How to Add Multiple Clocks (Time Zones) to Windows 7

This detailed tutorial explains how to add multiple time zone clocks to the “date and time” section of the Windows 7 taskbar.

In addition, you’ll be able to sync these clocks with a time server, ensuring that your PC always has the correct time – in all time zones.

  1. Click the Date and Time on the far right corner of the Windows 7 task bar. Then click Change date and time settings….
  2. the Windows Time and Date section of the taskbar

  3. A new Date and Time window will pop up as shown below. Click the Change date and time… button.
  4. The Windows 7 Time and Date Settings

  5. From here, ensure that your local settings (date, time etc) are all set correctly. Click OK when you’re done.
  6. confirming the time and date in the Windows 7 settings

  7. Now select the Additional Clocks tab. Select the time zone you want to display from the Select time zone:pull-down menu. Place a check in the box labeled Show this clock, and finally, give it a name in the Enter display name: field. For example, if you’ve added a clock for Eastern Time (US & Canada) – you may want to name that clock “New York”. Alternately, you can ‘name’ the clock after a friend that lives in that city – so you’ll always know what time it is before you call him/her. :)

    Repeat this process to add additional clocks. Click Apply and then OK.

  8. the Additional Clocks tab to manage multiple clocks in Windows 7

  9. Now select the Internet Time tab to synchronize the time with the online time server of your choice. Click Change settings… button.
  10. an arrow pointing to a Change settings button

  11. Place a check in the box labeled Synchronize with an Internet time server. Choose the server ( is fine), then click the Update Now button. Finally, click OK.
  12. an arrow pointing to the checkbox titled Synchronize with an Internet time server

  13. Now you can view multiple clocks in Windows 7 by simply left-clicking the time/date displayed in the lower right corner of your taskbar.
  14. multiple clocks and time zones in Windows 7
    click to enlarge

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