How to Add YouTube Videos to PowerPoint Presentations

This tutorial will guide you step by step through the process of adding YouTube videos to your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files.

This process has changed a bit over time – and fortunately it’s easier now than ever before.

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to put a YouTube video into and find the slide you want it to go on. After that, select Insert from the menu.
  2. the Microsoft PowerPoint menu with an arrow pointing at Insert

  3. Click the Video button in the toolbar and select Online Video… from the list of choices.
  4. an arrow pointing at a button titled Video

  5. It has been my experience that the built in ‘YouTube search’ doesn’t work very well, often not at all. Fortunately there’s an easy way around that problem – leave this window open, launch your web browser and head over to YouTube.
  6. the insert online video panel in PowerPoint

  7. Find the video you want to embed into your PowerPoint and just below the video itself (next to the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icons) you’ll see a Share button – click it.
  8. an arrow pointing to button titled Share

  9. Click the Embed button found in the Share panel.
  10. an arrow pointing to a button titled Embed

  11. Highlight all of the text by clicking on it once and then copy it to your clipboard by clicking the Copy button.
  12. the embed code for a YouTube video with an arrow pointing at a button titled Copy

  13. Now go back to your PowerPoint window. Paste the text that you copied in the previous step into the From a Video Embed Code field and then hit Enter (or Return) on your keyboard.
  14. the PowerPoint embed online video screen with text pasted into the From a Video Embed Code field

  15. The video will appear as a little black box. You can resize it as you would any other element in PowerPoint.
  16. a PowerPoint slide with a YouTube video inside of it

  17. You can also add some styling to the video if you’d like – just right-click somewhere inside the video and select Style from the context menu.
  18. an arrow pointing to a button titled Style

  19. Choose one of the various styles and it will be applied to your video.
  20. a box with a number of video style elements

  21. You can also configure how the video plays in the slideshow – automatically when the slide opens or manually after it’s been clicked. Once again, right-click somewhere in the video but this time select Start and then either Automatically or On Click
  22. an arrow pointing to a context menu button titled Start

  23. Preview your presentation and confirm that the YouTube video plays as expected etc. That’s it!
  24. a preview screen of a PowerPoint presentation with a YouTube video in one of the slides

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