How to resolve the “There is not enough memory available” error when syncing your iPad

This brief how-to will show you the required steps to overcome the error “There is not enough memory available” when you try to sync your iPad with iTunes.

There’s no way this is the ideal solution – it doesn’t actually fix the main issue at hand – but it will allow you to successfully sync your iPad and iTunes. NOTE: if you know how to really resolve this problem, not just use the work-around I have posted below – please contact me.

  1. When you plug in your iPad and it starts to sync – up pops the out of memory error.
  2. ipad out of memory error

  3. Select your iPad in iTunes and click the Sync button in the bottom right corner.
  4. You’ll notice it try to sync pictures right before the error pops up. As you can see in the screenshot below, iTunes is optimizing 1 of 5 images to transfer to the iPad.
  5. Then the error message will pop up. Here’s the “solution” – just click the Sync button again. As you’ll notice, the number of pictures that iTunes is optimizing is fewer (in the screenshot below it’s optimizing just 3 images). That means 2 of the photos actually did get transferred to your iPad in the last sync, before the error.
  6. So just keep clicking that Sync button until you get a successful and completed sync. I know – not the ideal solution, but one that works.