How to allow a program through the Windows Vista Firewall

This brief tutorial will show you how to “allow” a program to access the Internet when the Windows Vista Firewall is enabled (which is by default).

Typically when a program attempts to access the Internet for the first time, you’re presented with a pop-up window asking if you want to allow or block its access (see image below). This isn’t always the case though, so to manually allow a program from accessing the Internet, follow the instructions outlined below.

windows vista firewall
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  1. Click the Start Orb and select Control Panel
  2. windows vista firewall

  3. Select Allow a program through Windows Firewall from the Security section – if it’s available (it’s not always the default choice). If it is available, skip down to step 4. If it’s not, click Security and continue with step 3.
  4. windows vista firewall
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  5. From the Windows Firewall section, select Allow a program through Windows Firewall.
  6. windows vista firewall
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  7. When prompted to grant permission, click Continue.
  8. windows vista firewall
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  9. If it isn’t automatically displayed, select the Exceptions tab. From there, click the Add program… button.
  10. windows vista firewall
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  11. Select the program you wish to allow access to the Internet. If it’s not listed, click the Browse button and navigate to it. Once it’s selected, click OK.
  12. windows vista firewall
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  13. Make sure that the program you just added is now listed, and has a check in the box next to it. Click OK and that program will now be able to access the Internet.
  14. windows vista firewall
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9 thoughts on “How to allow a program through the Windows Vista Firewall”

  1. I am trying to allow limewire through the firewall but I have added it and I also added the ports and it still tells me a firewall was detected

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  3. I’m having an issue with a program that’s already on the exceptions list but it is still blocked by firewall even if I did everything here and clicked “unblock” the first time it popped up.
    It’s a game called TalesRunner.. well anyways, once I start it, it says that the only option is to close it due to firewall and “shared devices”.. so I turn off firewall and it works.. but turning it off just to use the program.. isn’t that bad to risk your computer simply to be able to use the program? I wish I could simply unblock/allow it to run through firewall..

  4. I have frostwire, i just added it today. and it installed and everything properly. Then i went to open it up and it said “error; frostwire wasn’t able to open because frostwire is blocking the access to the internet. Please allow frostwire to access the internet and try to open frostwire again.” I WENT to the control panel, i went to Security, and i unlocked Frostwire so that it can go on the internet. Went back to frostwire to open it up and AGAIN, the same messge Error came up. i am getting really sick of this, please tell me what i can do. i have tried to download frostwire at least 5 times!!!!!!!! so help!

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