How to install the Boot Camp 3.1 update

This very brief tutorial will show you how to install the 3.1 Boot Camp Update in Windows.

  1. Make sure you’ve booted your Mac into Windows. From the Start menu select All Programs and then Apple Software Update
  2. Make sure there’s a check mark in the box labeled Boot Camp Update (version 3.1) and click the Install 1 Item button. Note: you can also install iTunes, QuickTime, Safari etc – but it’s not mandatory.
  3. The Apple Software Updater will now download the Boot Camp Update.
  4. The installation will take place right after the download has completed. You may notice that your screen flickers a few times during the installation – this is totally normal.

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  6. Once the installation has completed, click the Yes button to complete the installation.

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  8. Your Mac (running Windows..) now has all the current drivers to make sure the hardware works with Windows.

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  • Alex

    a mi me sale que tengo la version 2.2 pero a la hora de entrar ahi no me sale el boot camp update pero si me sale el safari y el quicktime e itunes alguien me podria ayudar..gracias de ante mano

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  • Thanks for this great article. i was wondering how come its in .exe i thought it was suppose to be installed on the mac.

  • abbas

    how do you use the update when windows 7 doesn’t recognize any internet hardware or software ?

  • Hannah

    Thank you so much! This is the most straight forward, easiest tutorial to follow, everything is working brilliantly!

  • CCurtis

    Thanks for this addendum to the parent article(s). Very complete set.

    One observation: as of 2/2012, Bootcamp is up to v4, and the intervening updates apparently have to be installed in sequence. One way to do that is to download and install each, the other (arguably better since one gets other critical updates as well) is to keep running Apple Software Update until there are no more vital updates.

    Abbas – It’s best if you get networking going before you get this far. Otherwise you’ll need to put the Bootcamp update(s) on a CD or a USB drive and run them from there — and install the device drivers, too.

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