OS X Download of the Day: TinyAlarm

This article provides an introduction and brief overview to the Mac App “TinyAlarm”.

Please note: This guide was published back in 2007 and is now considered out of date. The software has been updated considerably and is no longer a free app.

As a free alternative, Pester is an open source alarm/timer that works on all versions of macOS up to and including “Big Sur”. The only huge difference is that Pester resides in your Dock, not your Menu Bar.

From the previous product home page –

TinyAlarm is a tiny alarm clock for your menu bar. It will play your chosen sound at some time in the near future. All of the configuration is done using the status menu item. Clicking around should reveal just about everything there is to know about Tiny Alarm.

They also suggest that it’s good for when “you’re gaming or programming, but still have to get to class. It will also help you avoid missing your bus, or burning your pizza, or showing up late for meetings.” And therein lies the genius of TinyAlarm. Just two clicks and you’ve set a timed reminder. And by default, there are a series of time-frames to choose from. 5 min from now. 10 min from now. 15, 30, 60, 2 hrs. Just click click. Genius. Plus I don’t have to write a tutorial for this one, because their download page includes very clear instructions on using pretty much every aspect of TinyAlarm, which is perfect because I’m feeling lazy today.

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