How to Set Your Windows Desktop on Fire

Napalm is a fun (and free) but essentially useless tool that allows you to write or draw in “animated fire” on your desktop.

Simple Help on Fire

After downloading Napalm, run the installer. It’s nothing more than clicking Next a few times. Once completed, launch it from the desktop shortcut.

You’ll initially be presented with the configuration window. From here you can alter all of the Napalm settings, and they’re all pretty straight forward. To get started, click the Start Over button.

napalm configuration screen
click to enlarge

Move the configuration window out of the way (drag it by the title bar) and your cursor will turn into a crosshair. Now click (left mouse button) and start drawing. You can draw anything you want, including messages for co-workers or friends for when you step away from your PC.

napalm message
click to enlarge

Right-click on the Napalm icon in your system tray for options (bring up the settings menu, reset the current message/drawing, exit Napalm).

napalm system tray icon

Have fun!

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