How to Install Java on Your Mac

If you’ve recently noticed that Java Apps/Applets are not working in Safari or Firefox on your Mac – here’s the fix.

  1. If you’re using OS X 10.6 or lower, Java will come included in OS X. If you’re having trouble, select the Apple Button from the Menu Bar and select Software Update…. Install any updates that relate to Java.
  2. If you’re using OS X 10.7 or later, launch Safari or Firefox and visit the web site Note: Java will not work in Google Chrome as it is a 32bit App and Java requires 64bit Apps.

    Scroll down to the section titled Java Applet Plug-in. Likely, the STATUS will be set to Outdated Version. Click the Update button.

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  4. Click the “Download button” (small red arrow pointing down) to download the Java package.
  5. If the file doesn’t download correctly, “right-click” (ctrl+click) the image and select Download Linked File.
  6. Once the file has downloaded, locate it in your Downloads folder and double-click it. Then, double-click Java 7 Update xx.pgk to run the installer.
  7. The installation process is painfully straight forward. Click the Continue button.
  8. When prompted, enter your password and click the Install Software button.
  9. Quit Safari (or Firefox) and then revisit the web site This time, you should see that Java Applet Plug-In is set to Up to Date.

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  11. You should no longer have any problem running Java Applets/games etc in your browser.

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