An Introduction to FMenu – a macOS App for Facebook

If you’re a Facebook addict (I’ll admit it, I used to be) who uses macOS, FMenu is an absolute must download. Fmenu is a small app that resides in your system menu. It provides notifications about various Facebook events (new wall posts, new inbox messages, status changes etc). In addition, it lets you quickly access almost all of your Facebook pages. Keep reading for an overview with plenty of screenshots.

  1. Below is the FMenu drop-down list. As you can see, it allows you to quickly access all sorts of aspects of your Facebook account.

  2. click to enlarge

  3. You can customize FMenu by selecting it from your menu and then clicking the Preferences entry.

  4. click to enlarge

  5. Select the Notifications & Quicklaunch tab to set the update frequency and customize the Quicklaunch feature.

  6. click to enlarge

  7. The Quicklaunch box allows you to quickly (go figure) access your friends profiles, upcoming events and groups that you’re a member of (thanks lensovet!). Just begin typing a name and it will auto-complete, or use the drop-down button to scroll through everything.
  8. Some example notifications –

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0 thoughts on “An Introduction to FMenu – a macOS App for Facebook”

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m especially a big fan of the screenshots :)

    I just wanted to point out that Quicklaunch doesn’t just pick up your friends, but also upcoming events that you’re attending and all your groups if you check the corresponding options in the preferences.

    -lensovet, FMenu developer

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