5 Desktop Wallpapers that will increase your productivity

One often overlooked aspect of using your computer productively is the desktop. Instead of having a pretty picture of the beach, try using one of these wallpapers.

  1. GTD

  2. If you’re a fan of the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology, this is the wallpaper for you. Grab it (or one of the others) from here.

  3. Layered Desktop

  4. Available in both light and dark, the Layered Desktop wallpapers allow you to group your icons by categories.

  5. EZ Access Desktops

  6. Though the colors may not suit your taste (there are 6 to choose from) – with a little work using your favorite image editing software (like the GIMP) and you can create your own.

  7. Panels

  8. Similar to the EZ Access Desktops, the panel method outlined here allows you to group icons according to category.

  9. Google Calendar

  10. Lifehacker explains how to use Google Calendar as your Desktop Wallpaper in Windows.