How to make all of your folders have the same "View" in Windows XP

To set Windows XP to display all of your folders with the same View, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. First, select the View that you want to use. The following screenshots illustrate each choice –

Thumbnail View

the Windows XP Thumbnail view

Tiles View

the Windows XP Tiles view

Icons View

the Windows XP Icons view

List View

the Windows XP List view

Details View

the Windows XP Details view

  1. When you’ve decided on which one you want to use, select Tools and then Folder Options… from the drop-down list.
  2. the Tools - Folder Options menu in Windows XP

  3. Select the View tab at the top, and before you click any buttons, review the options in the Advanced settings: pane. Be careful when changing the defaults, for example you may want to keep system files hidden, so they don’t accidentally get deleted. When you’re finished, click the Apply to All Folders button, and then the OK button.
  4. the View menu of the Folder Options panel in Windows XP

  5. From now on when you open folders like My Computer or My Documents, they should all share the same View style.

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