How to stop your Android Camera from making sounds

This brief tutorial will show you how to stop the Camera app on your Android phone from making a “clicking” or “shutter” sound each time you take a picture.

  1. Start out by opening your Camera app.
  2. android camera icon

  3. Select the Menu button to bring up the Camera menu. From it, tap Settings.
  4. android camera main window

  5. Scroll down to the Shutter Tone setting and remove the check-mark from the box next to it.
  6. android camera settings

  7. Now you’ll be able to take pictures without the annoying ‘shutter’ click each time.

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2 thoughts on “How to stop your Android Camera from making sounds”

  1. Souljacker – I found the answer (unfortunately, in a way). “Samsung eschews the default Gingerbread camera app for its own effort” – via

    So it looks like Samsung put their own camera app in that phone rather than the default Android Gingerbread camera. If you have the volume all the way down, does it still make a noise when you take a picture? I’ve noticed w/ my Android Tablet there’s no option to disable the camera sound, but if you mute the entire Tablet, it doesn’t make the ‘click’ when you take a picture.

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