How to Add Transitions to PowerPoint 2010 Presentation Slides

By adding simple transitions to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 slides, you can help turn a dull presentation into a slightly less dull presentation :) This brief tutorial will show you how to do just that.

  1. Start out by selecting the slide you want to add a transition to. I’m using the first one in my example (see screenshot below). This means when I start the presentation, the transition will occur as the slide is first displayed.
  2. a PowerPoint slide with an arrow pointing at its thumbnail
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  3. Select Transitions from the menu bar, and then click the small More button to display all of the transitions available for you to use.
  4. selecting transitions to add in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
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  5. Now you just need to select the style of slide transition you’d like to use. When you choose one, it will automatically preview that style in your main PowerPoint window.

    Continue to select slides and transitions for each one until you’re happy with the result.

  6. add multiple transitions to slides in PowerPoint
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  7. To preview your entire slideshow, select Slide Show from the main menu, and then From Beginning from the options.
  8. Previewing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
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  9. That’s it!

Now that you know how to add transitions to your PowerPoint 2010 slideshows, check out our other Office software related tutorials for more tips like this one.

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