Screenshot Tour: Sunbird 0.8

Sunbird, the open source calendar application from Mozilla, is approaching version 0.8 (the current stable release is 0.7). If you’d rather not upgrade to a beta version, but are curious to see the changes, here’s some info on the new release, and a few screenshots.

From the Sunbird 0.8 Release Notes

The following features have been added to Sunbird 0.8:

  • A new icon set which matches more closely the icon style of other mozilla applications
  • Category colors are now shown next to an event box, giving users a much better overview of their differently categorized events
  • Events with alarms now have a visual indicator showing an alarm bell
  • A totally overhauled alarm dialog
  • Sunbird now recognizes the timezone definitions in .ics files created by other applications. This fixes the longstanding issue of Sunbird miscalculating the date or time of events contained in those files
  • The timezone guessing has been significantly improved
  • Sunbird now contains experimental support for viewing remote calendars offline. This feature has known bugs and is included for testing purposes only
  • Sunbird contains several performance fixes, which should improve working with larger calendar files
  • You can now define for each of your calendars, whether you want to be notified of alarms for events in these calendars or not
  • Mozilla Sunbird 0.8 Screenshots

    sunbird day view
    Default (Day) View (click to enlarge)

    sunbird month view
    Month View (click to enlarge)

    adding a new task in sunbird
    Adding a New Task(click to enlarge)

    Sunbird general preferences
    General Preferences (click to enlarge)

    sunbird view preferences
    “Views” Preferences (click to enlarge)

    adding a remote calendar in Sunbird
    Adding a Remote Calendar (click to enlarge)

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