How to Burn a DVD From a VIDEO_TS Folder

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to burn a DVD from a VIDEO_TS folder using completely free software for Windows.

  1. First up, download and install the terrific and free CD and DVD burning program CDBurnerXP. CDBurnerXP works if you’re running any version of Windows from XP right through to Windows 10. The installation is very straight forward – you’ll mostly just click “Next” a bunch of times. When you get to the Select Components screen you can uncheck the Languages box if you’re only going to use the app in English, which will save you a couple of megabytes.
  2. the components panel in the CDBurnerXP installation wizard

  3. On the last screen of the CDBurnerXP installation leave a check in the box labeled Launch CDBurnerXPafter and then click the Finish button. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD burner. If any other programs or Windows prompts appear when you insert the DVD, close it/them down.
  4. the final screen in the CDBurnerXP installation wizard

  5. Select the Video DVD option from the main CDBurnerXP window and then click OK.
  6. the main CDBurnerXP window with an arrow pointing at Video DVD

  7. Give your disc a name (doesn’t matter what you use) and then click the (3 dots) button and the end of the VIDEO_TS folder: field.
  8. the video DVD properties to burn video_ts folder

  9. Navigate to your video_ts folder, select it and then click the OK button.
  10. selecting a video_ts folder to burn in Windows

  11. Now click the Burn disc button.
  12. an arrow pointing to a Burn disc button

  13. Once the disc has finished burning, pop it into your DVD player and make sure it plays correctly etc.
  14. recording a video_ts folder in Windows

CDBurnerXP is an all-round solid app that you can use to do all sorts of CD and DVD burning related tasks in addition to burning video_ts folders – like burning an .ISO file or to burn .FLAC files as audio CDs.

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