10 (more) Windows Explorer alternatives compared and reviewed

In October of last year I wrote 15 Windows Explorer alternatives compared and reviewed – which was quite popular. To this day I get people emailing me or leaving comments on the original post suggesting I try out other Windows Explorer/file managers alternatives. So here’s a roundup of 10 other alternatives that have since been suggested to me.

Name Cost Trial? Rating (x/5)
AccelMan 29.95 EUR yes (30 days) ****
FileAnt File Manager donation-ware n/a ***¼
FileQuest XP Gold $67.95 USD yes (50 days) ***
Frigate 3.34 Pro Edition $39.90 USD yes ***½
Gyula’s Navigator free n/a ***¾
Idoswin Free free n/a n/a
Magellan Explorer $39.95 USD yes (30 days) ***½
mtExplorer free n/a ****
Unreal Commander free n/a ****
WinBrowser $19.95 USD yes (60 days) ***


Requirements: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista
Download: http://www.flexigensoft.com/download

  • Graphics Viewer – supported graphic formats are: jpeg, gif, tiff, png, bmp, tga, psp, psd, eps, pdd, bw, rgb, rgba, sgi, sel, pic, sld, vst, icb, vda, win, pcx, pcc, scr, pcd, ppm, pgm, pbm, cut, rla, rpf, sff, wmf, emf
  • All standard file operations (copying, moving, compressing, etc.) and a host of innovative extras: folder comparison and monitoring; file highlighting; file tagging; thumbnails mode; file splitting/combining; bookmarks for files and folders; comprehensive history and navigation lists; a powerful and effective search tool for text and files; plain and formatted text, graphics, PDF, TTF fonts, SWF and hexadecimal viewers; batched file operations
  • Files compression and extraction – Supported archives: ZIP, ZOO, RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE, CAB, JAR, LHA, LZH, PAK, TAR, GZIP, BH, Install-Shield
  • Built-in multimedia player with a rich set of tools for play-list management. Supported multimedia formats:- mp2, mp3, vqf, wav, avi, mid, pls, m3u, mod, s3m, xm, it, stm, nst, ult, 669, wow, mtm, med, far, mdl, ams, dsm, amf, okt, dmf, ptm, mdz, s3z, xmz, itz, mpz, mez, rmi, all other formats using the MCI interface
  • Tabs, themes support, slide show, HTML and text listings generation
  • a lot more – see http://www.flexigensoft.com/accelman
  • Thoughts:
    The AccelMan home page alone should give you an idea of their product. They have RSS feeds for their news/product updates, multi-language support etc. The AccelMan file manager was last updated in April of 2007 – so it’s still being worked on (unlike a number of the other file managers reviewed in this article). It supports Vista. It’s a bargain @ 29.95 EUR. Of this list of 10 Windows Explorer/file manager alternatives, it’s by far my favorite. If I used Windows more often, I’d seriously consider buying this.


    accelman file manager
    default view
    accelman file manager
    quick access drop-down
    accelman file manager
    branch view
    accelman file manager
    advanced commands
    accelman file manager
    player preferences
    accelman file manager
    sorting options
    accelman file manager
    media player
    accelman file manager
    floating quick-links

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    FileAnt File Manager

    Requirements: Windows 98SE, 2000, XP or 2003 Enterprise Server and IE 4+
    Download: http://www.fileant.com/

  • built in FTP client
  • folder pie charts
  • built in viewer for commonly used file formats
  • loads quickly from the tray and uses very little memory to achieve what it does
  • advanced tools let you modify file dates, sync folders, and change file attributes en masse
  • built in MP3 player
  • supports XP themes
  • configure many extra settings such as background and font colors
  • Thoughts:
    OK.. There are a lot of features. Tabs, an MP3 player, a file viewer/previewer, an FTP client.. you name it. A few um ‘complaints’ – everything is “ant”. DateAnt, AttrAnt, SyncAnt – it’s kind of annoying. I also experienced some graphics glitches – things didn’t refresh properly and parts of the preview remained even after the preview window was closed. The “MemoryLoad” in title bar is very cool, and a great way to display info without wasting space. Plus it gets credit for being donation-ware – if you like it, throw the dev some cash. He/she even has a coupons page for poor students.



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    FileQuest XP Gold

    Requirements:Windows XP/2000/NT (Vista in beta version)
    Download: http://www.piquest.com/filequest.htm

  • FileQuest XP saves you time by letting you open more than one folder (up to 15)
  • Built in search engine makes searching for files a quick and easy process
  • Print & ‘Print Preview’ of files & folders
  • Built in search engine makes searching for files a quick and easy process
  • Preview files on the fly
  • Automate your daily tasks using FileQuest XP Task’s engine
  • FileQuest XP is very fast even when accessing files and folders on remote computers
  • FileQuest XP is optimized for Windows NT/2000/XP and Office XP
  • Thoughts:
    For $67.95 I want it to do my dishes. It doesn’t. It does include a free copy of FastOpen XP, which appears to be some kind of Windows launcher (I didn’t download it). It’s also worth noting that there is another version of FileQuest, called FileQuest XP (drop the Gold). It’s less expensive, but doesn’t include FTP support or Preview files on the fly. On 06/16/07 Piquest (the FileQuest company) announced that there was now a beta version for Vista, and that they would be doing monthly versions, rather than 1-2 updates per year. So that does inspire some hope. Otherwise, I found FileQuest XP Gold to be rather slow and none of the features jumped out at me as being truly unique. It would have been cool if Tooltips (when you hover your mouse over a button a description appears) were enabled, as some of the buttons are a bit confusing/misleading. Also, something that may be influencing my somewhat negative review is that it constantly told me that my System Time and Date were not set correctly. Yes, they are (BIOS and all). The 50 day trial is a positive – if the screenshots lead you to believe this is a program worth checking out, at least you have quite a long time to give it a spin before you commit to the purchase.


    filequest xp gold
    default view
    filequest xp gold
    image preview
    filequest xp gold
    launch cmd.exe
    filequest xp gold
    email file(s)
    filequest xp gold
    performance options
    filequest xp gold
    text preview
    filequest xp gold
    view mode
    filequest xp gold
    4 crammed windows

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    Frigate 3.34 Professional Edition

    Requirements: Windows, probably most versions but not Vista.
    Download: http://www.frigate3.com/download.php

  • Well-thought-out multithreaded program engine allows the handling of any number of concurrent file operations (copy, download, move, search, extract, compress, upload, etc.).
  • Integrated support of all common types of compressed file archives (Zip, Arj, Rar, Ace, Jar, Ha, Lha and more).
  • Versatile support FTP. FTPS and SFTP protocols are support also.
  • Size manager. Finds the folders that take up too much HD space.
  • Multi-rename tool.
  • Built-in text viewer features configurable syntax color highlighting for common programming languages (C, C++, Java, Pascal,etc.), scripting languages (Perl, PHP, VBScript, Bat,etc.) and document markup languages (HTML, XML).
  • Built in browser (IE view/engine)
  • View and edit MP3 tags.
  • Image converter
  • Quick folders (bookmarks). You can easily access the folder that you use most often
  • Thoughts:
    I’m going to start with the negatives and get them out of the way.

    1. I can’t figure out how long the trial is for. I can’t find the info in the help file, about file, web site or forums. The closest I got to an answer was in their forums where someone said “I used the trial for a few weeks and then decided to buy it”. So I’m guessing the trial lasts for a few weeks. Which is cool, but it would be nice to know up front if it was going to work for 1 day or 1 month. I know, a pretty small complaint, but a complaint nonetheless.
    2. Frigate 3 Pro or Standard hasn’t been updated since late 2005. That doesn’t bode well for a version for Vista.
    3. Those forums I mentioned in my first complaint? Yeah they have a grand total of 3 posts in 2007. None since April 20th, 2007. So they won’t be very helpful if you run into problems or have questions.
    4. There seems to be a number of people in the forums who purchased Frigate, and weren’t able to enter their registration number – it caused the program to crash. And when they emailed support, their messages bounced. Not really a good sign, but that might have been resolved by now.
    5. When I installed it the first time, at the end of the installation it crashed saying I was missing a DLL file. It suggested I re-install. So I did. Literally 30 seconds after I installed it the first time. Its been working since then, but that’s a pretty odd error.

    OK and now on with the good – which there actually is plenty of. The integrated FTP client works exactly as you’d expect, and it’s fast. It’s very easy to set up, and anyone at all familiar with Windows Explorer won’t be intimated by Frigate. The tabs are mandatory (for me) and the ability to have unique tabs (one for viewing web pages, one for files, one for FTP etc) is excellent. Including the time/a clock in the upper right corner is neat, and so is the fact you can change its skin or turn it off entirely. The plugins available for Frigate are solid, and I like that they’re actually separate. Rather than add bloat, you can decide if the plugin is worth installing. The plugins are: TreeNotes Manager, Startup Manager, DBF and Access editor, AVI info viewer and WinAmp control. I gave it a 3½ instead of a 4 because the forums and the comments on them make me a bit nervous that if I registered the program, I’d possibly never be able to get support for it. But again, it’s a really solid file manager.


    frigate file manager
    default view
    frigate file manager
    detailed list view
    frigate file manager
    adding FTP sites
    frigate file manager
    opened FTP connection
    frigate file manager
    built in file viewer
    frigate file manager
    built in browser
    frigate file manager
    advanced options
    frigate file manager
    send to WinAmp

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    Gyula’s Navigator

    Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Internet Explorer 4.0+
    Download: http://www.wanari.com/products/gynav/

  • Parallel file operations
  • Integrated local network handling
  • Archiver support
  • Search (also for text)
  • Multiple language support ( 12 languages currently )
  • Drag & Drop
  • Context menu
  • Favorites
  • View/Edit/Folder History
  • Clipboard support
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Configurable Viewer, Editor associations
  • Built in file viewer (AVI, BMP, RTF, TXT, JPG, GIF, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF)
  • Command line
  • Unicode support (on NT/2k/XP)
  • Thoughts:
    Gyula’s Navigator is a 32-bit Norton Commander clone for Windows. So if you’re a fan of the commander-style file managers, this one is absolutely worth a look. It’s low on system resources, a 2MB install, and fairly customizable. The price is absolutely great (free). There’s a delay when using the mouse-hover feature, but that can be turned off anyway (which I did right away). The toolbar icons are straight forward and easily recognizable (unlike some other file managers). And there’s a forum if you ever need help or want to offer suggestions. In the most recent post on the forum (April of this year) Gyula mentions that he is indeed working on a new/updated version.


    gyulas navigator
    default view
    gyulas navigator
    select all
    gyulas navigator
    gyulas navigatorcompare
    gyulas navigator
    with command line
    gyulas navigator
    drives shortcut

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    Idoswin Free

    Requirements: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP.
    Download: http://www.idoswin.de/idosfree.htm
    Translated from German to English using babelfish:

  • Files creation, copying, shifting, renaming and deletion
  • File operations with drag & drop
  • Dialogue-led copying or shifting of files
  • Simultaneous announcement of two listings
  • Opinion manager for the simple attitude of the desired program surface
  • Listing tree with all drive assemblies
  • Define freely adjustable file filters & standard filters
  • Integration from Irfanview to the announcement of nearly all usual diagram files
  • Comparison of files with graphic announcement of the differences
  • Dividing and building large files (Dateisplit up)
  • Indicate the size of sublists
  • Thoughts:
    I can’t really give Idoswin a fair review, because I can’t read German. As far as I can tell, it’s a German language only File Manager – there doesn’t appear to be support for other languages. I could be wrong on that, but with the help of babelfish I couldn’t find any info on additional languages. So – if you prefer to accomplish your file managing tasks in a German language program, this one could be for you :) For what it’s worth, it appears to be pretty solid. Perhaps a German speaking (reading) person could leave a comment here letting us know their thoughts on Idoswin.


    idoswin german file manager
    default view
    idoswin german file manager
    explorer view
    idoswin german file manager
    commander view
    idoswin german file manager
    a menu

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    Magellan Explorer

    Requirements: Windows ME, 2000, XP
    Download: http://www.enriva.com/MagellanExplorer/download.html

  • Complete drag & drop support as well as context menu (right click in Windows Explorer)
  • Supports Windows Explorer views such as thumbnails and tiles in addition to details view
  • Time consuming tasks such as file copying performed in the background
  • Support for dual “explorer mode”, possibly the ultimate Windows Explorer replacement
  • Extensive keyboard support
  • Web browser like folder favorites and history
  • Supports ZIP, ACE, RAR, LHA, ARJ, CAB, TAR, GZip and BZip2 archive file formats
  • Can register as default handler or all supported archive formats
  • Fully featured picture viewer with support for GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc. and ability to rotate and zoom images as well as a slide show feature
  • Spring loaded folders (drag and hold over a folder and it automatically expands/loads)
  • Full FTP (file transfer protocol) support supporting multiple simultaneous connections
  • FTP site manager for organizing your FTP sites
  • Automatic repacking/uploading when editing files inside an archive/on an FTP server
  • Folder size tool to calculate sizes of folders on your hard drive or FTP sites
  • Copy and move tools that can rename files as they are copied if desired
  • Group rename tool to rename batches of files, with regular expression support
  • Encode and decode files of type uuencode, xxencode, base64, binhex and quoted printable
  • Synchronize folders using the folder compare and folder synchronize tools
  • Virtual folders to organize your files
  • Calculate MD5 checksums of files (available from the right click menu)
  • Print the contents of your folders to the clipboard, a text file or right to your printer
  • Tools for splitting and joining files
  • Customizable file selection (right/left button, sticky, drag selection, etc.)
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to every tool and favorite folder locations
  • Customizable file action confirmations (delete warnings etc.)
  • Each folder can have it’s own customized view
  • Over 100 configurable options
  • Thoughts:
    As seen from the above feature list, Magellan Explorer does a lot. And it’s visually appealing. So what’s the drawback? It hasn’t been updated since October 7th, 2005. Though I didn’t test it on Vista, my guess would be that it doesn’t work. But you can try (and let me know via the comments!). The online documentation is detailed, helpful and straight forward, but if you were hoping for support forums you’d be out of luck. The system resources used by Magellan Explorer are pretty low, and it’s very speedy/responsive. If it was still being updated (and/or had tabs), I think I’d have given it 4 stars. If I had reviewed this software in 2005, I might have given it 4 and a half. With all of that said, it’s way better than the default Windows Explorer.


    magellan explorer
    default view
    magellan explorer
    dual pane list view
    magellan explorer
    FTP manager
    magellan explorer
    thumbnail view
    magellan explorer
    advanced UI preferences
    magellan explorer
    Quick Bar preferences
    magellan explorer
    horizontal view
    magellan explorer
    folder history

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    Requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP, 2003
    Download: discontinued (?) domain appears to have been sold

  • can be configured to display 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 Explorer panes at once
  • drag-and-drop files between panes easily
  • no menus, status bars or fancy toolbars to get in the way
  • small executable file with settings stored to an INI file
  • no installation is required – you can run it from any folder, or pop it into a USB memory stick and run it on any Windows PC
  • Thoughts:
    mtExplorer is a minimalist multi-pane file explorer, to say the least. If you’re wondering why I gave it 4 stars, it’s because of how unique mtExplorer is. All of the settings are accessed via a right-click menu – no buttons, no space is wasted. Certainly not the most ‘powerful’ file manager, but it really is fantastic for it’s minimalist and straight forward approach.


    default view
    right-click options

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    Unreal Commander

    Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
    Download: http://x-diesel.com/download.php?

  • Two-panel interface
  • Extended search of files
  • Multi-rename tool
  • Synchronization of directories
  • Support of archives ZIP, RAR, ACE, CAB, JAR, TAR, LHA
  • Built-in FTP client
  • Folder tabs
  • Support of WLX-plug-ins and WCX-plug-ins
  • Build-in viewer and quick view function
  • Network support
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • History and Hotlist functions
  • Copy/move/delete files background mode support
  • Deleting files with WIPE
  • Background pictures support
  • Visual styles: color categories of files, fonts for all interface elements
  • Thoughts:
    Unreal Commander is a very powerful commander-style file manager. FTP support, WIPE support and the WLX/WCX plugin support makes it top notch. Though it doesn’t require registration, it is free and will get rid of a couple of nag screens. It’s extremely customizable – pretty much anything you can think of, it’ll do. And the ability to add background screens is fun :)


    unreal commander
    default view
    unreal commander
    custom backgrounds
    unreal commander
    unreal commander
    FTP manager
    unreal commander
    commands menu
    unreal commander
    show menu

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    Requirements: Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, XP (not officially)
    Download: http://www.winbrowser.com/download.htm

  • Fast file navigation
  • Natural, intuitive user interface
  • Easy file associations
  • Bookmark your files and folders
  • Customize your icons
  • Choose your own custom look and feel
  • Automatic Image Viewer
  • Thoughts:
    From their home page – “WinBrowser is not just another Windows Explorer or File Manager copy. It represents a different and intuitive approach to file management originally made popular on high-end NeXT workstations”. So if you grew up w/ NeXT and loved their file browser/manager, you might really dig WinBrowser. Or, if you really like clunky looking software, you might really love WinBrowser. OK kidding aside, it is fast, small and mostly functional (the tabs, called “shelves”, don’t seem to work in XP). If you’re still using Windows 95, this is one of the few non-Commander style file managers that will work well for you. I’m fairly sure it hasn’t been updated since the year 2000.


    default view
    expanded pane
    image preview
    display preferences

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    42 thoughts on “10 (more) Windows Explorer alternatives compared and reviewed”

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    2. Tony –

      avant browser the web browser? Does it act as a file manager now? Their site doesn’t mention that (at least in an obvious place). Or am I replying to comment spam that made its way through the spam filter.

    3. yfki –

      No but I probably should have included it in this overview. Someone else has suggested it as well.. Maybe I’ll update later when things die down (and after I try it for a while…). Cheers

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    8. I have been using Ultra Explorer and Highly suggest you give it special note If not add it. I’d bet it is superior to all the above.

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    10. Hi! I’m from Austria and therefore I speak German.
      I’ve been using IDOSWin Free for some years now and here’s my opinion:

      The best features of IDOSWin Free are:
      1) Showing Recursive Directory Size (good for tidying up your drive) (CTRL-G)
      2) A grid around files (Enable in Extras->Optionen->Dateifenster->Gitternetz), which makes it easier to match file sizes and file names.
      3) Full Row Selection (Dateifenster->Gesamte Zeile markieren), it really sucks in Explorer, if you didn’t select a file with a short name, because the box you dragged was too small.
      4) Integrated Hex Viewer and Commandline.
      5) User definable Refresh Interval (Extras->Optionen->Anzeige – drag the slider), so you don’t need to press F5 all the time to find a new file.

      The main negative aspect:

      1) There’s no Network Neighbourhood in the Free Version.
      2) No Image Viewer / Archive-Tool in the Free Version (I don’t care about it, as I want to use other software for this)

      This tool is definitely much better than Explorer, but very similar in its handling, so it’s suited for beginners as well as advanced users.
      I do have to mention, that I don’t have much experience with the other tools on this page. Most of them have more features, while IDosWin focuses on filemanager-topics, not on file-viewing oder editing.

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    18. Drag And File
      Ver. 4.54g (1.4 Mb)
      The BEST damn file manager around. Kicks File Manager’s and Windows Explorer’s butts! Among its many features is that it’s also an FTP program. What it can do that most other explorer replacements can’t do is give a “dual pane horizontal” (technically a quad-pane horizontal) interface ala the old Windows 3.1 File Manager. The only negative is that it is not freeware. I really wish that I could find a freeware replacement for it, preferably one that is still being updated. The program works wonderfully on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. It even worked great in XP x64, but it couldn’t see some system folders that Windows Explorer could. Since it wasn’t the only program that couldn’t see them, I think this is a conflict between a 32-bit app and the 64-bit OS than a fault of the program.

      NOTE: The program is now called PowerFile and has gotten a bit bloated. Plus they removed one of the most useful features: Quick FTP Upload. So I still use Drag And File, and it looks like I will for quite some time. Another negative to PowerFile is that it hasn’t been updated since 2005.

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    21. I use the same machine in 2 ways – sometimes attached to a LAN (with a proxy-server quota) and sometimes via a mobile modem. In Windows Explorer-type programs, if I’m not attached to the LAN, I have problems because it can’t find LAN-based directories I have listed and mostly hangs. I still want to keep those links – don’t want to recreate them every time. Does anyone have any idea (or any program suggestion) how I can get around this without removing those directory links?


    22. I’m really digging AccelMan. My main criteria was ease of use and the ability to actually find files with a leading period in searches (unlike Windows Explorer).

      I’m happy to say that AccelMan does both… and it is now free. You have to get a reg key, but the key is free.


    23. Hi Ross,

      You did a great job bringing all those explorer alternatives together. It sure was more fun reading than this sec Wikipedia reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_managers

      However, to all those looking for the most feature rich explorer alternative or those who are missing that one particular feature that their app is not supporting, I’d like to remind you of the Unix Philosophy: “Write programs that do one thing and do it well”. After having used xplorer² and Total Commander for a while on Vista (because Windows Explorer on Vista sucks), I use Windows Explorer again on XP (after OS downgrade). I’m quite happy with it because I use a myriad of other good and above all, small tools to do very specific tasks like bulk file renaming, archive management, ftp, metadata editing (images, music,…), file unlocking to name just a few. These days, it is perfectly possible to install such applications as “tools” and launch them using a application launcher in stead of using Start > Programs.

      Anyway, this is just my personal opinion. You’ll never find a file manager that has or does it all, and there will always be one that supports one feature better than whatever you are using. Therefore, I believe it is better to use dedicated tools in stead of looking for that holy grail.


    24. IMHO, the best of all times was XTree Gold (no longer available). It would do things no other file manager could do. Unfortunately, it died when Windows 95 came out. That was until I found a new product, ZTree, written by Kim Henkel which is based on XTree Gold. He is constantly enhancing it. ZTree is a keyboard based file manager but it is extremely powerful and cheap. ZTree’s interface looks just like XTree Gold except for the enhancements Kim made to it.

      I have used Explorer Plus for several years because they had an XTree mode of operation, but I am switching to Directory Opus because it is far superior to Explorer Plus which is now out of production. I still plan on using ZTree, however, because of its unique capabilities. Check it out at


      I highly recommend ZTree and hope you will give it a try. For all the old XTree diehards that haven’t seen it, REJOICE!!!

      Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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    26. The two reviews you have done of file managers are now way out of date!! Why not update them. for example AccelMan is now free. some of the others must have changed a lot in the meantime.

    27. I would suggest you really try Frigate, in your review you say it doesn’t work on Vista, however I’d like to confirm that it does work on Vista and without any problems, I am actually using it on Vista 64, I think its the best file manager around, have tried many.

    28. Here is what I am looking for, and I have not yet found:

      Windows 7’s built-in Explorer, but with a horizontal scrollbar in the navigation pane (aka the “tree pane”, on the left side) which was removed by some IDIOT at Microsoft in between the time they released Vista and the time they released Windows 7.

      That’s it. That all I really want.

      Any suggestions?

    29. Idoswin Free <<<<<<<< 5 STARS!
      this explorer is perfect specially when you have your folders on (USB FLASH/STICK) hidden by a virus removal effect
      awesome i got my files back safely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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