How to Install a tftp client in Windows

This brief but detailed tutorial will guide you through installing a tftp client in Windows, without having to download anything new.

Microsoft actually includes a tftp program with all versions of Windows (up to and including Windows 10), it’s just not installed by default. To install it, follow these steps.

  1. Start by clicking the Search button and enter in the phrase turn windows features on or off – although you’ll probably only have to type the first few words before the result we’re looking for appears in the search results. Select it when it does.
  2. a search panel

  3. Scroll down to the TFTP Client entry and place a check-mark in the box next to it. Click the OK button to start the installation.
  4. a list of Windows components with a check in the box next to TFTP Client

  5. It may take Windows a few moments to find everything it needs, give it time.
  6. a Windows installation dialog panel

  7. Once the installation has completed, click the Close button.
  8. an arrow pointing to a Close button

  9. Open up a command prompt and enter the command tftp without any options or flags just to confirm the installation was successful.
  10. tftp in Windows via a command prompt

  11. That’s it!

If needed, we also have a guide on how to install an FTP or SFTP app in Windows.

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