Replace the default S60 Calculator with Enhanced Calculator

So far I really like my N95. However, I have found at least one shortcoming. The calculator it comes with is terrible! See for yourself:

Lucky for us there is a better calculator available from Nokia. The Enhanced Calculator For S60.

  1. All of the basic mathematical operations can now be accessed quickly and easily using the standard navigation keys. Enhanced Calculator For S60 is more than just a basic calculator though. It has three modes of operation. The standard calculator, a scientific calculator, and a loan calculator.
  2. To change to the scientific calculator, press Options, then choose Scientific Calculator.

  4. Similarly, to use the loan calculator, press Options, then choose Loan Calculator.

  6. The loan calculator is rather interesting. It can calculate your monthly installment, the interest rate, the loan amount, or the loan period. All you have to do is define three of the four fields, highlight the fourth empty field, then select Calculate.
  7. In this example I chose to borrow $4000 over 36 months with an interest rate of 5.6%. The result is a monthly payment of $120.96. Hint: To insert a decimal, press * and select the decimal symbol.

  9. So, how do you get it? You can download it from here or, if you have read my tutorial on Mobile Code you can use the following code:

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0 thoughts on “Replace the default S60 Calculator with Enhanced Calculator”

  1. Cara essa calculadora ficou perfeita aqui no meu 6120c!
    É leve, prática, tem as principais funções científicas e não é pra smartphone q nem um bucado por aí.. mt bom valeu!

  2. Gracias,
    Me ha gustado mucho, y lo mejor lo practico que es la aplicación del mismo.
    Me extrañaba que este aparato no tubiera una mejor calculadora, ya que la que le instalan de fabrica es poco practica.


  3. the code in bara code is

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