How to Add a Signature to Your Email in Windows Live Mail 2011

This brief tutorial will show you how to add a signature to your outgoing emails, using Windows Live Mail.

  1. Click on the “File” icon in the upper-left corner of Windows Live Mail (as illustrated in the image below).
  2. Select Options and then Mail…
  3. Select the Signatures tab, and click the New button.

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  5. Give your signature a name by clicking the default title in the Signatures section of the window. Then, enter all of the information you want displayed as your email signature in the Edit Signature section.

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  7. If you want to use this signature for every email your send (by default), place a check in the box labeled Add signatures to all outgoing messages. Click the OK button when you’re done.

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  9. Now when you compose a new email, your signature will be inserted into the email automatically. That’s it!

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