How to Create a Link in Microsoft Access

This tutorial explains how to create a table data field that has the data type as a link in Microsoft Access.

Please note: the screenshots used in this guide are from Microsoft Access 2016, but are remarkably similar in earlier and later versions – so you should have absolutely no trouble following along even if you’re not using the exact same version.

  1. Start Microsoft Access and navigate to the Create tab in the ribbon and then click the Table button.
  2. the Create tab with an arrow pointing to the Table button

  3. A new table will be created named as Table1. Right click Table1 and select Design View to add fields with specific data types.
  4. the right-click context menu for a table with an arrow pointing at Design View

  5. Enter an appropriate table name and start adding fields. When you get to the field that you wish to be a link, select that field and from the Data Type options select Hyperlink
  6. the Data Type menu for a table in with an arrow pointing at the Hyperlink option

  7. Close the Design view after saving the changes and then open the database table in Datasheet view. You may be prompted to save your data first – if you are, go ahead and save it.
  8. selecting the Datasheet view in Access

  9. Any data you enter in the field will now turn into a link right from within Microsoft Access.
  10. an Access table with a link

If you want to enter the hyperlink data entered in the field with hyperlinks as its data type, then:

  1. Select the hyperlink entry you want to edit and right click it. Select Hyperlink and then select Edit Hyperlink.
  2. the right-click context menu for a hyperlink in Access

  3. An Edit Hyperlink dialog will now open where the hyperlink can be edited. You can specify here whether the hyperlink is linked to an e-mail address or a webpage and then set the credentials accordingly.
  4. the Edit Hyperlink options window

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