1000+ Desktop Wallpapers for your Asus Eee PC

Below you’ll find several resources for desktop wallpapers perfectly sized for your Asus Eee PC (800×480). If you know of any other good Eee PC wallpaper resources by all means please leave a comment with the link. Or, upload your Eee PC wallpaper and share that link :)

  1. Eee PC Wallpaper Pack @ mininova (720 wallpapers)
  2. tortugoa’s Eee PC flickr photostream (165 wallpapers)
  3. shad0wplay Eee PC flickr set (36 wallpapers)
  4. eeeuser.com forum (50+ wallpapers)
  5. Ubuntu-eee.com wiki (36 wallpapers)
  6. Eee PC wallpapers @ Deviantart (18 wallpapers)