Using Boot Camp to install Vista on your Mac: The Complete Walkthrough

This walkthrough will take you through every step of installing Microsoft Windows Vista on your Intel Mac (running 10.5 or later), using Boot Camp. It will cover a number of possible errors that you may encounter, and how to get around them. Each time I bring up an error I will explain in detail what you’ll need to do to resolve the issue and continue installing Vista. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the time and effort (for example, you may need to completely wipe your hard drive clean and restore from a Time Machine backup). It’s also possible that everything will go perfectly smoothly and you’ll wonder why you even needed a guide.

yes apple I am using one of your images please please dont sue me ill take it down right away if this upsets you but keep in mind im trying to help your users here

To install Vista on your Mac you will need the following:

  1. All firmware updates installed on your Mac (use Apple Button -> Software Update… to check)
  2. A Vista installation DVD (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business or Ultimate)
  3. Your OS X Leopard installation DVD
  4. At least 10GB of empty hard drive space on your Mac (you can probably get away with less but you’ll have almost no room to install anything other than the OS)
  5. An hour and a half if all goes well, up to 5 hours if not
  6. Though not absolutely required, it’s a VERY good idea to have a complete and up to date Time Machine backup of OS X – it really came in handy for me
  7. Patience, possibly a great deal of it. Having a book handy will also help kill time during the partitioning, installing etc).

Installing Vista via Boot Camp

  1. Here goes. First thing – close absolutely every open program you can. That includes those things running in the Apple Menu that you always forget about. Don’t worry about killing the Dock or Dashboard – having those running is fine.
  2. Now open a Finder and navigate to Applications -> Utilities and double-click Boot Camp Assistant.
  3. finder displaying the boot camp utility
    click to enlarge

  4. It’s not a bad idea to have the Setup Guide handy, just in case you need it. Click the Print Installation & Setup Guide button.
  5. boot camp assistant introduction screen
    click to enlarge

  6. Click OK
  7. print screen for boot camp instructions
    click to enlarge

  8. If you have another computer around, and would like to save half a tree (printing the guide will use 20-something pages) – select the PDF button and choose Save as PDF…. Alternately, you can download it here.
  9. saving the boot camp instructions as a pdf
    click to enlarge

  10. If you don’t want to download my copy, enter the appropriate info (most importantly, the download location so you can find it) and click Save. Transfer the PDF to your other PC/Mac so you can access it while actually installing Vista.
  11. save box
    click to enlarge

  12. Back at the Introduction page of the Boot Camp Assistant, click Continue. Now you have to decide how much space you want to allocate to Windows Vista. You might be able to get away with going as low as 6GB, but I would highly advise against it. You’ll have almost no space left over to install software, and your page file in Windows might cause frequent crashes. I opted for 20GB, which left me with just a bit over 15GB to use after installing Windows Vista Ultimate and upgrading to SP1.

    To change the amount of space to dedicate to Vista, click the small divider between Mac OS X and Windows, and drag it to the left.

  13. create a partition section of the boot camp assistant
    click to enlarge

  14. When you’re happy with the amount of space that Vista will have, click Partition.
  15. create a partition section of the boot camp assistant with 20gb dedicated to windows
    click to enlarge

  16. Watch the little status indicator..
  17. boot camp assistant partitioning a drive
    click to enlarge

  18.  and hold your breath that no errors occur. If you’re presented with a Start Windows Installation screen, proceed with step #11 below (and consider yourself very lucky). If you get an error, keep reading.

    The most common error is that OS X couldn’t move a file and the partition could not be created. There are a couple of things that could be wrong, and I’ll outline how to fix them from the fastest method to the longest method. Cross your fingers that the fastest one will resolve your problem.

    Close out of the Boot Camp Assistant and launch the Disk Utility by selecting Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility.

    Select your Mac drive, or the partition you were trying to install Boot Camp on (if you have more than one). Click the Verify Disk Permissions button, then the Repair Disk Permissions button. Once that’s done, click the Verify Disk button, then the Repair Disk button if it’s available.

    disk utility
    click to enlarge

    Now go back to step #1 and try it all over again (except you don’t need to print out the PDF twice). If you were able to create the partition, excellent, continue with step #11. If you got the same “can’t move file” error, download and install OnyX. Once installed, launch it (you’ll probably be prompted for your password) and select the Maintenance tab. Click the Execute button and wait.

    onyx repairing disk permissions
    click to enlarge

    Once again, go back to step #1 and start all over again. If it worked this time, excellent, proceed to step #11. If it didn’t, you have another couple of choices. Neither is much fun. First, you can purchase defragging software (I’m not aware of any that are free/open source) such as iDefrag and hope that it resolves your problem (it might not). Second – and this is what I opted to do – re-install OS X by formatting the entire drive (all data will be lost), run software update to get all the firmware updates, install Vista via Boot Camp, and then restore OS X from a Time Machine backup. Like I said, not great choices. If you do decide to go the format and re-install route, I’ll outline it with a few more details –

    1. Know that you might lose all of your data. Time Machine could fail, your roommate might decide now would be a good time to smash your backup drive – any number of problems could occur. This is my way of saying that I will NOT be held responsible if this method causes you all kinds of nightmares. With all of that said, it worked perfectly fine for me.
    2. Make sure you have a 100% up to date Time Machine backup. Open Time Machine and select Back Up Now. If you opted not to back up certain folders, make sure you have the contents of those folders backed up – or remove them from the “don’t back these folders up” section of Time Machine.
    3. Put your OS X Leopard DVD in your DVD drive, and restart your Mac.
    4. Hold down the c key as your Mac restarts – this will force your Mac to boot from the DVD rather than the hard drive.
    5. Follow the walk-through to install OS X. Make sure you select the “format this drive then install OS X” option
    6. Once you’ve re-installed OS X, start your Mac and run the Software Update to make sure everything is up to date. Once completed, you’ll be prompted to reboot. Do so.
    7. Once again, run the Boot Camp Assistant. This time you should have no problems at all
    8. Carry on with step #11 below, and once you’ve completely finished installing Vista, perform a Time Machine restore. To do so, boot from the OS X DVD (hold down c as your Mac starts up) and from the Utilities menu, select Restore from Time Machine (or something like that, I forget right now). Let Time Machine do its thing (boring, takes forever) and once it’s done, reboot yet again. You’ll finally have a dual boot Mac w/ Vista and OS X.
  19. Alright, time to install Vista. Put your Vista DVD in your DVD drive and click Start Installation.
  20. boot camp assistant start windows installation window
    click to enlarge

  21. A bunch of things will happen on their own. Don’t interfere with them. You’ll eventually land at a screen asking where you want to install Windows. Make sure, and I mean make sure you select the BOOTCAMP partition. Selecting anything else is going to force you to re-install OS X, and unless you have a recent Time Machine backup, you’ll lose all of your data.

    Now click the Drive options (advanced) link/button. Click Format and once it’s done, click OK. Now you can click Next.

  22.  picking the boot camp partition while installing vista
    click to enlarge

  23. Now Vista will install. It takes a while and it’s not particularly entertaining. Vista will restart itself at least once during the installation. If by some chance – and this shouldn’t happen – when Vista restarts itself, and you end up back in OS X instead of Vista, restart again and this time hold down the Option key as your Mac starts. You’ll be presented with a number of drive icons to choose from. Double-click the Windows icon.

    And now Vista has finished installing, you’ve setup your “account” in Vista, and you think you’re done. You’re not. Eject you Vista DVD from your DVD drive (if you have problems ejecting it go to the Computer view in Vista, click once on your DVD drive, and then select the Eject link that will show up in the menu. Now pop in your OS X Leopard DVD. You’ll be prompted “Install or run program” – click the Run setup.exe button.

  24. autorun boot camp setup.exe

  25. You might be told that a system restart is pending and you can’t install anything yet. I never said this was a short process. Restart your Mac and make sure to boot into Vista.
  26. vista is pending a reboot

  27. This time when you Run setup.exe you’ll get the “Welcome to the Boot Camp installer” screen. Click Next.
  28. vista boot camp software installer
    click to enlarge

  29. Place a check in the “I agree” part, and click Next.
  30. agreeing to the apple license agreement for the windows boot camp software
    click to enlarge

  31. Make sure Apple Software Update for Windows is selected, and click Install.
  32. boot camp installer doing its thing
    click to enlarge

  33. Sit back and watch. Don’t interfere. Your screen may flicker, ignore it.
  34. apple software updater updating
    click to enlarge

  35. Also ignore any pop-ups that might appear in your System tray.
  36. popup letting you know new drivers are being installed how nice

  37. Almost done..
  38. boot camp installer doing its thing but this time its almost done
    click to enlarge

  39. And now you’re done. Click Finish.
  40. boot camp installer says its finished
    click to enlarge

  41. Restart yet again.
  42. reboot vista get used to it

  43. Note: when Vista boots, you might encounter a couple screens full of error messages (Unrecognized partition table for for drive 80, can’t boot from NTLDR from drive=0x80 etc). Ignore them, and let Vista continue to boot. I have a (bad) camera phone picture of some of the errors below.
  44. vista boot errors via boot camp
    click to enlarge

  45. This time when Vista starts, you’ll notice a new icon in the System tray – it’s the Boot Camp software. Click it once and a pop-up menu will appear. Select Boot Camp Control Panel….
  46. boot camp system tray icon

  47. On the first tab, Startup Disk you can select which Operating System you want to boot into by default. Just high-light the one you want – but remember – you can also choose to boot to the other OS by holding down the Option key while your Mac starts. Note: you can also define which OS you want to boot into by default in your Mac. Just select the Startup Disk option in your System Preferences.
  48. boot camp control panel for windows showing the startup disk tab
    click to enlarge

  49. Click the Brightness tab to adjust – you got it – the screen brightness.
  50. boot camp control panel for windows showing the brightness disk tab
    click to enlarge

  51. Click the Remote tab. From here you can disable or enable the use of a remote infrared receiver. Your choice.
  52. boot camp control panel for windows showing the remote tab
    click to enlarge

  53. Select the Keyboard tab to make some keyboard changes. Boring.
  54. boot camp control panel for windows showing the keyboard tab
    click to enlarge

  55. And finally, select the Power tab. Do you want to automatically restart after a power failure? Here’s where you decide. When you’re done reviewing all of the Boot Camp Control Panel options, click OK.
  56. boot camp control panel for windows showing thepower tab
    click to enlarge

  57. And one last thing. Remember – no matter which Operating System, Vista or OS X, you decide to have as the one you automatically boot into when your Mac is turned on, you can select the other one by holding down the Option key as your Mac starts.
  58. do you want to boot into OS X or Windows I choose OS X

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    I am upgrading the Hard Disk of a macbook pro with dual Leopard/Vista.
    I did a complete PC backup (of the windows partition only, of course) using Vista’s utilities.
    I put the larger disk in, Installed Leopard and fully recovered my OSx partition using Time Machine
    The Vista recovery need you to boot from the original installation DVD and do a repair instead of sn install. The repair asks for the backup DVD, but there is no way, apparently, to eject the installation DVD to insert the backup DVD and proceed. Any ideas?

  9. Great guide. Cheers.

    Little problem with my install though – it seems I get the same error screens and the space taken up by expanding files during install (up to 15G) is still taken up when I finish – ie I have just under 5G left on a 20G hard drive when I finish?!!

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  16. This was very nice to have along side the Apple Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide during my first Boot Camp install (new aluminum macbook pro, Leopard 10.5.5, with latest Boot Camp). Everything worked! No problems except for my temporary panic on how to eject the Vista DVD until I read the fine print. One improvement you and Apple both could make though: there is a lot of upset web ramblings about Vista sp1 breaking Boot Camp/Parallels installations…so I am reluctant to apply any Vista hotfixes and security updates at all, and especially sp1. A list of the KBxxxxxx’s that are safe to install after a Boot Camp installation would be absolutely wonderful to have.
    What versions of Boot Camp &c that _are_ safe with sp1 would help, too.

  17. Alright, I followed your instructions and I am using Windows Vista SP1. It’s the full version and is activated. I have 3 problems though.

    1) I really want to get rid of the start up error, the one you get when booting up the laptop, there is a way and I really want to know how.

    2) This is a major problem for me, when I install the Vista, I cannot find any networks, nothing is listed in the networks place, and I am sure that I’ve got internet because it works on the Leopard side (which I am using right now). I’ve been trying to find a solution and I just can’t. I’ve used a Leopard CD and I have installed the drivers given, but for some reason, still no internet. Maybe I am missing drivers that might have been excluded from the disk? I don’t know, please help!

    3) Relates to problem 2, I installed the drivers on an Leopard CD and not the one given to me with the MacBook. Reason is because when I pop in the one given from the MacBook, it doesn’t give me a Boot Camp option thing. So yeah.

    Remember: I have the new Aluminum MacBook Pro’s and I don’t know if there might be a problem there, so can you please help me out?

    Nice how to though, it helped me a lot.

  18. Is it really true that theres no sulution for the boot errors you mention in step 23.?
    (Unrecognized partition table for for drive 80, can’t boot from NTLDR from drive=0×80 etc)
    They’re driving me mad!


  19. I can get as far as actually being able to run Vista, but when I try to run the OS X disc, the only thing it does is try to connect my MacBook Air to the internet… I don’t have a MacBook Air.

    Nothing about Boot Camp appears, though. Any thoughts? I obviously have no clue what I’m doing with computers, so I ‘ve got no idea what to do about it.

  20. Lauren,
    I don’t know exactly what you mean, but when you insert the Leopard-DVD, you have to go to ‘Computer’ in Vista, then right-click the DVD, and then choose Explore. Then go to the folder called Boot Camp and run setup.exe.

  21. thanks for the guide, i had it down i thought but had no idea bout the bootcamp on windows. thanks for the tutorial.

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  23. when you restart after installing the bootcamp drivers… take note to hold teh option key and reboot to win.. i just allowed a restart and then my mac got stuck in a loop of reading the disk, trying to load mac os and flashing a question mark.

  24. Hello there

    This walk trough is amazing, Thanks a lot.

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    Thank you SOO much
    The walk through was easy and extremely well done.
    I encountered only one problem which was related to ejecting the dvd under the Vista installation. I just shut down and restarted and it restarted under Vista which let me eject the DVD then.

    The rest was perfect.
    Thank you again for making this excellent tutorial.
    I own a vacation rental agency for Paris apartments. My computer died and had to buy a new one and so making it run immediately was of prime importance. You really help!

    Paris Hideaways

  26. So I get the same error at partition, and tried disk utility and onyx. Still no joy. I am nervous to defrag or reinstall the OS. Is it possible to Partition the HD by booting from the OSX DVD, format the new partionion with FAT then run Boot Camp?

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  28. This is an awesome walk through. Hate to say I still have a problem.

    None of the installed Bootcamp drivers have installed.

    I had two error messages during the install:

    Service Key Agent failed to start
    Service MacHal failed to start

    I clicked ignore (as some suggest) and continued the install. Even tried repair as well as removing and reinstalling…

    Upon rebooting, Vista can’t find our wireless system, nor do any of the keyboard comands, like sound, work.

    The MacBook Pro OS 10.5 disks are about the newest available (have a source in a Mac facility)

    So what did I miss?
    Your talking to a brain old enough to collect social security so go easy on me.

    Will see to it that my next grandchild is named afer you if you can solve this problem.

    Bob Ipcar
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  32. sorry for adding another comment,but for a folow up for the previous comment i made,the vista disk is perfectly fine and i have tested it on my other friend’s computer.the steps i took are also correct,the same as what are posted here or the print out of the installation drive and i have tried for 6 times with the same problem regardless if i use another disk or reinstall the mac osx operating system

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  36. A very helpful, step-by-step guide – thanks! It is great to have the screen shots as you go through.

    My partition hung for about 2 hours the first time I tried (I had repaired disk permissions prior to this). I closed my computer and went to bed. The next morning I repaired disk permissions again, using first Disk Utility and then Onyx, and then tried again: the partition took about 5 minutes.

    One thing I would add is that if you cancel the partition process, it will look like the hard drive space you’ve allocated for Windows has “disappeared”. Use Boot Camp itself to reformat and recover this “lost” space (the option will present itself when you open boot camp after the cancelled partition), and then start over again.

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    i got stuck on #13, after formatting an error saying at least 6000 something MB had to be available and there were at least 5GB available. I tried to format again and still the same error so I quit the install. Now… I can’t get back to the mac part and it shows a screen saying something about no bootable drive, please install disk.
    what do i do to get back to the mac area OR do i try to re-install the vista disc and hope that i have not lost all of my mac data…
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    I was wondering if you could help me out though. After I partition and it restarts to install Vista it just sits there with a black screen and a small white line flashing in the upper left hand corner.

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  43. Hello, this is a note for anyone who finds/ has found themselves in my situation. Long story short: tried the whole bootcamp palava, ended up installing Vista over OSX like a dummy. ANYWHO, in order to wipe window$ and reinstall appl£, put the installation dvd in, restart the computer and hold the C button at start up to run the dvd so you can henceforth and forthwith wipe the HD and reinstall OSX.

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  47. I went through the same problems as you did: my Snow Leopard was not able to partition the drive (ARDAgent error). I had to wipe the HD clean and then fresh install everythign. Installing XP (I did not do Vista) was a breeze. Now I am restoring from my Time Machine. Thanks a lot for this super guide.

  48. Ross Please help with this…installation whent well until I tried to install bootcamp drivers in Vista. It started with the Nvidia graphics but then it just stopped there the progress bar riched the end but there is nothing going on. Should I press cancel? I’m using a 17″ uniframe Mac and trying to finalized installing vista. Please help its been 45 min already. I s it suppose to be this long?

  49. First Awesome walkthrough:-) i have a question. i have two Hard Disk in my Laptop. i have vista installed and runing from Disk0 and MAC OSX from Disk1. i dont want to mess with partitions, still is there any way i can boot my Vista from Disk0 inside my MAC OSX?

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  52. Thanks for the note. I dont have a os x cd but I have vista premium installed on my macbook. I have not been able to use the wireless, double click and also the audio is not working. Will the hardware work if I download and install boot camp?

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    when I come to step 24 I dont see the icon in the system tray. Also tried to run the program in the boot camp folder, but nothing happens. No big deal I think, but would be nice to have everything work properly.

  55. The walkthru helped me as I forgot to load the osx disk after loading win7 (duh) no wonder there was no sound lol. Anyway the same method works for Win 7 which is a very sweet os now but still love my Mac osx. I can’t believe people are so dumb as to wipe their Mac osx as Bootcamp names the drive BOOTCAMP. My only problem was going from XP to Win 7 a no no so I had to go to Vista then Win 7 oh and the drive had to refomated to NTFS, not sure how I did that but it worked.

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  59. Hi,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I know this must have taken you a bit to go through for us, and it’s certainly helpful, and greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  60. Can anyone tell me what’s the OPTION key to boot the other OS while the mac is starting and If the drivers installed by Boot Camp work on 64 bits vista?

  61. Thanks for the explanation. I used because I was afraid of errors I could find but it turned out on me that I didn’t find any error and I installed a x64 version of Vista on my 21.5 iMac.
    By Installing Boot Camp on Windows it installed every single driver on it even that Apple says that only Mac Pro and MBP would get the drivers.

  62. “Lorena says

    Im pretty sure what you’ve done is overwrite your Mac OSX with windows, so what you will need to do is reinstall snow leopard/ leopard? Not sure how to do this exactly, ( and my advice would be go to an Apple store and ask one of their Genius people to help you), but i’m pretty sure that you reboot with the Snow Leopard DVD in the computer (whilst holding c on the keyboard to boot from the disk) and run the install as per usual, but please don’t blame me if this goes wrong and I will not be held responsible..

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  64. Help to anyone who may run into this problem: after installing vista and u have to
    insert ur OSX instalation disk, error code 2229 might appear on ur screen, which meens u won’t be
    able to run boot camp!!!
    how to solve the problem: go to ur control panel and change all ur language settings to
    US! then insert the OSX disk again… and bingo.

  65. Karan Thompson

    Working well until I had to put n OSX DVD to setup Bootcamp. Vista Doesn”t recognise the DVD and won’t run the setup.exe – in fact when i go into computer and sleect the DVD drive there are no files to be seen. i ahve tried 2 OSX discs so it’s not the DVD.


  66. True_Awesomenes

    @Karan Thompson it happened to me on Win7 as well but what u need to do is simple.
    1st -> insert MAC OS X install dvd (not the optional components)
    2nd -> if ur computer dont autorun bootcamp install go to Computer and browse the Install DVD
    3rd -> Open bootcamp section and click bootcamp setup .exe
    4th -> Install and update (both windows and apple software)
    5th -> Have fun using Vista even though Mac OS beats it in everything

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  68. Excellent walkthru! Got me over several bumps and saved me tons of time. Installation went without a hitch (once I repaired the Mac HD which I didn’t even know was damaged until boot camp told me it couldn’t partition the drive). Thanks!

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  70. hey, the partitioning part worked out, but when I now click the ‘start installation’ button in bootcamp, my mac restarts (that’s normal I suppose) and lauches the install cd (also normal) but instead of getting an installation menu, I get a black screen and a flickering bar. HELP?

  71. Hey just used all your steps even having to wipe my osx due to errors on my partition and it all worked perfectly! Thanks for t he detailed help!

  72. you guy’s are o.k , I had no problems following your instructions , and it worked a treat , not unlike the apple site , where you have to go throughout 10 plus hoops and loops , just to be put back to the start at the end of it , so again thank to you guys …. you’ve made my day .
    cheer’s .

  73. When i have installed windows, and put in my OS X DVD. It says that i need Win 7. (I have Vista Home Premium.

  74. HI, I’ve tried to follow your walkthrough but whilst attempting to instal vista, my Macbook is telling me that the partition needs to be in NTFS format. How do I do that as bootcamp or disk utility does not offer that format?

    Thanks, John

  75. Hi. After I Have installed vista, I put in my snow leopard DVD in order to install all the mac drivers and whatnot, but instead of doing that the disc repeatedly insists that I must be running windows 7 to use bootcamp. Why is this happening?

  76. TDG –

    You’ve probably upgraded to Bootcamp 4.0 – which no longer supports Vista. Are you using Lion? (I know you said you put in the Snow Leopard DVD I’m just curious if you installed Lion at some point after Snow Leopard).

  77. @John Sinclair You have to press driver options, and format it. He goes through that in the walk through.

  78. TDG –

    Launch the “Boot Camp Assistant” and select “About Boot Camp Assistant” from the menu. If it says 4.0.1 – yeah, you have to be using Windows 7. Though I’m not totally sure IF 4.0 does get pushed as an update to Snow Leopard users – I’ll have to double-check my non-Lion Mac.

    It doesn’t totally make sense to me that you’re not able to install Vista if you’re not using Lion. It MIGHT be possible to “downgrade” to an earlier Boot Camp. I’ve never researched it, I just find it puzzling that since your OS “supports” Vista – Apple would ‘disable’ the ability to run it via Boot Camp JUST because of the Boot Camp update.

  79. Yeah, I don’t get it either because I’ve never installed Lion. Maybe I’ll try to see if I can downgrade my bootcamp. Thanks for replying so quickly!

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