How to Scroll Non Active Windows and Apps

This guide will show you how to scroll through apps and windows even when they’re not the active one.

By default, when you want to scroll through a window or app, that window or app must be the “active” one – the one in the foreground. With a small (and free) app named “KatMouse” you can change that – you just have to move your cursor over an app or window and it becomes the one that you can scroll through.

scroll in non-active windows and apps

Though KatMouse hasn’t been updated in a long time (since 2014) – it still seems to work perfectly fine in 2021 using the latest version of Windows 10.

  1. Get started by downloading KatMouse and then run it to start the installation. I recommend selecting Automatically start KatMouse at login and Start KatMouse now on the last step of the installation.
  2. the last screen in the KatMouse installer

  3. There should be a new icon in your tray, as illustrated in the screenshot below. Right-click it and click Settings.
  4. right-clicking KatMouse in the System Tray

  5. The KatMouse Properties window will appear. Uncheck Show tray icon in taskbar because you don’t really need it there all the time, and you can change the properties at any point by just running KatMouse again.
  6. the KatMouse Properties window

  7. Try opening a few apps and File Explorer windows. Now just move your cursor over one of the non-active windows and use your scroll-wheel. Ta-da! You can now scroll whatever window is under your cursor, whether it’s the active/selected one or not.
  8. scroll in non-active windows and apps

While you’re customizing your mouse, why not configure it to launch Apps too?

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  1. Hi, is there any similar app under Mac OS X ? I’ve tried to change the number of scroll wheel in System Preference but it doesn’t suit me well one. I wish to have more number

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