How to jailbreak your iPod Touch running the 2.1 firmware (Windows)

Here we go again. Another new firmware, another jailbreak tutorial. This one will guide you through the process of jailbreaking your iPod Touch running the 2.1 firmware.

If you’re running an earlier version of the iPod Touch firmware, you’ll want to use this tutorial: How to jailbreak your iPod Touch running the 2.0, 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 firmware in Windows instead. Otherwise, keep reading.

  1. Head over to the iPhone-Dev site and download Window QuickPwn 2.1. Save the file to your desktop, and launch it from there.
  2. quickpwn icon

  3. Make sure your iPod Touch is plugged in, and then click the “next” arrow (bottom right corner of the screen).

  4. click to enlarge

  5. QuickPwn should auto-detect your ipsw file. Assuming it does, skip ahead to step #4 below. If for any reason it doesn’t, follow the instructions below to find and select it.

    Windows Vista users

    Navigate to the C:\Users\your-user-name\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates\ folder (where your-user-name is the user name you use in Windows Vista). Select the 2.1 ipsw file (there may be more than one ipsw file to choose from). The file you want to select is iPod1,1_2.1_5F137_Restore.ipsw. Click the Open button.

    If you’re unable to see the AppData folder, you need to enable the ability to View Hidden Files and Folders.

    Windows XP users

    Navigate to the C:\Documents and Settings\your-user-name\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates\ folder (where your-user-name is the user name you use in Windows XP). Select the 2.1 ipsw file (there may be more than one ipsw file to choose from). The file you want to select is iPod1,1_2.1_5F137_Restore.ipsw. Click the Open button.

    If you’re unable to see the Application Data folder, you need to enable the ability to View Hidden Files and Folders.

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  7. You’ll (probably) want to add both Cydia and Installer. Changing the boot logo is a personal preference. I like the Apple boot logo, so I leave Replace boot logos unchecked. Again, personal decision, it’s up to you. Click the “next” button when you’re ready to continue.

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  9. Again you’ll be prompted to confirm our iPod Touch is connected. And again, make sure it is. Click the “next” button to continue.

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  11. Next comes the only part that’s a tiny bit tricky, though it’s certainly not difficult, you just need to time things well. You’ll be prompted to hold down the Home button on your iPod Touch, then both the Home and Power buttons, then just the Home button again. Worst case, you’ll have to repeat this step.

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  13. Once you’ve held the buttons down in the correct order for the correct periods of time, the jailbreaking process will begin.

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  15. Your iPod will continue to install software even when the “you’re done” screen appears. Give it a minute or three to finish and restart.

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  17. After your iPod has completely started up, you’ll notice 2 new icons on your Springboard – Cydia and Installer. They might not be on the first screen of your Springboard, especially if you have a lot of apps already installed. Scroll over to the last screen and you should find them there.

  18. click to enlarge

  • Duende

    Hi Ross; very well explained. Do you know where can I find apache and PHP for installer 4?

  • jj

    rather reluctant to try this since nobody seems to have posted anything here.

  • Dash

    thank you for explaining it clearly i have one problem though.

    on step five it says there is an unhandled exeption error and wont let me continue. my ipod tocuh is plugged in and i have itunes running but then itunes seems to crash when i try to push the blue arrow.

    please help

  • Dash

    i realised im meant to have itunes closed but it still comes up with the same error and when i click more details it says something about JIT debugging????


  • Dash –

    Do you have one of the new iPod Touch models?

  • Dash –

    And, are you using iTunes 8?

  • Shawn

    Thanks a lot! Worked great!

  • I can’t find the “iPod Software Updates” in the “Apple Computers” folder inside the “Application Data” folder. What am I doing wrong? I have the 1st generation of Ipod Touch and iTunes 8.


  • Chris Doherty

    Every time I click the blue arrow when QuickPwn comes up it says something about JIT debugging. What is it and how do i fix it. I have itunes 8 and my ipod touch is the first generation. I got it about 4 months ago.

  • chad

    is it possible to do this with out the power button (i broke mine waiting to fix it)

  • David

    hello, i have the new ipod touch 2g which is runnin the 2.1.1 firmware, when i use QuickPwn, it tells me”the correct IPSW will have a name begining with _2.1.1″, and now i think i gave the correct firmware which is called “iPod2,1_2.1.1_5F138_Restore”

    the problem is that when i say browse for the file and select the firmware, it will spend about 30-seconds loading, after that NOTHING HAPPENS, it just doesn’t do anything at all, no errors or messages have come up nothing , i cannot select the next button because it is not available, so what do i do?

  • chad

    theres a 2.1.1?

  • MikeSurdel

    Half the things on here never came up after I opened it. It never told me to make sure it is connected and it never gave me the option to check three boxes (Add Cydia, Add Installer, And Replace Bootlegs) It only gave me two (Add Installer and add Cydia) After I checked those two it gave me a box that put me into CMD and every time I clicked OK for it, it would process for like 2 minutes, then it would say it encountered a problem and has to close. Then it will say Send Error Report or Don’t Send Error Report. After I click Send Error Report, I try again and it still does the same thing, I’ve even reinstalled the whole thing and it does the same thing each time! What can I do! Send me an E-mail! Please! I really want my iTouch jailbroken! and ZiPhone wont work for me either! What can I do?

  • chad

    pair of tweasers did the trick

  • Shawn

    strange question…anyone know why my touch is picking up my last address…not my current one? Is it my wireless router? A setting? Can’t figure it out.

  • Lancelot

    I added cydia and installer but when the softaware was installed my ipod rebooted but the main menu didn’t appear. the apple logo was still there after 30 minutes of rebooting. This same thing happen each time I try to reboot my ipod.
    I use itunes 8, my ipod softaware is 2.1 and I have the first ipod touch.
    How can I stop it rebooting without any result?

  • Lancelot –

    At that point, you’re probably best off plugging in your iPod and using iTunes to restore to the factory default. It sounds like all of the QuickPwn software wasn’t properly updated on your iPod.. Thats never happened to me, but I suppose it’s possible..

  • Chris Doherty

    I found out my problem you have to be the administrator

  • Mike

    Ok, I make it all the way until you have to hold down the buttons, right when it hits one second left on the third step, it stops, gives me an error message that says I didn’t follow the directions right or my cord is faulty. I did the instructions right because me and a family member both did it at least 20 times and it did the same thing each time. And the cord is not faulty because the first time it said that I used my old cord and the same thing happened. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! Please respond ASAP! Thank you

  • Lancelot

    There’s another problem my iPod is not recognized by iTunes instead my iTunes stops and asks me if I want to send an eror report. I did it several times but my iTunes doesn’t recognize it. Sometimes my iTunes does open but it doesn’t respond or anything when the ipod is connected. It is my computer the only one who does recognize it.

  • Lancelot

    I have another problem, my iTunes doesn’t recognize my iPod instead it doesn’t respond and asks me if I want to send an eror report. I did it several times but it doesn’t change anything. My iTunes sometimes open but doesn’t respond when the iPod is plugged. My computer is the only one which sees my ipod.

  • jack

    i was wondering if i wanted to restore my jailbroken iPod touch back, would i have to pay for the update again and would i lose all my applications.

  • @jack –

    No. The firmware update your paid for is still on your hard drive, and if you choose to reset, that’s the one that it will reset to. I’ve jailbroken, reset, jailbroken again, reset, jailbroken yet again, reset again, and I always end out w/ the one I paid for (the update) as the “default”.

  • nuno pinto

    tenho o firmware 2.0.2 em iphone com jailbreak feito e com programas crackados fazer este update para 2.1 perco isto tudo certo?terei de refazer tudo de novo é?obrg e abraço

  • jack

    thank you very much
    is there any way i could break my ipod doing this

  • marcus

    i have no idea how to do this some one help me please.. i just got an ipod touch this morning and i have no idea how to jailbreak it.. even when i plug it up to put music on it,, it says its a camera..

  • brawr

    works great. I love the little logos it shows while jailbreaking. ;P

  • anders

    great, thanks!

  • manan

    hi I tried downloading it and then launching it but it gave me an error that application failed to instalize properly.

  • kevin

    hello to all. this was quiet informational. thank you a ton

  • kory

    I did this and my Ipod is stuck on the startup with the apple logo. Itunes won’t even recognize it either. I tried restarting it and it still freezes on the logo. What do I do?

  • tommy

    Hello all,

    I have heard that if your .NET (for Windows) is not upgraded to 3.5, then your iPod Touch will be stuck on the Apple logo. Here is the link for 3.5:

    Hope this helps.

  • Robert

    Does this keep your data on your ipod?

  • endless

    will this work on my ipod touch 2g?

  • dwill

    manan, did you ever get your application error solved? same problem here.

  • Jonathan

    When i get to step 3 I press browse locate the file and it loads…but for some reason the blue arrow is not comin up to go to the next step! Please Help!!!

  • carlo

    can you please help me to find the last folder that i have to browse in step number 3?.. coz i can’t find it.. huhu.. please help me..

  • please help me… please… i really beg you… i cannot find the ipod software update.. even i already enabled to view the hidden folders… please i really need your help… this will be my gift to my father.. please help me…

  • Dakota

    i did the whole and and had no problems till the end it says it is done now my touch will not go past the apple startup screen what do i do???? did it brick my ipod??

  • mikala

    hi i need help i have a ipod touch and want to jail breck it and when i Click iPod1,1_2.1_5F137_Restore.ipsw. missing short cut msg pop up idk wat to do can u plz help me :(

  • Sebastian

    I to am having the problem of not seeing anything when I’m on step 3. I have enabled view hidden files. I get all the way to the end where I need to find the last folder like other people and nothing is there. What could be the problem?

  • Huh

    dose this work with a 2g iPod touch

  • Binni

    ummm…. hey that was really well explained
    but what if when ur getting that browse thing? wen i did it the picture of the ipod didn’t show and the next button wasn’t able to b clicked? do u knw what i could do!?

  • Miller

    Hy, please tell me if I do this what will happen to the warranty?

  • nelson

    where can i get the latest firmware?now i using 1.1.4….. need to buy?

  • Cris


  • waqas

    hey any 1 here help i havw i pod touch i have up graded to 2.2 when i jail break throug quick pwn 2.2 n when i browze iPod2,1_2.1.1_5G77a_Restore (in i pod i have check version it is 5G77a so i browze this (iPod2,1_2.1.1_5g77a_Restore) but still it giving firm ware string error . plz help me out

  • kostas

    i have completed all the process but my ipod does not start up.i did the whole process twice. the apple logo is on the screen like starting up…..but it doesn’t.every 3 minutes it makes the sound like connecting to pc, and all over again.please HELP…….

  • kostas

    as i see now, i have the same problem with Lancelot…….ooooo great Lancelot….what happened eventually?plz tell me….i ‘ve lost my sleep:p.can i restore me ipod without itunes or should i buy a new one :( ????

  • thomas j

    does this work on the newest ipod touch ? :)
    Give a shout sir.

  • @thomas –

    NO – this will absolutely not work on the “new” second generation iPod Touch’s. Yet. I’m sure they’ll be jailbroken eventually, but as of this time (12.29.08) they cannot be jailbroken.

  • jamie

    it says “waiting for your ipod to connect in recovery mode” and wont load past it , what am i doing wrong ?

  • Strawberry101

    have a few questions

    1. Do I need to take all of my songs, videos, applications and pictures before I start.
    2. Will this give me customize icons and wallpapers
    3. Could I still use iTunes to sync my stuff or do I need another program to sync
    4. I heard that the replace boot logo and add installer doesn’t work or it’s buggy is that true.

  • santaguida

    I jailbroke my ipod, everything was finished but now it just doesn’t boot up. it’s stuck on the boot up screen and it beeps every couple of minutes. even when i restart it, it still loops the boot up screen. I don’t want to just restore it i want a jailbroken ipod:P any help guys?

  • Johnny

    sehr schön anschaulich erklärt :) nice

    jedoch habe ich ein problem was sonst anscheind niemand hat xD
    habe den neuen ipod touch mit der version 2.2 schon vorinstalliert, möchte nun auch jailbreaken, doch winde ich die ipsw datei nicht! gehe auf anwendungsdings, dann apple computer und dann auf itunes…jedoch finde ich dort weder ipod softwareupdates noch irgendwo die ipsw datei!
    hat jemand zufällig ne idee was ich tun kann???
    danke für eure hilfe im voraus :)
    greez johnny

  • corey

    hi i have followed all the steps correctly and it seemed like it was working and as i got to the end where it says “wait while your ipod is prepared for jailbreaking” and at the bottom it says “preparing your device please follow instructions above” which i already have done it seem to be loading but i have waited 30 mins and nothing is happening ? can you tell me whats going on?

  • Liz

    HI, I have a 1 gen 16gb iphone, i’ve been doing all the steps and quickpwn is stuck @ “wait while your ipod is prepared for jailbreaking”. I have tried this diff. times and also done the dfu mode but no results. I have unlocked and jailbreak before a 8gb. I dodnt know whats wrong. Also when I connect the Iphone to itunes it says to activate with att???? With the previous one (8gb) it never asked for that … can you please help me?

  • Jason

    will this work if i dont have any .ipsw files on my computer? also is there any way i can get them off of my ipod

  • ik vind in de map itunes enkel en alleen: itunes plug ins (en die map is leeg) dus…

  • does this delete all your sngs,pictures podcasts, and apps

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  • Annelotte

    Bij mij zegt Quickpwn de hele tijd dat ik niet de goede ipsw heb.
    heeft iemand misschien een goede.?
    Of heb ik de verkeerde versie van Quickpwn gedownload.?
    Wilt iemand mij helpen ik heb nog nooit eerder iets gejailbreakt.

  • anonymous

    I have the same problem as dakota what do i do???Do i wait till the battery is drained out then restart it?Plz help

  • Myidentityisasecret

    O_o Where the heck do I download the .ispw file? O_o

  • Mike

    it works perfectly until it says wait while IPOD is prepared for jailbreaking… then it just stays there for over 1/2 hour and doesnt change… and then nothing happens… and solutions?

  • Jared

    i cant find the IPSW how do i get it