How to Change the Background Image of a OneNote Document

This tutorial will show you how to make any picture the background image for a Microsoft OneNote document.

Microsoft OneNote is one of the most useful applications in the Microsoft Office suite, especially for incessant note-takers and bloggers. Sometimes it can be helpful to add background images to notes to help identify them, or to help imply their theme/topic. Sometimes it just makes the notes look cooler :)

Here’s how to specify custom background images in Microsoft OneNote –

  1. Open OneNote and create a new blank note.
  2. a blank Microsoft OneNote document

  3. Select Insert from the menu bar and then click the Pictures button.
  4. the OneNote menu bar with an arrow pointing at the Pictures button

  5. Navigate to the image you want to set as your OneNote note background wallpaper, select it and then click the Insert button.
  6. selecting an image to set as the background for a OneNote note

  7. Resize the image to fit your note the same way you would any other element.
  8. resizing an element

  9. After you’ve added the picture, right click on it and select Set Picture as Background.
  10. the right-click context menu with an arrow in OneNote pointing at Set Picture as Background

  11. This will make the image a background one, rather than an “in-note” image. You can now type in the writing pane with the image serving as the background. That’s it, enjoy!
  12. a OneNote document with a background image

If you’re looking for some fun images to use as backgrounds for your notes, we’ve got a great curated collection of Nintendo Switch game wallpapers as well as some pretty cool dark wallpapers.

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