How to Undelete Accidentally Deleted Files

This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to use Recuva – a free and excellent little program – to recover files you may have deleted by mistake.

  1. Start out by downloading and installing Recuva. The installation is very straight forward (you’ll click Next a bunch of times..).
  2. After you’ve installed Recuva, launch it from your Programs list. You’ll be greeted with the Recuva Wizard. Click the Next button to continue.

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  4. Select the type of file you wish to recover: Pictures, Music, Documents, Video, Compressed files, or Emails. By narrowing down the file type, the search time will be reduced. In case you want to recover all file type, choose the Other option – which we will do for the sake of this tutorial.

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  6. If you know where the file was, choose its exact file path. If you do not remember, choose the Recycle Bin for permanently deleted files.

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  8. You will be asked if you want to enable deep scanning of your specified location. A deep scan will slower but will be more thorough and will produce better results. Click Start to begin the recovery process.

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  10. Recuva will display the approximate time remaining for the scan. Note that it can take quite a long time depending on the options you previously selected. You might need to be a bit patient, or go grab a cup of coffee.
  11. After the scan has completed list of files will be displayed. Files that have a “green” circle next to them are very likely to be able to be recovered. Files with an “orange” circle next to them are less likely to be recoverable. Files with a “red” circle next to them are very likely to be unrecoverable. Place a check next to the files you wish to attempt recover and click on the Recover… button.

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  13. You’ll be prompted to specify the location for the files you want to recover. It’s best to choose a storage drive other than the one where the file was originally stored. In other words, if the file was stored in your C: drive, the new location should be another drive (USB thumb drives, external drives and SD Cards are great choices).
  14. The confirmation of recovery will be indicated by a final dialog box. Click the OK button.
  15. Exit the application by clicking on the X in the top right corner.
  16. Navigate to the location where you specified to save the recovered files. There they are!

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