How to create a shortcut to the Manage Wireless Networks options

The “Manage Wireless Networks” options in Windows Vista and 7 are great at allowing you to organize your wireless networks. The problem is that navigating to it is a few too many clicks away. This tutorial will help you create a desktop shortcut icon that will directly launch the Manage Wireless Networks options.

  1. Right click on your desktop and select New > Shortcut

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  3. The Create shortcut dialog box will appear and will ask you to specify the location of the application you want to access. Enter:

    explorer.exe shell:::{1fa9085f-25a2-489b-85d4-86326eedcd87}

    in the location field and then click Next.

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  5. It will ask you to name the shortcut. Enter something like Manage Wireless Networks then and then click the Finish button.

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  7. At this point you’re done. You can skip down to step #7, or continue with the next couple of steps to use a custom icon for your newly created shortcut. To do so, right-click on the shortcut and select Properties.
  8. Go to the Shortcut tab and click on Change Icon.
  9. Select the icon that you want to use (if you have an icon file in mind). If you don’t, click Browse… and navigate to C:\Windows\explorer.exe. After you’ve selected explorer.exe, you’ll be presented with a series of icons you can choose from. Click OK.
  10. This will change the icon of the shortcut. Double click on the shortcut to confirm that it’s working.
  11. Now you have one-click access to accessing all of the Wireless Network options on your PC. Right-click on any one of them to move it up/down in the list of preferred networks, delete it etc.

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  13. That’s it – you’re all done!

3 thoughts on “How to create a shortcut to the Manage Wireless Networks options”

  1. What if i want to delete that shortcut? I didn’t create it, and i don’t need it in the desktop, but i don’t seem able to delete it

  2. Tks for the shortcut, nothing is ever simple in computers. PS: If you want to change the icon to the standard wireless 5 green bar icon, you’ll find it in this file: C:\Windows\System32\networkmap.dll

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