How to Open a Web Site Using Just a Keyword in Firefox

This brief tutorial will show you how to open any of your Firefox bookmarks using just a keyword in the Address Bar.

  1. When you add a site to your Bookmarks in Firefox, you’re always prompted to enter a Name, specify a Folder to put it in, and assign it Tags.
  2. the Add a Bookmark menu in Firefox

  3. However, you aren’t prompted to enter a Keyword – which is the magic behind using shortcuts in Firefox. To add a keyword you just have to edit the bookmark using the Firefox Bookmark Manager. Windows and Linux users can open it by typing the keyboard combo: Ctrl + Shift + O. If you’re using macOS, you can bring up the Firefox Bookmark Manager by using the keyboard shortcut Apple Key () + Shift + O.
  4. Select the bookmark you want to be able to open using just a keyword and then enter it in the Keyword: field. Use a word or sequence of characters that you can easily remember specific to that site.
  5. entering a keyword in the Firefox Bookmark Manager

  6. Now any time you want to load that site, just enter the keyword in your Address Bar. That site will appear highlighted as the first result so all you have to do is hit enter.
  7. Firefox opening a web site by using a keyword in the Address Bar

  8. That’s it! Just repeat the steps with each bookmark in Firefox that you want to be able to open using a keyword.

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5 thoughts on “How to Open a Web Site Using Just a Keyword in Firefox”

  1. I saw a guy on a tutorial video I was watching, do this and I for the life of me could not figure out how to make it work. I literally have spent like a week of my life trying to get the keyword commands like this and finally I have got it working! Thanks a bunch, now I can get back on to something more meaningful of my time! lol

  2. Thanks for the tip. That’s very handy.
    I am still using IE most of the time but I am starting to like FF and its cool features.

  3. I prefer going the OpenDNS route and adding custom aliases, But both work very well.

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