How to jailbreak your iPod Touch running the 2.0 firmware in OS X

This tutorial will walk you through every step required to jailbreak your iPod Touch running the latest (2.0) firmware. Note: this tutorial uses the Pwnage Tool v2.0 – which is currently Mac only. The Windows version of this tutorial (Jailbreaking the 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 firmware) can be found here. Update: if you’ve upgraded to the 2.1 firmware and you want to jailbreak your iPod Touch (using OS X) – see this tutorial.

First a few FAQs –

Q: Can I still use the apps I’ve purchased from the App Store if I jailbreak my iPod Touch?
A: Yes. After you jailbreak your device, they will re-sync when you run iTunes.

Q: Can I still purchase/download apps from the App Store if I jailbreak my iPod Touch?
A: Yes.

Q: Will all of my music, contacts, videos, photos etc be deleted if I jailbreak my iPod Touch?
A: Yes. You’ll need to re-sync your device to get all of that data back on your iPod Touch.

Q: Is it worth it?
A: Depends on the individual. Many of the apps you had to jailbreak your iPod Touch to run previously, are now available in the App Store. If you like having full control of your device, then yes it is worth it. Though there are few apps available to install now (jailbroken apps) due to incompatibility with the 2.0 firmware, many will be updated. Also, there are certain features that Apple doesn’t want to release to developers (theme managers is an example), which will require a jailbroken iPod Touch to run.

So with all of that said, here are the steps to jailbreak your iPod Touch running the 2.0 firmware.

  1. To get started, download PwnageTool 2.0. Or, grab version 2.0.1. This tutorial was created using version 2.0, but the steps will be nearly identical if you’re using 2.0.1. Actually, using 2.0.1 will help you avoid some of the errors that this tutorial highlights (and shows you to resolve).

    Whichever version you download, unzip it and drag the app to your Applications folder. Launch it from there. You’ll be greeted with a warning message. Read it, then click OK.

  2. click to enlarge

  3. Select the iPod Touch entry (make sure there’s a check mark) and then click the Next button (the right-arrow in the bottom right corner of the PwnageTool screen).

  4. click to enlarge

  5. Select the firmware bundle displayed in the main window, and click Next.

  6. click to enlarge

  7. When asked if you want to create a .ipsw file on your Desktop, click Yes.

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  9. PwnageTool will now build a IPSW file.

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  11. During the creation process, you’ll be prompted to enter your password. Do so, then click OK.

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  13. Click No when asked if you’ve Pwned your iPod Touch before. Even if you’ve used this tool in the past, once you updated to the 2.0 firmware that means it was wiped any traces of PwnageTool.

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  15. If you get a Failed to enter DFU mode, have no fear.

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  17. Open a Terminal and enter the following two commands:

    cd ~/Library/iTunes/
    mkdir “Device Support”

    If that folder already exists, delete all of the files inside of it.

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  19. Start the Pwnage process from the beginning. This time you should pass the Failed to enter DFU mode screen. Turn off your device when prompted.

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  21. If you don’t turn off your device and re-start it the way prompted (holding down the bottom button) you may get a different Failed to enter DFU mode error. This time you won’t need to start from the beginning again, just follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  22. After you’ve successfully entered DFU mode, you’ll get a message indicating as much. Quit PwnageTool and launch iTunes.

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  24. iTunes will detect an iPod in recovery mode. Click OK.

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  26. Hold down the alt-key on your keyboard and then click Restore.

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  28. An Open window will appear. Navigate to the .ipsw file on your Desktop, select it and then click Open.

    If iTunes prompts you to download a file, you did not hold down the alt key when clicking Restore. You do not want to download and install the file from Apple (or you’ll just be re-installing the 2.0 firmware).

  29. click to enlarge

  30. First it will extract…
  31. then it will restore the software…
  32. verify the software…
  33. and finally restore the firmware.
  34. You’ll get a message telling you that your iPod has been restored to the factory default settings. That couldn’t really be farther from the truth, but click OK.

  35. click to enlarge

  36. Select Set up as a new iPod and click Continue.

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  38. Give your iPod a name, and determine the sync settings you want to use, then click Done.

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  40. Now your iPod Touch will sync. The first thing it will do is re-install any apps you downloaded from the App Store.

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  42. And now your iPod Touch will have your downloaded/purchased apps, in addition to Cydia (which is like, with improvements).

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  44. Launch Cydia.

  45. click to enlarge

  46. If you get a message about installing upgrades, click Upgrade Essential

  47. click to enlarge

  48. Click Confirm from the upper-right corner.

  49. click to enlarge

  50. The essential updates will download.

  51. click to enlarge

  52. Then install.

  53. click to enlarge

  54. If you get a message saying Reorganizing One Minue! Please wait… DO NOT STOP, follow that advice and let it do its thing.

  55. click to enlarge

  56. Now you can take a look at your installed packages…

  57. click to enlarge

  58. Or review the info on using OpenSSH (yay!)

  59. click to enlarge

  60. Finally, remember to set all of your syncing preferences in iTunes. Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks etc. Once you’ve done that, re-sync and they’ll be restored to your device.

  • Fireglo

    What do you mean by running the pwnage tool from the applications folder?

    All the applications in there have a .ipa extension and none of the files in the pwnage tool are .ipa???

  • Gizmo

    I have a jailbroken 1.1.4 Ipod Touch..if I do this new procedure, will I lose all the 3rd party apps that I’ve already installed?

  • Diego Huyke

    Great Review! Thanks!

    + Imaginary rep

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    but mi ipod doesntt connect to internet
    please help!…

  • i keep on getting stuck

    i keep getting stuck at ateps 7-10. i say no, open terminal, type in the two commands, restart, thenclick yes and i keep getting the fail screen. does someone know how o fix this

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    didnt work for me all i got was a error (6) saying that you ipod “ipod” could not be restored so i had to re-restore it to the official 2.0 firmware

  • Ok, downloaded grab version 2.0.1 but how do I launch it???

  • Sofia

    Yea, I need to know the same. I unzipped the folder I just need to figure out how to launch the program.

  • Thank You Sooooooo Much!!!!!!

  • Jayden

    It’s for mac only guys..if you have a pc you won’t be able to open the .app file. macs kick ass :)

  • YoYoChicadoe


  • Mitch

    I got the same error (6) message and it took almost 2 hours to get my iPod working normally again.

    Any answers on why it said error (6)?

  • sonic

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    nothing i try is working

  • praump

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  • MAX

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  • kf

    i am a new hand
    thx so much for the clear instruction
    i got a new ipodtouch 32g and follow ur instruction…done
    however, while updating the cydia
    it showed not enough disc space
    pls help me out on this..

  • kf

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  • jkriall

    worked fine for me :)

    thanks and good clear guide

  • MAX

    still getting error (6)!!! anyone out there that can help me???

  • Thanks guys! These directions are GREAT! Very easy, fast, and I am so excited. The world rocks because of people like you!

    ***If you have a MAC, then your SET!

  • Matthew

    please please please help!!!! i dont care who!
    ok on the 3rd step it finds the firmware bundle. how do i get that!?
    if you need to know i bought 2.0.2 firmware on itunes

  • agastrico

    THANK YOU!!! For everyone with the (6) error, i got it trying with the 2.0.2 update. Everything went wrong, so i restored the ipod with a local 2.0 firmware and then didn´t update to 2.0.2. Then, i started all over again, first making sure that “Device Support” was empty. In Step3, i got two bundles: 2.0 and 2.0.1, so i choose 2.0; everything worked right. Now, i got a question: i´ve already installed some apps, use the wifi, use openssh (succesfully connected via sftp), sync info, etc. BUT I can´t set a passcode, the ipod won´t use the passcode and if i try to reset it it tells me it´s wrong. I even restored the ipod (using the pwnage bundle, everything went cool, got my pineapple fast…), thinking that i maybe messed the passcode when i set it, but nooop… it´s the same. I liked the passcode feature, any ideas about this? Cheers to all you, jailbreak people! MobileTerminal rocks….

  • agastrico

    Ok, my passcode problem is solved. Quick:
    # Type chmod 777 /var/Keychains
    # Type chmod -R 777 /private/var/Managed\ Preferences/

    And that’s it. More reading here:
    Thanks for sharing!

  • ash

    it couldnt find my firmware
    what shud i do?????????????

  • agastrico

    Ash, don´t know in win, but in the mac, the tool creates the firmwarebundle in the desktop. Cheers.

  • brook

    I messed up my jailbreak and ended up installing 2.02. It says you can install the windows one on on a 2.02 ipod touch, will this work for macs too? Do I need to downgrade first? Also you say to hold down the ALT key. On my Imac the alt key is the option key unless you hold down shift, should I hold down shift and alt or just option.

  • I nresponse to my last question, I got it working this time! They mean hold down the OPTION key not ALT key. And yes it works on 2.02 on a mac. Thanks DEV team, you kick ass!

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