How to automatically sign in to Ubuntu

If you’re the only person who uses your Ubuntu-based PC and don’t want to sign in each time you turn on your computer, you can enable automatic login via the steps found in this brief tutorial.

  1. Start by selecting System, then Administration and finally Login Window.
  2. auto sign in to Ubuntu
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  3. Enter your password when prompted
  4. auto sign in to Ubuntu
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  5. Select the Security tab and place a check in the box labeled Enable Automatic Login. Now select the user name you want to automatically sign in when Ubuntu starts from the User: drop down list. Click the Close button to exit out of the Login Window panel. The next time you start Ubuntu, you’ll be automatically signed in without having to enter your user name and password.
  6. auto sign in to Ubuntu
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  • Nice and informative post. Thanks. But unfortunately this is not recommended from security perspective…

  • Ra

    That totally defeats all security you have enabled in Ubuntu.

  • @Artem and Ra –

    If it’s a single-user computer (ie. my home desktop that I don’t share with anyone) it’s really not that big of a security issue. Would I suggest it to someone running a laptop (ie. much more likely to get lost/stolen) – maybe not. But even then – if someone has physical access to your computer, and they’re determined enough, they can get any file off of your hard drive that they want (mount your drive on their OS, using a boot disk and re-writing the password file, etc). Ra – it really doesn’t defeat all of the security that comes with Linux/Ubuntu. If you’re enabling an automatic login for a non-root user (which lets face it, anyone following this tutorial is) – you’re only losing security in regards to someone that has physical access to your computer.

  • nice explaination..if someone have physical excess to PC i dont even know world best OS can protect them..

  • Joe

    I have Hardy Heron. I like the login screen. How do you change user name?

  • marco

    I’d like to know how to automatically login and lock the screen.

  • mateus

    ola! alguem pode mim ajudar, eu instalei o ubutu em meu notebook mas ele pede login, tentei usar o mesmo do windows mas nao da certo.. por favor mim ajudem..obrigado