How To Add Spell Checking Support to Internet Explorer 9

One of the cool features included by default in modern browsers is Spell Checking. For some reason it’s not available by default in IE 9 (or any version of IE for that matter). Here we take a look at a free download that will add a spell checking feature to Internet Explorer.

1. As you probably already know, browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome feature a Spell Checking feature by default. Here are examples of leaving a comment on Simple Help using Firefox and Chrome.



2. Unfortunately it’s not available in IE…at least not yet. Hopefully Microsoft will come out with an update for it.


3.Until it or when it becomes available, download and install the free utility Speckie. Installation is straight-forward following the wizard.


4. It’s built on the MS Visual C++ program language and will require the 2008 Redistributable to be installed.


5. After Speckie has finished installation, close out of IE 9 and re-launch it. You’ll see the add-on is ready to use…click the Enable button.


6. Now when you type into IE 9 you’ll have the benefit of real-time spell checking.


7. Like with most spell checking utilities, you can add words to the dictionary if you know they’re correct, but Speckie sees them as misspelled.


8. Right-click on a misspelled word and you can get suggestions to other spellings or add more global dictionaries from their site.


9. There are several different dictionaries available, so hopefully you’ll find the one you need.


If you would like a spell checking feature in Internet Explorer 9, Speckie is a good way to add that functionality to older versions of IE as well.

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