pics from the web cam

  327. I’m using built in Acer crystal Eye web cam,everything is working,but motin detection is not working,dorgem captures image on interval time only.please help me to solve this problem

  328. I just did your walkthrough and it is an awsome program but i can’t get the motion detection to work it just keeps takin pictures and i was wondering if there was a way to fix it… i am using a lifecam vx 3000…

  329. hi, i need help. i folow all this steps but when i go to the direction where the software is saveing the pictures there is only one picture and this picture is changing with the last movment. so i whant to ask is there any chanse to save a new picture with every movment becouse if someone steal in my room the only thing i’ll see when i came home is last movment (how he shut the door behind = nothing) please help me if you can. thanks :)

  330. i am having a difficult time achieving multiple captures. Each time the web cam takes a picture, immediately it is deleted, then another snap shot is taken and once again deleted. How can i fix this problem?

    Thank you for your time.

  331. I wonder if you can help me. A friend gave me a security cam and it has a s-video cord.. I’m wanting to set it up to view outside. I already am using a creative web cam on my PC. Is it poss to set this cam up to my PC using a s-video port. I understand I may not have sound, thats alright.It worked fine on TV using s-video cord but it will not work on my PC. Is there a download I need to run this.
    Please, I truly need your help

  332. Great tutorial. I can’t wait to try it out. Even if this software doesn’t work out for me, I can always find another free software that’s similar to this one. Life is good.

    Thanks for the wonderful and simple tutorial.

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  335. it works awesome

    i use it to see who keeps using my laptop and i found out it was my cousin

    two question, first, im using the built in webcam on my laptop and every time i close the Dorgem window it doesnt seem to work so i always have to pull up the app and just leave it is there a way to use it with out having to keep the window open (computer wise on the window part)
    second, can i watch what is going on through an itouch

    thank you very much!

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  337. Thank you so much for this! Unfortunately due to my place being very old for the area we live in we are not allowed to change the door handles or add locks but I have noticed things missing from my room and I am sure it’s my roommate but I don’t have any actual proof except that I know what is missing. This way I can use this as proof! Thanks!

  338. Surya Prakash C N

    i will try to do this, if it works as said it is a boon for me to do something on this. thanks alot.

  339. hi this is a great tutorial, but for some reason it will not let me use the cam that is built into my lap top, it says it can not connect, also i used a seperate web cam and everytime my laptop goes into sleep mode the camra shuts of and does not take any pics, if you could please email me back, thanks

  340. I tested out this program and works, but still pictures aren’t my thing. Does AVI work as well for sounds and other things? I’m planning to use my webcam (Logitech QuickCam E2500) as a security camera attached to my front side of the house to record people speeding at night time and send the file to the police along with the speed of the car, the info, etc.

  341. I didn’t go through all the comments, but I wanted to let everyone know this works perfectly on Windows 7 32-bit Enterprise, using a Dell Latitude E6400 w/ built in webcam.

  342. This software is great, and so is this tutorial. It very simple, works great, and allows multiple webcams, just what I need! Thanks brother

  343. Hi, THUMBS UP
    thats great, I AM TRYING THIS 4 THE FIRST TIME, hope it works
    THANKS regards,
    star ramesh

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  349. im doing this to try and find out witch one of my cats keeps peeing in my chair.

    btw this works great on windows 7 home x64

  350. I have a friend of mine that will be moving into a new apartment near campus soon and was looking for some security systems that she can use. Ill take a crack at this and see if shes interested. TYVM.

    Also Couldn’t help but notice a bunch of people had problems with the pictures overwriting themselves or deleting the old one and replaced with the new one. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like the pictures are being overwritten by another picture of a newer picture of the same name (patio-cam overwriting patio-cam) Make sure there is the timestamp is set in the filename (%G and %g in step 11). This should give your a different name every time the pictures are taken, thus preventing the picture from being overwritten. ;-)

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  353. I want to do this to see who is stealing my mail every day. Perhaps set up a switch that activates when the mailbox door is opened that sends a signal to the camera and records anwhere from 30 seconds to a minute?

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  357. Very nice. Got it to basically work on local computer. Can not get it to work on ftp. Any ideas on where to start looking.

  358. De lujo!!!!

    Muy bien
    me funciono de maravilla
    felicidadez y tambien al desarrollador del dorgem
    y gracias por compartir.

  359. Hello, i heard that there you can emails sent with pics attached for motion, does this do it or what do you recommend if possible? Thanks

  360. Pingback: 70 Things Every Computer Geek Should Know

  361. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I hope to prove that my roommate is who is stealing from me. I love the fact that it uses a simple webcam. Nothing suspicious about a webcam sitting on a desk.

  362. Hey I want to set a cam up in an abandoned school to see if anyone is doing anything there that shouldn’t be. I don’t own the school obviously so I want to use the webcam idea with a signal booster to check the images on my laptop about a quarter mile away. Would ur idea with that dorgem system work? Please email me some advice on this. Thank you.

  363. We have some idiot who thinks its cool/fun/who knows what to throw their food garbage into our yard and make our dogs fight over it. Obviously I’m tired of my dogs consuming food that is questionable or downright not safe for them to eat, tired of seeing them get hurt, and tired of paying vet bills. I’m also very tired of having to closely check my backyard and supervise my dogs at all times when they are outside- I can’t safe just put them outside any more.

    I plan on setting up this system in our backyard from an outbuilding and hoping to catch the person. The cops told me it was not illegal what they are doing and its up to me to catch them. Animal control told me its up to the cops. Grrrr. Not a happy camper here. Hopefully this will do the trick.

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  366. Thanks. I can now catch my mischievous brother trying to tamper with personal stuff as well as my computer in my room when I’m gone :P

  367. Girl with a lost psp

    Ok I need to try this, my dad and I think that my step-brother is stealing my games and selling them, now I realized my psp is gone! Luckily I have a computer in my room, along with a webcam, now I can set this up to see if I can catch him stealing my stuff if he is, it’ll be perfect! Thank u so much!

  368. how do you get all pictures saved as every time motion is detected it over laps the previous photo taken?

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  370. Is there anyway or any software out there that can make the camera work when the motion is detected in a set position in the camera view…such as the right side of the picture or the left side.. also, can it capture a clear picture at high speed…

  371. Thanks,

    Doesn’t it takes a lot of disk space if it is running 24X7 ?
    Do you know of a way to shrink the video file on the fly ?

  372. I am trying to use 5 webcams by following this tutorial.
    But, I need to set up my webcams on a quite long distance.
    The longtest distance would be 20meters and the shortest distance would be 10meters.
    Could you tell me how I can extend the length of the webcam cable up to 20meters?

  373. Mingki, Amazon sells 10 meter repeater cables for about $15. Buy two of them and you’re got your 20 meters. They work great. I bought some to run my set-up.

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  375. Hi, I am trying to set up a security camera using webcams by following below tutorial and I need to store the detected files off-site in case someone steal my computer.
    So, to send pictures to a remote location, I’ve learned that I need to use FTP.
    Is there any free simple FTP software that works with Dorgem?
    I need a step by step procedures to follow.
    Thank you.

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  377. Great tool! You can also try MyCameraLink if you want to make a quick-start. It starts your webcam directly in your browser, so no software need to be installed. It also supports motion-detection and other stuff. Check it out at

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  381. I have a suspicion my superintendent is entering my apt Illegally…Now I’ll have prove to back up my claim….thank you so much for the tutorial.

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  387. This is new to me so I have one question which I hope somebody can reply to. I want to be able to store any video or still images to a location outside of my apartment. Is there a way to send images to my email address? I’m simply asking because in a worst case scenario the computer may be stolen so storage on the PC wouldn’t be a wise idea.

    Thank you.

  388. I set this up with a out outdoor cam with a easy-cap connected to my computer. Lookin to catch the guy the keeps trying to break in =p

  389. If I use the example above and have a cam set to FTP with file names that change (cam_image%G%g. This results with multiple sequence of images being saved like cam_image20060926165001.jpg. How can I set up a webpage to display the latest image file? Currently I have a webpage that refreshes and shows the image file “cam_image.jpg”. If the files names always change with date/time is there a HTML code or way to display latest image file? Any ideas? Thanks

  390. hi i just wanna ask, wondering and considering if all those steps above are well installed, will it be still possible to work capturing images and detect motion while the computer is off? such case, when im away from home, and i need to turn the computer off to save energy,..i wonder if could i just let the camera works all through the day and when i came back, i can view whats going on the cam then?..

  391. How to make this program to run hidden or just in tray not every time after pc restart to open program window?

    I am using windows 7.

  392. This comment thread has been going on for a long time, so no idea if anyone cares, but I have a few comments…
    1. Ross asks “when I have both save to my local hard drive and save to FTP enabled, only one works. You may need to disable the local copy if you want FTP to work. If you figure out a way for both to work, by all means let me know.”
    I got this to work, not sure if there has been a slight rev to the software, or if it is my setup. I setup a storage profile for File and another for FTP. I used different profile and file names for each (i.e. “laptop-cam” & “laptop-FTP” and “laptop-cam%G%g” & “laptop-ftp%G%g” I also created a security cam folder on my FTP site and point to “/rootdir/securitycam/laptop-cam%G%g”
    2. A lot of people ask about “Motion Detection” functions in their webcam. This is not what is happening with Dorgem. The software is looking at the camera image for any pixels that change color, or intensity. When a change is detected, it is assumed this is motion and the image is recorded to a file. If your webcam image is very grainy (due to low light, for instance) and that grain pattern is constantly shifting, that can cause the software to trigger (yet another great reason for someone to develop a ‘sensitivity’ control for this software, it is open source, after all…). If you are wondering if this is why you get a constant stream, instead of “Motion Control”: Let the camera record 10 or more pictures. “Preview” the first image and then hold the right arrow button, to ‘animate’ your little movie. If you see colors, or shadows shifting (in other words, the image isn’t 100% static) that is what is triggering the software. You either need to change your setup (lighting, camera settings, etc.) to avoid this, get a better camera, or find some software with a sensitivity setting.
    3. More “motion control” problems… bumping the camera, shaky table, changing lighting, leaves rustling in the breeze, you get the idea. Lack of sensitivity adjustment is a major headache.

  393. Hey, I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU for posting this article. So easy to do and it will help me out a ton. Fortunately, I don’t have East Vancouver issues…. just a pet that is destroying my couches.

    Thanks again.

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  395. hi! just wanted to add my thanks for posting this tutorial. It’s written for lay folks like me :) I want to catch my roommate’s dog who keeps peeing on my carpet, and this works SO GREAT! and it’s FREE! If you are ever in Phoenix, email me cuz I owe you a beer :) ps – i have a brandnew laptop with Windows 7 and this worked like a charm :)


  396.  for others who may read this..FTP is what you need to use, “file transfer protocol” that means it will send it to somewhere else, its in the instructions above!

  397.  how will the camera capture the photos if your computer is off?????
    Leave it on!!!!!!!

  398. My apartment is right next to a fast food place and people always park in our car park thanks. 

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  400. Anyone not sure about FTP, sign up for a Dropbox account… Save files to a Dropbox folder and they can then be accessed online from anywhere, even smartphones with the app installed. Been using this to check what time my daughter goes to school on the days I have to leave early for Uni! The files are very small so they wont use up too much space, just delete the ones not needed at the end of the day! Great tutorial… Cheers!!

  401. Crazy Cat Catcher

    I used this software to watch for my cat that ran away, I set the camera up in my sun room and had the computer in my kitchen. I left the outside door to the sun room cracked with a rope tied to it and coming in to the kitchen. I then placed food inside the door. My cat and a few neighbor strays came to eat nearly every night. Once I figured out about what time she came I set my alarm and then snuck out to my kitchen in the middle of the night. It took a few tries until she was there when I got up. But once I saw her I pulled the rope and she was captured, very skinny, and very glad to see me.

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  404. @disqus_2pTXoBbgql:disqus – that’s a great idea. That or Dropbox. This tutorial was actually created before either service (pretty much all cloud services) existed…

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  409. Add ‰g to the file name. This will add the time stamp, therefore each file will have a different name and will not overwrite the previous.

  410. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. i have just installed everything and it seems to be working well. We have trouble with a loony neighbour who has vandalised vehicles. i am going away for a week. Will the system just keep on running for the time that I’m away? Sorry if this is a daft question but I haven’t a clue. I realise it will mean there will be an awful lot of pictures to go through when we return.

  411. Hi again, I spoke too soon. Everything worked for a little while. Now, I get the message that Dorgem can’t connect to the camera. Any ideas please? I have uninstalled and reinstalled camera to no avail. Camera works fine otherwise. Regards J.wood

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  413. With a few years of programming practice and some elbow grease, you could set that up.

    Or, you can just scroll down. *facepalm*

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  438. Hello, I had a question. It seems as if my computer will take photos EVERY 4 seconds, what I set it up to, but it takes photos even if there is no movement?? Do I need to change a setting? Thank you in advance!

  439. Is it possible to run this software as a service so when the computer reboots, the software automatically starts and captures resume even though the computer has rebooted and no one has logged in?

    I have my computer setup to reboot at a particular time of the day and I will not be there to login so it will reboot and no one will be logged in. I would like the software to run as a service and capture pictures none-the-less.

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