How to Change App and Volume Icons in macOS

This brief tutorial will show you how to use LiteIcon, a free program that allows you to change your OS X System icons. Note: as of “El Capitan” (macOS 10.11) you cannot change the System icons, only the App and Volume icons.

  1. Start by downloading and installing LiteIcon. The installation is is simple as unzipping the downloaded file and then dragging to your Applications folder. Once installed, launch LiteIcon.

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  3. The main LiteIcon interface will appear. Use the buttons/tabs at the top to see which icons can be changed with LiteIcon.

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  5. When you find one that you want to replace, drag the icon file from a Finder window to its respective location in LiteIcon.

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  7. Click the Apply button in LiteIcon. You’ll be prompted to enter your password.
  8. Click the Relaunch Finder button in the upper right corner of LiteIcon. Your desktop icons and dock will momentarily disappear, and any open Finder windows will close. If the changes you made don’t appear right away, try logging out of OS X and then log back in (that’s what I had to do to change the Movies icon).

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  10. And your new icons will appear :)
  11. If at any point you want to revert to the default icons, open LiteIcon and select File -> Restore all icons….

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