How to add a Control Panel icon to your Windows 7 Desktop

This very brief tutorial will show you how to add quick access to your Control Panel from your Windows 7 desktop – without having an ugly “shortcut” icon.

  1. Normally, when you create a shortcut to something from your Windows 7 desktop, it includes the rather unattractive “Shortcut” icon (see below).
  2. shortcut to control panel on windows 7 desktop

  3. To create a much better looking ‘shortcut’ – click the Windows 7 “Start Orb” (button) and then right-click on the Control Panel entry. Select Show on Desktop from the pop-up menu.
  4. create a proper shortcut to the control panel

  5. Now your desktop will have a much more appealing Control Panel icon.
  6. proper shortcut to the control panel on your windows 7 desktop

  7. Note: you can repeat the same steps to get a “Computer” (aka “My Computer”) icon on your desktop as well.