Tweak Windows XP and Vista With WinSecret

WinSecret is a simple and powerful tweaking application for Windows XP and Vista. Just download it, install it, and launch it.

You should get a nice and simple looking window like the one below. It’s separated into different categories, so it’s easy to explore on your own. Make sure to click Save in the upper left before you close out of a category! You may have to restart for some changes to be applied.

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I’m just going to go through some of the things I use this for. I click on the Desktop icon to easily remove my Recycle Bin from my desktop. Miscellaneous has two things more people might find useful. Making shortcut’s with out the ‘Shortcut’ text and one for removing the shortcut arrow on shortcuts. Before and after shot shown below.

The OEM Info settings is another fun thing to mess with. You can change the logo and some text that appear under your system information. Quick tip: You can easily get to your system information by pressing Windows Key + Pause/Break.

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Some people might like going into the Start Menu options and changing the Task Bar transparency. I do not see the point in it on Vista, however. There is much more to this program. You just need to explore and see if you can tweak some things how you want. You shouldn’t have to worry too much, either. There is a button to restore Windows back to how it was before WinSecret.

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The nice thing about WinSecret is that it has a very user friendly interface. At least compared to TweakUI. Another plus to it is that it works in Vista, where Tweak UI does not. Enjoy the tweaks!

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