Take Control of your Right-Click Menu with FileMenu Tools

Filemenu Tools is a free program for Windows that can add lots of functionality to your right click menu. You can look at a chart of features and download it here. Possibly the best part about this application is that it can also remove menu entries you don’t want!

After you install it, you should see a window like the one below. Just uncheck whatever you don’t want in your menu. If you click on the name of an entry, it will tell you a little bit about it on the left under Information. After you’re done, click on the green check mark to apply the menu.

filemenu tools
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The most useful thing I get out of this is the new Move To and Copy To entries. When you want to move or copy something, you usually have to open up another explorer window to put it. With this, you just right click the things you want to move, click move or copy to, and a folder tree window pops up that lets you easily select the folder to move to. Or you can just type the path in if you know it.

filemenu tools copy to feature

If you want to remove some from your “new” right click menu in explorer, you can do it easily with Tweak UI. Tweak UI can do much more, too. Download it here. To change the items in your new menu, go to Templates in Tweak UI and uncheck what you don’t want, or add some other programs!

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