How To Download Pictures in Emails in Outlook

One of the security features in Outlook is preventing automatic downloads of some pictures in a message. Here we show you how to download them, or always trust the sender so the images always download automatically.

1. If you prefer your emails to come in HTML format, you’ve probably seen the message that Outlook prevented the download of some pictures in the message.


2. Right-click on the message and you can select Download Pictures, Add Sender to Safe Senders List, or Add the Domain to the Safe Senders List. Click the latter if you don’t want to click to download images from known safe senders every time you get a message from them.


3. You can also click Change Automatic Download Settings…


4. This will bring up the Trust Center and Automatic Download options. All of the options are selected  by default, but if you just want to change any of them, simply uncheck the box next to the option(s) then click OK.


5. In this example we chose to add the Add the Domain to the Safe Senders List and the blocked images are downloaded, and will be anytime a message comes from the sender’s domain.


That’s it! If you want more control over the images that are downloaded in your HTML formatted emails, this quick tip should help you out.

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