How to Import Microsoft Outlook Contacts Into Microsoft Access

This guide will show you how to import your contacts from the Address Book in Microsoft Outlook into Microsoft Access.

The database management software Microsoft Access provides users with the ability to import their contacts from the Address Book in Microsoft Outlook, so that you can manage the data much more easily. Here’s how –

  1. Launch Microsoft Access and navigate to the External Data tab on the ribbon, then click the More menu and select Outlook Folder
  2. selecting Outlook Folder to import contacts into Access

  3. Choose where and how to store the data by selecting one of the available options. Click OK to continue.
  4. selecting where and how to store data in Access

  5. Now select your Outlook Address Book and then click the Next button.
  6. an arrow pointing to a Next button on the Outlook Address Book window

  7. If you get a message about a “potential security concern” you can safely ignore it by clicking Open
  8. a Microsoft Access Potential Security Concern warning message

  9. Access will now start importing your contacts from the Microsoft Outlook Address book. You can select/un-select various options here such as the field names which you want to give to the contacts e.g. address, cell number, office number etc. Also, you can choose which fields to import from Outlook or not.
  10. selecting options to import Outlook contacts into Access

  11. Choose primary key by selecting the option Let Access add primary key
  12. an arrow pointing to the Let Access add primary key option

  13. Specify name for the imported table. Click Finish to review the contacts table that’s about to be created in Access.
  14. entering a name for a table in Microsoft Access

  15. You may be prompted to save the steps you just chose, which probably isn’t necessary – so just leave the Save import steps box unchecked and then click the Close button.
  16. Access offering option to save import steps

  17. Access will now display the contacts imported from Outlook in the form of a table with data entries. You can perform the standard functions the same as you would any other Access table.
  18. an Access database based on contacts imported from Outlook

  19. In order to delete a column, right-click it and select Delete Field
  20. an arrow pointing to Delete Field in the right-click context menu for an Access table

  21. That’s it – you can now arrange contacts more efficiently with their corresponding primary keys and attributes in Access and export them back to Outlook.

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