How to import Outlook 2010 Contacts into Access 2010

Microsoft Access 2010 provides users with the ability to import their contacts from the Address Book or Microsoft Outlook 2010 in Microsoft Windows 7 and then perform operations on them.

This guide covers how to import Outlook 2010 contacts into Microsoft Access 2010.

  1. Open Outlook 2010 and navigate to the Home tab in the ribbon and click on Address Book.
  2. A new dialog box will open showing you all your contacts and their details. Now Launch Microsoft Access 2010 and navigate to the External Data tab on the ribbon and then in More click on Outlook Folder.

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  4. You will see the Get External Data-Outlook Folder dialog box, you can specify here where you want to store the data in current database. Select the option you see fit and click OK.

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  6. Now select the source of the address book by selecting the Outlook Address Book and click Next.
  7. Access will now start importing your contacts from the Microsoft Outlook Address book. You can select/un-select various options here such as the field names which you want to give to the contacts e.g. address, cell number, office number etc. Also, you can choose which fields to import from Outlook or not.

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  9. Choose primary key by selecting the option Let Access add primary key.

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  11. Specify name for the imported table. Click Finish to review the contacts table made in Access 2010.

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  13. Access will now be showing the contacts imported from Outlook in the form of a table with data entries. You can now perform the standard functions which can be performed on an Access table.

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  15. In order to delete a column, right click and select the column and press Delete Field.
  16. That’s it, you can now arrange contacts more efficiently with their corresponding primary keys and attributes in Access 2010 and export them back to Outlook 2010.

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