How to create a shortcut to the Command Prompt with Administrative Privileges in Vista

This tutorial will guide you through creating a shortcut to the Vista Command Prompt that automatically opens with Administrator privileges.

  1. Start by creating a new shortcut on your Desktop. Right-click anywhere in the background and select New -> Shortcut
  2. new desktop shortcut in vista
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  3. Enter cmd in the space provided, and then click Next
  4. first step in the create shortcut wizard
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  5. Give the shortcut a name and click Finish
  6. second step in the create shortcut wizard
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  7. Now right-click on your newly created desktop shortcut and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  8. selecting the desktop shortcut properties

  9. Select the Shortcut tab from the top, and then click the Advanced button in the bottom right corner.
  10. desktop shortcut properties page
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  11. Place a check in the box labeled Run as administrator and click OK

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  13. Back at the Shortcut Properties page click the Apply button and then the OK button. Now double-click your desktop shortcut. A command prompt with administrative privileges will run.
  14. the command prompt running as administrator
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  15. You can drag that shortcut to your Quick Launch bar if you’d prefer it there (I do).
  16. command prompt in quick launch bar

  • felipe


  • Juliana

    Interessante isso porém, ao abrir o atalho vc tem duas opções: Execuatar como usuario atual ou como administrador. Mas não tem como executar administrador (que é o interessante) pois pede senha.
    Valew Bjus

  • Daniel

    Olá como eu faço pra quando eu abrir esse atalho o cmd executar automaticamente um codigo, por exemplo….ipconfig/all