How to read QR Codes with your Android Phone

Simple Help QR CodeQR (“Quick Response”) codes (as pictured left), are two-dimensional bar codes that you might have started noticing on web sites, in magazines or on products when you go shopping. They allow you to quickly scan them with your camera and either launch a web site, show product info, display plain text, send an SMS message and much more. This tutorial will show you how to read and use them with your Android device.


  1. To get started fire up your Android phone and open the Marketplace
  2. Run a search for the name shopsavvy

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  4. Select ShopSavvy by tapping it.

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  6. Continue with the installation process as you would with any other app.

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  8. Now that it’s installed, bring up your list of applications. Select ShopSavvy to launch it.
  9. Tap the Agree button if you agree with the Terms of Service.
  10. Now select Search for a product
  11. The ShopSavvy app will now go in ‘camera’ mode. Point your phone (camera) towards a QR code. Hold it still so the scanner can read the code.

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  13. Once ShopSavvy has correctly read the code, a message will pop up with whatever the QR code was created to do (launch a web page, send an SMS, show product info etc).
  14. And then the ‘action’ will happen. If the code was a link for a web page, your browser will launch and display that page. If it was an SMS message, your SMS messaging program will launch with all the info pre-populated (but it wont’ send the message – you still have to manually click ‘send’).

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  16. QR codes are very helpful for Android in particular – some are created to point directly to an app in the Marketplace. So you can read about an app, and then scan the QR code to go right to the Marketplace to install it.

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