Get Your Retro Gaming on with Atari Greatest Hits for iPad

If you’re old enough to remember the classic Atari 2600 at the time there was nothing cooler. Now in the modern age of iPhones, high power computers, and other smartphones, it’s still possible to get your Retro gaming fix with Atari for iPad.

1. Download Atari Greatest Hits directly on your iPad from the iTunes App Store. The app is free and comes with Missile Command.


2. After it’s downloaded launch the app and you’ll be greeted with graphics from the old school arcade machines. Also, a message showing that you get Missile Command for free and can purchase 3-4 games for $0.99 or get all of 99 for $14.99.


3. Click OK to the message and tap on the Quick Play icon to start playing Missile Command right away. Adjust the Sensitivity then tap on Play.


4. Then start playing the nostalgic Missile Command game. Controls are basic and easy to use.


5. You can scroll through the games offered by the arcade machine graphics the tap Buy or get more Info on them.


6. You can browse by individual titles and recently played games.


7. It also allows you to browse games by the original Atari game cartridge boxes…which is really brings back memories!


8. You can change different settings for the entire app as well, including music volume, game effect volume, and more.


Atari Greatest Hits for iPad is a lot of fun and really brings back memories. The cool thing is the app is free and comes with Missile Command, but for additional games you will need to make in app purchases. A couple other caveats is it only runs in Portrait Mode and there is no Pac-Man! But overall it’s a lot of fun and you can get your retro gaming on while waiting in line or sneaking in some game play at work.

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