How to change the default Address Book Leather skin in OS X Lion

This brief guide will walk you through the steps to change the new look of OS X Lion’s version of Address Book back to something more in line with the overall look of OS X.

  1. Make sure to quit Address Book if it’s open.
  2. Note: this step is important. Start out by making a back-up of your current Address Book. Locate Address Book in your Applications folder, ‘right-click’ (ctrl + click) it, and select Compress “Address”

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  4. Now you’ll see an Address Book .zip file in your Applications list. Select it, hold down the command (Apple) key, and drag it to your Documents folder (or any other folder you want to store the back-up of Address Book).

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  6. Download and open this .dmg file. Double-click the AddressBookSkinInstaller.pkg file.

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  8. Click Continue.

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  10. Select your main OS X hard drive and then click Continue.

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  12. Click the Install button.

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  14. Enter your password when prompted.

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  16. Finally – click Close

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  18. Now open Address Book agan and it will have a much better style. That’s it!

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  20. Remember, you have a backup (Address if you ever need to revert to the default style. In addition, when Address Book updates, it will probably reset the style, and you’ll need to follow the steps in this guide again.
  21. Thanks to macnix for the App!

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  1. this is a definite improvement but apple still loses major brownie points for its pointless redesign of this app. thanks for the fix.

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