How to add an RSS feed to the Windows Vista Sidebar

This brief tutorial will guide you in adding RSS feeds to the Windows Vista Sidebar.

  1. Start by opening Internet Explorer. Visit the web site of the RSS feed you want to display in your Sidebar, and click on the orange RSS button

  2. Select Subscribe to this feed
  3. Give the feed a Name and if you’d like, create it in a new folder. When you’re ready, click Subscribe
  4. Back in the Sidebar, move your mouse cursor over the RSS gadget, and click the (very small) Tool icon in the upper right corner (see image below).
  5. The feed you just subscribed to in Internet Explorer will now be available in the list of feeds to display. Select it, and then click OK.
  6. And now the RSS gadget will display the feed.

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9 thoughts on “How to add an RSS feed to the Windows Vista Sidebar”

  1. wonderfull explanation.solve it in no time in windows 7!!!for someone asking i tried with chrome but finally did it with internet explorer.another utility of ie exept from download other browsers :)

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